How to Jailbreak PS4 9.60 and PS4 11.02?Downgrade

PS4 is one of the best gaming consoles on the market. You can play games that are PlayStation 4 console-supported only. This gives you access to a limited number of games, making it boring. But if you can jailbreak your PS4 you can install your favorite games from a USB drive to your console. But it is not safe to Jailbreak your game console. If you jailbreak your PS4 it might be difficult to revert it back to its original state. If you are to take the risk, then follow the procedures provided in this article.

Can I Jailbreak PS4 9.60?

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Over many attempts to jailbreak PS4, it has been found that you cannot exploit PS4 consoles higher than version 9. There have been theoretical claims to jailbreak PS4 9.60 using the Mast1c0re exploit. You can downgrade your PS4 9.60 firmware to a lower firmware where a jailbreak is possible or you can wait till a new exploit for PS4 9.60 gets released.

How to Jailbreak PS4 9.60?

I would not recommend you downgrade a non-jailbreak PS4 console firmware. Because it can damage your console, and you require hardware and software to jailbreak PS4 9.60. The process is difficult and it is not sure if your console will get jailbroken.

Basically, an updated firmware for your PS4 console is installed over the old firmware. And Sony does not allow you to downgrade the version of your console. If you can take the risk, then follow the simple procedures given here.

Check PS4 Version

  • Get to your PS4 home screen.
  • Move to your PS4 console Settings menu.
  • Now select the Account Management option.
  • Tap on System information to find details about your console.
  • Near System Software you can find the version of your PS4 firmware.

Hardware Required to Jailbreak PS4 9.60

PS4 jailbreak hardwares

  • PS4 console
  • Hardware flasher (E4 Hardware Flasher) [to get SFlash0 from a non-jailbroke console]
  • Heatgun
  • Solder iron
  • tweezers
  • TOFP Board
  • 4k Ohm resistor
  • PCB Wires
  • Switching diode
  • USB to TTL Adapter
  • silicon chip replacement
  • Renesas E2 Lite programmer

Software Required to Jailbreak PS4

  • BwE NOR Validator [to check if backup files are corrupted or not]
  • FileZilla [FTP Client]
  • HDD Raw Copy [Hard drive backup]
  • Drivers for USB to TTL adapter
  • MW pack file []

Backup PS4 9.60

In case your jailbreak backfires and makes your PS4 console lose its data. You can easily back up important data from your PS4 console to a USB drive. From PS4, you can backup data regarding Games and Apps, Saved data, screenshots and video clips, and settings. To do a backup you will require a USB drive with FAT32 or exFAT format with a size two times greater than the backup data size. Follow the simple procedures to back up your PS4 console data.

  • Go to the PS4 Settings Menu and select System.
  • Find and select the Back Up and Restore options.
  • Select Yes on the Trophy information prompt.
  • Here you can select the data you need to back up.[make sure that your USB drive has enough space for the backup]
  • Now tap on Next and provide a description for your PS4 backup data.
  • You can now select the Back Up option and wait for the transfer of data to your USB drive to end.

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How to Jailbreak PS4 9.60?

  • Launch the default web browser on your PS4 console.
  • Visit the link on PS4.
  • Download the latest version of GoldHEN on your PS4 console.
  • Move to PS4 settings and select GoldHEN.
  • Select the Enable FTP server option and note down the IP from the screen.

How to Jailbreak PS4 9.60

  • Download, install, and launch FileZilla on your PC.
  • Now enter the IP address in the Host section adn the number in the Port section.

How to Jailbreak PS4 9.60 and 11.02

  • Click on the Quick Connect option to access your PS4 hard drive.
  • Find the Sflash0 and transfer it to your PC.
  • Now get the BwE NOR Validator on your PC and check the validity of the Sflash0 file.
  • Move the Sflash0 file to a new folder and rename it to Sflash0.bin
  • Again check the validity of the Sflash0.bin file on the BwE NOR Validator and close it.
  • Connect an external SD card to a PC, go to its properties, and change the file system to FAT 32.
  • Now insert the SD card into the hardware flasher and connect it to the PC.
  • Open the config file and near the backup delete No type Yes and save it.

Jailbreak PS4 11.02

To know more about the procedures refer to

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How to Jailbreak PS4 11.02 CFW?

This Jailbreak method is applicable for Consoles PS4 with firmware 11.02 and below. Turning from Original Firmware to custom firmware. Therefore, You will have to understand the Legal and Hardware risks while doing this.

How to Jailbreak PS4 11.02 CFW?

Here are some requirements for Jailbreak PS4 11.02 CFW:

  1. USB Stick – 512 MB Free Storage.
  2. PS4 Updated to its Latest Version.
  3. Your Console should be compatible with any OFW Version.
  4. Any Extraction Program.

Steps to Jailbreak PS4 11.02 CFW from OFW

  1. Firstly, Make sure your PS4 is updated to its Latest Firmware 11.02.
  2. Now, Install any Latest PS4 Jailbreak firmware.
  3. Plug in the USB Flash drive and Extract the Extraction Program into it.
  4. Copy the Jailbreak 11.02 OFW file to CFW.
  5. Then, Insert the USB into your PS4 and Turn it ON.
  6. On your Console, Go to Settings> System Update> Update via Storage Media > Proceed.

Wait until it’s completed. After 10 minutes, Your Console is jailbroken and turned to 11.02 CFW.

PS4 Jailbreak Exploit

Mast1c0re Exploit

The Mast1c0re Exploit on your PS4 and PS5 can help you to run homebrew applications from USB at the latest firmware of your console. To get the Mast1c0re repository you will require ps2sdk and okrager. To learn more about Mast1c0re Exploit, go to

Kernel Exploit

The PS4 and PS4 pro consoles can be jailbroken with kernel exploit which is named “pOOBs4”. This exploit allows the users to install and run software, apps, game mods, and illegal copies of games on their consoles. Refer to and learn more about PS4 Kernel Exploit Jailbreak.

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How to Downgrade PS4 to 9.00?

How to Downgrade PS4 to 9.00?

Yes, You can downgrade PS4 from the Latest firmware to 9.00 or lower. But Yes, at the same time process is not so easy, It is critical, complex, and requires hardware skills. In some cases, When you update the firmware on your PS4 and suddenly the Power goes off in the middle- Then You can easily Reverse the Update.

The Syscon chips have a Pointer to show the current version. By overwriting some specific values, You can revert or downgrade your firmware.

Firstly, Find Out what was your Previous Version of the Software.

On the Notifications, Have a look at the UPDATE HISTORY ( Available only if you have not cleared the log).

You will require some tools as listed below;

Hardware Flasher, Heat Gun, Soldering iron, A Pair of tweezers, A TQFP Board, Resistor, PCB Wires, Switching Diode, USB to TTL Adapter, A Replacement Syscon Chip.

Software  Required: BwE NOR Validator, HDD Raw Copy, Drivers, and MW’s  Pack File.

Back up and Prepare your PS4 for Downgrade.


These Jailbreaking methods are surely risky but If you want to get apps that aren’t available. Probably, You should give it a try too. And These above mentioned methods are for PS4 9.60 Version and 11.02 Version. Make sure you go through the requirements and the pre-safe backups needed. This will make your console void of the warranty at the same time allow you to access Other Custom Software and Apps.

Good Luck!