How to Watch Xfinity Stream on PS4? Complete Guide

Are you surfing to get a how-to download and install the Xfinity Stream app on your PS4? Then you are entered into the right place. This guide will help you find your answer, so read till the end of the article to learn more.

How to Watch Xfinity Stream on PS4?

Can I get Xfinity Stream on PS4?

Unfortunately, Xfinity is not available on PS4 devices. But don’t get worried because we have some tricks to get the Xfinity on PS4 with alternative methods if you have any other streaming devices such as Chromecast, Android TV, Roku device, iPhone or iPad, LG smart TV, Vizio smart TV, Sony smart TV, Windows, Samsung Smart TV, and also you can get Xfinity Stream on Firestick.

How to watch Xfinity Stream on PS4?

Download the Xfinity app, and then you can get it on PS4. Follow the given steps to get your Xfinity Stream app on your PS4.

Installing the Xfinity Stream app on PS4

Step 1

First, you have to set up the Xfinity and PS4 to the speed internet source.

Step 2

Go to the All Apps in a PlayStation Store from the Main menu of PS4’s Home.

Step 3

Then, find the Xfinity Stream app on your search bar and install it.

Xfinity Stream on PS4

Step 4

Thereafter, install the Xfinity Stream app in the Media section from the PS4 console.

Step 5

Visit the app and enter your account credentials to sign in to the Xfinity Stream account.

Xfinity Stream on PS4

Step 6

finally, please select your desired content on your Xfinity Stream and stream it on your PS4.

Xfinity Stream on PS4 via PS Remote Play

Step 1

Connect your Android device and PS4 console to the same Wi-Fi network.

Step 2

Turn on the Remote Play from the Connection Settings under the settings tab. 

Xfinity Stream on PS4

Step 3

You should Activate it on your PS4 from your Account Management on Settings. 

Xfinity Stream on PS4

Step 4

Go to the power save settings option and set features available in rest mode. Further, proceed with the Checkboxes.

Xfinity Stream on PS4

Step 5

Next, install the Xfinity Stream app on your mobile device connected to the same network connection as in the PS4 console.

Step 6

Then sign in to the Xfinity Stream with your account credentials.

Step 7

Furthermore, install the PS remote Play app and log in with your PS4 credentials. 

Step 8

Next, go to your Play Station Remote Play app and merge it with your available PS4 console.

Step 9

Now you can stream your favorite Xfinity Stream content on a PS4 console.

Features of Xfinity Stream:

  • Xfinity Instant TV offers 20 hours of DVR storage with 250+ live TV channels to watch your favorite shows.
  • Can access on two devices at once.
  • You can watch everywhere by logging in to the Xfinity TV app.
  • Varieties of on-demand video content to watch on your Xfinity app anywhere.
  • There is no parental control for the Xfinity Instant TV.
  • Compatible with Google Chromecast

About Xfinity Stream

Xfinity Stream is a streaming app that you can download on your Android, Tablets, iPhone, PC, and more. This streaming app turns your device into a TV screen. Because in this app, you can watch all your favorite video content, Originals, On-demand shows, live sports, news, and more from Xfinity Streams.

Moreover, This app provides live broadcast channels, cloud recordings, linear cable channels, and on-demand videos without having an Xfinity TV box. It is compatible with LG smart TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku TV, and other partner devices.

To Conclude:

Xfinity is a numerous service that includes Digital cable TV, internet, Mobile devices, and more. It is a streaming app with the most popular Xfinity subscription costs at a more affordable price. Moreover, the Xfinity Stream app on your PS4 console is quite compatible to use. In addition, if you have any doubts related to this article, just comment in the comment box.


1. Can I stream Xfinity on a smart TV?

Of course, you can watch Xfinity Stream on your smart TV by getting the official app on your app store.

2. How can I stream Xfinity on PS4?

Yes, you can stream on your PS4 console using the procedure mentioned above in the article.

3. Can I watch Xfinity Stream for free?

Unfortunately, you have to pay for this. This Xfinity Stream is a subscription-based streaming service with lots of entertainment, Originals, and on-demand content.

4. Is Xfinity Stream Down?

You can check the outage Information to determine Whether the Server is Down at the Official Xfinity Status Center. Go to the Check for a Service Outage and Find out What it is the Issue. While using a Website, if the Stream Stops working -Clear the Cache on your Browser and Check if it is solved.