How to Get ITVX on PS5?

Game consoles have been upgraded from just playing games to accessing TV channels through streaming apps from supported app stores. The launch of a newer PlayStation PS5 has grasped the hearts of video gamers and streams with its features. With ITV Hub turning into ITVX, this on-demand streaming service application has come a long way. PS5 owners are in need of a way to get the free application ITVX on PS5 console and racking their brains for a better way. If you want to access the free and premium streaming service ITVX on your PlayStation 5 console, read this article and learn about the best method you can use to get ITVX on PS5.

Is ITVX on PS5?


The ITVX streaming service was not available on the PS5 device. You have to move with the alternative methods to watch it on your device display. So, we will apply the alternative way to stream it on your device screen. Moreover, The ITVX streaming service was a television content streaming service. And you can watch live channels, news, popular shows, movies, web series, and more content on ITVX. You can use the PS5 gaming console to watch the television content streaming service on your streaming device, and then know the compatibility of your services.

How to Get ITVX on PS5?


ITVX website can be accessed on the default web browser at PS5. However, due to the inability of the browser to access video content on it, the screen mirroring method is considered the best way to get ITVX on your PS5 console. The conditions that need to be available for mirroring SmartPhone to PS5 are as follows,

  • Both ITVX and Screen Mirroring apps must be available on your SmartPhone.
  • PS5 console and SmartPhone are to be connected to the same WiFi network.
  • The URL must be accessible on your PS5 Web Browser.
  • You can view ITVX on PS5 via Prime video.

Install the ITVX app on your device

First, we need iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple Laptop or more devices. Then start the guidelines given below:

?Step 1: ( App Store )

Turn On your SmartPhone device mobile network and open the Default App Store in-built on your device.

?Step 2: ( Search )

Click on the Search icon given in the App Store and type ITVX app in the given search field.

?Step 3:

From the listed app, just select the official ITVX app. Install the ITVX app on your Smartphone.

ITVX on Google Play Store ITVX on Apple App Store

?Step 4: ( Open ) 

After installing the ITVX app on your device. Before that, go to Google and tap on more options>> search for Cast >> connect your device. Finally, after connecting the device, you can enjoy the ITVX on PS5. If this method is not acceptable on your device, then try other methods.

How to Screen Mirroring ITVX on PS5?

We have installed the screen mirroring mobile application on your streaming device in the above section. We will mirror the ITVX screen on your TV screen connected to the Play Station 5 gaming console.

?Step 1: ( Connect Internet )

Merge your PS5 device with the HDMI port of your TV and connect your iPhone and these devices with the standard Wi-Fi internet connection.

?Step 2: ( Web Browser )

Go to the internet section on your Play Station device and search for in the given search space.

?Step 3: ( Search )

Now, you have to click on the search icon given on the respective Google site. And type in the given section.

?Step 4: ( Screen Mirroring )

From the search result, you have to click on the first option on the screen, mirroring the web link.

?Step 5: ( Screen mirror)

Open the installed Screen Mirroring app on your SmartPhone device and select the Screen Mirror option on the screen.

Tap on Screen Mirror

?Step 5: ( Scan Code )

You can see the QR Code appearing on the given web page. Select the Scan QR Code option.

Scan Code on Screen Mirroring App

?Step 6: ( Scan )

Fix your mobile camera in front of your Smart TV screen and focus on the QR code displayed on the screen. app on Google

?Step 7: ( Start Screen Mirroring )

After it scans the QR Code, your device shows you the small window in the center of the screen. Select the Start Screen Mirroring option at the bottom of the window. This will mirror your SmartPhone screen to your PS5 console-connected TV screen.

TAp the Start Broadcast

ITVX on PS5:

?Step 8: ( Open ITVX on SmartPhone )

Open the ITVX app on your SmartPhone tap on the Sign In option at the official site of ITVX and use your user account credentials.

?Step 4: ( Play Content )

Select the video you want to stream on your streaming at ITVX streaming service.

?Step 5: ( Screen Mirroring )

After playing the content on your SmartPhone, your Play Station 5 Smart TV device screen will display the screen on its colossal display.

Here, we completed the installation and the streaming process of the ITVX  on the PS5 Gaming console. Use the procedure we have given on this topic consciously and watch the content on your Smart TV screen.

Watch ITVX on PS5 via Prime Video

Yes, if you are already Prime video users, then you can enjoy the ITZV on PS5. So, once you installed Primevideo on your PS5 console. From the home page >> go to the Amazon Prime video app >> channels option >> search for ITVX channel. Yes, you are almost done. From the listed apps, just select the official apps. That’s it. Now, you can enjoy all the shows, and content on your PS5 through the subscription. Have Fun with the ITVX app on PS5.

What is the Subscription cost of ITVX?

ITVX Subscription package

Get free access for 7 days on the premium pack of ITVX. 

This ITVX service has both free and premium service. For people who are interested in watching this premium content, You guys can subscribe to this IPTV on Firestick, the official site, or through an Apple device or Android device. Moreover, to subscribe to ITVX,

go to the app store >> sign in with your account credentials >> my subscription >> premium subscription. Just tap and pay to your favorite plan.

That’s all about the premium subscription of the ITVX app.

What are the Features of ITVX?

ITVX was a huge streaming network in the United Kingdom.  The features of the ITVX streaming platform in this topic. Check the list of benefits and features of ITVX to know about the content. The benefits are:

  • Channels > The ITVX has six streaming channels in its name. (iTV, iTV 2, iTV Be, iTV 3, iTV 4, and C iTV)
  • Streaming > You can watch thousands of content on the ITVX platform.
  • Quality > This network provides HD, UHD, and 4K resolution videos to the users.
  • Series > The ITVX included thriller and crime web series on its platform.
  • Originals > Also, it introduced new series and movies on its site.
  • ITV Shorts > You can watch the ITV Shorts videos on the ITVX platform.
  • Drama > The Drama content is also included on this site.
  • Kids > Your children like this category, and they enjoy watching this on the ITVX service.

So, install this service immediately on your compatible device or screen mirror the ITVX service with your Smart TV wide display and enjoy watching your favorites.

Our Final Words:

The topic is ITVX  on PS5 is completed. And this topic is more interesting and knowledgeable. I hope you, too, feel the same. The ITVX was not compatible with the PS5. Use the easy alternative method to get it on your Play Station 5 ( PS5 ) gaming console. You can use the instructions to install it on your Smart TV with any Digital streaming service. The methods discussed here can also be used on apps that are not available at PlayStation Store but on your SmartPhone. This way, you can get all the apps on your PS5 console.