How to Watch Super Bowl on PS5? Chiefs VS 49ers

Super Bowl on PS5: The wait is finally over! Super Bowl 2024 is here, and your excitement is over the moon. If you are not a cable network user and wonder how you are going to watch this long-awaited game, then worry not. If you own a PlayStation 5, then this article is perfect for you.

How to Watch Super Bowl on PS5

In this article, you will be able to understand how to stream Super Bowl 2024 on PlayStation 5.

Is Super Bowl LVIII on PS5?

Yes, you can watch this Superbowl LVIII on PS5. But, many people can’t buy a Super Bowl ticket to watch the Chiefs VS 49ers match which occurs at Allegiant Stadium. So for those people, you can watch this Superbowl LVIII on PS5 with HD and 4k versions. To know how to watch this Superbowl on PS5, just scroll down.

How to Watch Super Bowl on PS5?

You can watch the Super Bowl 2024 on your PS5 console. All you need is a good internet connection.  Moreover, you can watch this Super Bowl on PS5 through,

  • CBS Sports
  • NFL+
  • Paramount+
  • Disney+.

You can choose any of these apps to stream the superbowl on PS5. Moreover, instead of visiting the live match of Chiefs VS 49ers, just look at it on your PS console. Furthermore, the installation steps are given below.

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Get Superbowl on PS5 by installing the streaming apps

  • Firstly, if your PlayStation 5 is not connected to the internet, connect it to a stable connection.

Watch Super Bowl on PS5 - Media on ps5

  • Find the media tab and go there.

 search apps on ps to Watch Super Bowl on PS5

  • From the All Apps icon, type in any of the apps mentioned above.
  • After choosing the app, click on the download.
  • As soon as the download is finished, run the app by clicking on it.
  • Now, enter all your details to log in to your account. If you are a new user, sign up and choose any plan to get a free trial.

NOTE: The installation steps are the same for all the apps on the PS5 to watch the Super Bowl. 

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Can I watch the Superbowl for Free on PS5?

Super Bowl 2024

Yes, you can enjoy the Super Bowl for free on PS5. If you are already using this PS5 console, then you can stream the

Superbowl for free using the CBS sports and Nickloedeon channels. Or get the Super Bowl on NFL+, Paramount+, and Disney+. 

If you are an existing subscriber to those streaming apps, then you can watch this Chiefs VS 49ers on those streaming apps for free. Also, you can use the free trial period of that app to watch the Super Bowl LVIII.

Super Bowl Opening Night – Superbowl 2024 Schedule 

Chiefs vs 49ers 11 February 2024 3.30 PM PST | 6 . 30 PM ET
Allegiant Stadium, Las Vegas, Nevada

Watch Super Bowl 2024 on

Yes, there are many alternative ways to enjoy this Super Bowl. Instead of watching the Super Bowl on PS5, you can watch this live Super Bowl on TV channels. This match is available on

  • CBS
  • Nickelodeon.
  • For Spanish people, you can enjoy the Superbowl LVIII on the Univision channel.

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Final Words

Watch the Superbowl on PS5 by installing the streaming apps. So if, you aren’t able to get those tickets to watch the Chiefs VS 49ers, just watch through these streaming apps which are given in this article. Also, you can enjoy the whole match from start to end. Also, our favorite despacito will be played on the ground, and music and commentary can be enjoyed through this PS console. So get ready for the blast on February 11, 2024. If you have any doubts related to this article, just comment in the comment sections.