How to Get Zoom on PS4? [Features|ScreenCast]

The zoom application is a video communication platform considered a web-based video conferencing tool.  It allows people to meet online with video support or not. It offers record sessions, content sharing, online meetings, text messaging, webinars, mobile collaboration, etc. If you are thinking of getting Zoom on PS4, then read this article and learn the procedures to get the Zoom app on your Game console.

Is Zoom on PS4?

Unlike other applications on Devices, Zoom Cloud Meeting App is not Officially Available on PS4. Still, there is an alternative Method, “Screen Mirroring,” by using on Zoom App on an existing device; you can mirror to ps4 in one Click. Here we will discuss how to use Zoom Meeting App on your ps4 device in detail.

What is Zoom Meeting?


It Offers webinars and meetings to share content and video conference services based on Cloud. It can attend the Zoom meeting without a zoom account. You need an account to enable a scheduled appointment—also, Cast Zoom to Tv By using Chromecast on a big screen. Only the host is required.

How does the Zoom meeting works? Lets me Clear in Short, It is a Completely Online Video conferencing App that allows users to meet and discuss online with audio and video, and you can pause videos depending on your needs.

Available for desktop and Mobiles app platforms with users friendly interfaces to access or share another screen, collaborate and discuss projects, and even you can record entire sessions as required.

You may have a question. Is the Zoom meeting free? Yes, it’s a free offer only for basic plans with unlimited sessions with no limited trial period, but the basic free plan has time limitations. You can conduct a meeting only for 40 mins and limited participants.

Is Zoom similar to Skype? They vary slightly in detail. Skype focuses higher on versatile communication on creating collaboration software, but Zoom Focuses on video conferences and discussing projects with more professional solutions as users requirements the end; both Zoom and Skype offer the same quite basic features is it’s for communication.

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How to Get Zoom on PS4?

To use PS4, you have to connect one end of your game console’s HDMI cable to the TV’s HDMI port. On the other side, click another back with the PS4. Then connect your PS4 to the Internet connection. You can download this application from PlayStation.

  • Fix one end to the power cable—another end to the power source.
  •  Fox the small end of the USB to the game controller. Then you have to fix another lot on the PS4.
  • Switch on the PS4 console. On your TV, choose PS4.
  • Go to the home page of PS4.
  • Choose your language.
  • Move to the next page to find the “set up an Internet connection” option and click it.

Network on PS4

  • Then search for the “use wifi” option.
  • Tap “easy setup.” You can get a list of available wifi connections on your TV screen.
  • From the result, select your Internet.
  • Enter your password and sign in to the network.
  • On the following page, choose the “skip” option.
  • Fix your time and date.
  • Tap “accept.”
  • Now, your PS4 is ready to work.

Screen Mirror Zoom App on PS4:

You have to follow the below-given guidelines to get PS4 with a screen mirroring option.

  • On your google play store, you have to look for a “Zoom cloud meeting” app and install it.
  • Download the application on your Mobile.
  • Back to the “Google play store” to download another “Screen mirroring app.”

screen mirroring app

  • Download the screen mirroring app on your Mobile.
  • Go to the PS4. Then move to the “Application menu” to launch the Internet browser.
  • Enter the given link in the screen box “” and tap “go.”
  • In the screen mirroring app, enter the code and scan the QR code on your application.

ps4 screen mirroring zoom meeting

  • Within a second, your screen will appear on the PS4 screen.

zoom meeting ps4

  • Now access the zoom app.
  •  Log in to the application with the details.


  • Now you are to join a meeting on PS4.

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How do I use Zoom App on Ps4?

PS4(play station 4) is developed by sony interactive entertainment. PS4 is considered the Eighth generation home video game console. It can console games in a significant way and helps people with PC gaming. Instead of using a mouse and keyboard, you can use the controller. You can use PS4 to play games and stream movies, TV shows, audio, and video call applications. If you want to use PS4, you need an HDMI connection. Screen mirroring is the best option to connect a zoom app to PS4.

Zoom Packages

We already know that Zoom is the most famous app for video conferencing. They offer four pricing packages in total, and let’s see them in detail…

Zoom Free

This is the basic package offered by zoom for any free user. It also comes with unlimited meetings, with one-to-one and group meetings. These meetings can be conducted in total time, but the group meetings can be done only for 40 minutes. The only hitch is you cannot record the meeting sessions, but you can live chat, Screen Share, etc.

Zoom Pro

In addition to Zoom Free features, it will let you record the session for just $14.99 a month. With 100 participants and 49 screen videos that can be shared, you can live chat, Screen Share.

Zoom Enterprise

It is purely meant for businesses with more than 1000 employees and 100 hosts for $19.99 a month. Unlimited cloud storage is available for session recordings, and you give discounts on zoom rooms.

Zoom Rooms

With these Zoom Rooms, you can access a 30-day free trial. After this period, $49 a month and all the subscription mentioned above, and access to zoom rooms.

Features of the Zoom app

  • The zoom app provides a recording option that helps record any video and audio call completely.
  • This app is for interacting with your near and dear ones and could be used for official sessions.
  • Provides feature-rich programs.
  • Accessible on all devices.
  • You can access high-quality videos and audio.
  • The group video chat feature is available.
  • You can pause any video and audio online at your convenience.
  • Here, you can share messages.
  • With a single tap, you can get connected to the meeting session.

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If your TV is able to connect to a WiFi network, you can easily screencast the Zoom App from your Smartphone to your TV screen directly without the need for a PS4. You can either use the screen mirror or screencast features available on your TV and Smartphone or use the Google Home app. You can get the Google Home app on your Andorid and iOS devices. Just open the Google Home app and add your Smart TV to it. Use the Cast option to get your Smartphone screen on your TV screen. Now use Zoom on your Smartphone and watch it on your TV’s big screen.

From your PC, you can cast the Zoom app on TV using the connect option from the notification tab. Select the Connect option and select your TV name to get your PC screen on your TV screen. Now you can use the Zoom app on yoru PC and watch it on your TV.

Wrapping Up

You can now watch the Zoom mentioned on your TV screen connected to a PS4 device by following this article. It is better that you cast Zoom directly to your TV screen over a WiFi network without the use of a PS4 console. You can also try other devices like Chromecast, FireStict, Roku, etc., to enable the screen casting feature on your Smart TV.


Can I watch Netflix on ps4?

Netflix is a popular online streaming service; it has both a website and dedicated application services. Most of the time, it is pre-installed on the home screen on ps4. All we have to do is click on the app and enter the login credibly and start to enjoy the shows and movies. Though it is not installed, we can get it downloaded from the Google play store. It is easy to watch Netflix on ps4.

Is there any problem with leaving a disc on ps4?

There is no problem with leaving a disc on the ps4. Sometimes people go gaming discs under some circumstances. But there are no risks to that.

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