How to Get FiOS TV on Apple TV?

Yes! A Fibre Optic Network poured the Television content or internet faster to your home streaming device. I am talking about FiOS TV ON Apple TV.

This article will explain the FiOS streaming service on your Apple TV streaming device.

How to Get FiOS TV on Apple TV

You can get the installation method from the drop-down topics included in this article.

What is FiOS TV?

The service is like an Internet Protocol Television service. But it was a Fiber Optic Network service that steamed the television content like movies, shows, and other live streaming and the internet faster to your home streaming devices.


You can get this on your device. Also, it was available on the Apple App Store. The Verizon network owned this service. Let’s see the in detail of this service in the following space.

What is FiOS TV on Apple TV?

Fortunately, the FiOS TV streaming service was available on the Apple TV digital streaming service. You can get this streaming service directly on your Apple TV device’s in-built Apple App Store.

Let us see the installation instruction in the given topic below.

How to Get FiOS TV on Apple TV?

We have a direct method of installing the FiOS TV on Apple TV that we discussed above. Now let us start the installation procedure by giving step-by-step instructions on this topic. They are:

?Step 1: ( Insert Apple TV )

First, insert your Apple TV streaming device with your Smart TV USB port.

?Step 2: ( Wi-Fi Connection )

Then bind your both devices with a high-speed Wi-Fi internet connection.

?Step 3: ( Home Page )

Take off your Apple TV device remote controller and go to the Home Screen of your Apple TV device.

?Step 4: ( Apple App Store )

Click on the search icon to open the Apple App Store on your Apple TV device.

?Step 5: ( Search )

On the Apple App Store, search for the FiOS TV in the given search field.

?Step 6: ( Install )

Pick the required FiOS TV streaming service from the search lineup. Then tap the Install key to launch the app on your device.

?Step 7: ( Open )

After installing the FiOS app on your Apple TV streaming device, you have to open it on your device’s Apps and Games section.

Sign In with the credential and start streaming the content you want to pour onto your Smart TV’s colossal display.

An Alternative method to stream FiOS TV on Apple TV:

We have used the Direct process of installing the FiOS television service on your streaming device in the above topic. We will use our iPhone or iPad or any other iOS handheld device to screen mirror the Television streaming screen onto your device.

?Step 1: ( Merge Devices )

Take off your iPhone and connect your phone to the same network that your Apple TV is connected to.

?Step 2: ( Apple App Store )

We have the Apple App Store in-built into your iPhone device. Tap to open the app store to get the required service from the internet.

?Step 3: ( Search )

Tap on the search icon on the Apple App Store page and type FiOS TV, and hit the search icon.

?Step 4: ( Install )

Pick the required media service from the search list and hit the Install button to get the app on your iPhone device.

?Step 5: ( Login )

After installing the FiOS TV service, open it on your iPhone device’s home screen and sign in using your credentials.

?Step 6: ( Play Content )

Select any content on the streaming page of the installed service and play it on your device screen.

?Step 7: ( Screen Mirroring )

Go straight to the navigational panel of your iPhone and head towards the Screen Mirroring icon, and hit it to move to the next step.

?Step 8: ( Select Device )

Your iPhone device shows you the list of streaming devices on its screen. So, you have to select and tap on your Apple TV streaming device.

?Step 9: ( Connect )

Tap on your device name and let it for a while to connect your devices. Your devices are related, and your Smart TV with Apple Digital Streaming device shows your iPhone device screen on its expansive display.

What are the Features of FiOS TV?

FiOS television service was available only in the iOS devices’ in-built Apple App Store. And the features and the benefits are provided in the following space on this topic. Check it out to learn about the highlights of this essential service.

  • Disney Plus > By getting a subscription to its service, you can get Disney Plus streaming on your available streaming device.
  • Live > Also, it lets us watch the Television channels included in its service Live.
  • Quality > The video quality of the provided content in the FiOS television is streaming in UHD, HD, and 4K resolution.
  • Download > It allows us to download the required content on its site.
  • Stream Offline > You can watch the downloaded content offline on the respective platform.
  • Filter > This service lets us search our required videos by their year, quality, show name, etc.
  • DVR > The DVR features are also available on this streaming platform. You can record your favorite television content on this site during your busy time.
  • Remote Control > You can access your Apple TV set-top-box device with this service.

These are all the few benefits that we were given you on this topic. Install instantly on your device and enjoy all your beloved television content on the big screen.

How much does FiOS TV cost?

As we mentioned, the FiOS television service had a subscription package. We have provided you with the image of the subscription on this topic. Let’s see the cost of its service in the below space.

FiOS TV subscription plans

The given four packages are currently included in the FiOS TV services. You can select your friendly-budget subscription package and obtain the features included in every package. The perks of these given subscription packages are shown in this topic.

Plan Perks

Here are the perks of these plans. Let us get into the Sign In procedure.

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How to Sign Up and Sign In with FiOS TV?

From now, all topics are explaining the installation and subscription to the respective streaming services. So, now I will explain to you the Sign In process and Registration methods.

?Step 1: ( Web Browser )

Take off your streaming device like a smartphone or laptop in your hands and open the web browser in-built on your device.

?Step 2: ( Search )

Click on the URL box and find the FiOS TV official site. And pick it from the search lineup.

?Step 3: ( Sign In )

Tap the Sign In option on the page of the official site.

FiOS TV Sign In Page

?Step 4: ( Enter the Details )

Fill in the two boxes that appeared on the screen.

?Step 5: ( Register )

After filling in the details, sign in with the streaming service. If you do not have an account on the FiOS TV, click on the Register button at the bottom of the screen.

?Step 6: ( Enter Mobile Number )

In the given box, enter your active mobile number. Then tap the Continue key to get into the following procedure.

Register on FiOS TV service

Now, follow the on-screen instructions to register for the FiOS Television service on your streaming device.

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Compatible device for FiOS TV Application:

You can install and access the FiOS TV application on all these upcoming devices.

There are:

  • Android Devices (Android 5.0 and higher).
  • iOS device Running 12 Higher.
  • Amazon Fire TV stick.
  • Chromecast (first, Second, and Third generation).

Our Final Notes:

We came to the end section of the FiOS TV on Apple TV device article. You can get all the instructions in this article and start streaming your favorite television channel on your Apple TV device. I hope the keys and the information about the FiOS apple device’s streaming service are beneficial to you.

Ask me any doubts or needed additional information about this content in the comment section at the bottom of this current page if it is required! We will respond to your message and provide you with the essential details in the comment box or refer you to the related content to get the key points of your question.