How to Watch Super Bowl on PS4? Superbowl2024

The final stage of the match decides who is the winner of the whole season. I do not know whether everyone has watched the whole season. But I am sure every NFL game lover will surely watch the Super Bowl and know the winner if you have a Play Station 4 console and looking forward to the guidelines to stream the Super Bowl on PS4 console.

Super Bowl on PS4 How to Watch? 2024

On the Play Station gaming consoles, we used to play video games and sometimes watch Television content. Like, how you can able to watch Television series and movies on the PS4, same the console allows you to stream live sports. To know how to continue reading this article.

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Is Super Bowl 2024 on PS4?

Yes, you can watch this Super Bowl LVIII on this PS4. You can enjoy this Superbowl LVIII on the PS4 by installing the streaming app. Moreover, you can watch this Super Bowl for free by installing some apps on PS4. So, read the below section to know the apps.

How to Watch the Super Bowl LVIII on PS4?

The Super Bowl game is played yearly once at the end part of the NFL season. People all like to watch the Super Bowl game to celebrate the winner. We provide the listed service for streaming the Superbowl 2024 on PS4. There are,

  • CBS Sports 
  • NFL+
  • Paramount+

On these Platforms, you can watch the Chiefs VS 49ers match on February 11, 2024. To know how to install the Super Bowl on PS4 are given below.

Watch Super Bowl on PS4

All you need is a good internet connection. If you don’t get the ticket to watch the Superbowl LVIII at Allegiant Stadium, just enjoy the Chiefs VS 49ers on the PS4 console by following the given steps.

Steps to Follow to Watch Super Bowl on PS4:

  • Set your Play Station 4 console and connect it with a stable Wi-Fi internet connection.
  • Move to the Home page of your Play Station console.
  • And click on the Media option on your PS4 Home page.

Media option

  • Select and tap on the All Apps section.


  • Then, hit the search panel on the Play Station Store.
  • Browse for apps such as CBS Sports, NFL, and Paramount+.
  • Discover the required app from the search result.
  • Then, click on the Download or Install button to own the chosen app on your PlayStation.
  • Once the app gets downloaded, Launch the app on your device screen.
  • Start searching for the Super Bowl content on the installed streaming service.

NOTE: You can watch the superbowl on PS4 by installing these apps. Also, for all apps, the installation method will be the same. 

And Initiate watching the Super Bowl on a PS4 Gaming console. This is the direct method to install the apps on your Play Station console.

Watch Superbowl on CBS Sports via PS4; 

Yes, you can watch this Superbowl on CBS Sports for free through the PS4. Moreover, you should install this CBS Sports on your PS console by following the above steps. Then, watch the live of the Superbowl LVIII on PS4. 

Get Super Bowl LVIII on Paramount+ via PS4;

You people can watch the Chiefs VS 49ers match on this Paramount+ for free through the PS4 console. If you are an existing user of Paramount+, you can directly access your Paramount account on this PS4 console and you can watch this Chiefs VS 49ers for free. If you are a new user, you should subscribe for any pack to watch this Superbowl LVIII on PS4.

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Watch the Super Bowl on NFL+ through PS4;

Yes, you can watch this Super Bowl on NFL+ for free. Ensure that you people are subscribed to the premium plan of NFL+ or subscribe to the NFL RedZone to watch the live Super Bowl LVIII on PS4. So, enjoy the super bowl on the PS4 for free by using these streaming apps.

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What are the Supported Devices to Watch Super Bowl LVIII?

  1. Apple TV.
  2. Google TV
  3. Fire TV.
  4. Play Station.
  5. Xbox Console.

These streaming devices are all supported to watch the NFL Final Game. If you people don’t get the device or your net gives trouble watching, then you can visit the live match in the stadium.

How to get the free Super Bowl tickets?

The Super Bowl tickets are quite expensive and it starts from 4,500 dollars. Also, some lottery teams are providing the Superbowl 2024 tickets for free. You can try via Eventbrite and Red Cross to get the super bowl 2024 tickets for free. So don’t miss the opportunity.

Super Bowl LVIII schedule; 

Chiefs vs 49ers 11 February 2024 3.30 PM PST | 6 . 30 PM ET
Allegiant Stadium, Las Vegas, Nevada


Our Final Notes

Install the app and watch Super Bowl on PS4. PS4 console supports live sports streaming services. And it allows you to watch the Live Super Bowl game on your PS4 device.  Moreover, if you have this PS4 console, then you can enjoy the Super Bowl 2024 from anywhere. In addition, you can watch the Chiefs VS 49ers game in 4k or HD quality from your PS4 console. So, mark the date; as February 11, 2024. If you miss this Super Bowl LVIII, don’t get sad. You can watch the super bowl LIX. Moreover, if you people have any doubts related to this article or content, just comment in the comment sections.