How to Watch Sling TV on PS5? Possible Methods

If you are seeking information about How to Watch Sling TV PS5Then you are in the right place to get all your questions answered from this guide. Follow the article until the end to learn about SlingTV PS5.

How to Watch Sling TV PS5?
About Sling TV:

Sling TV is a streaming service that lets you watch live TV at an affordable price compared with cable and satellite TV packages. It enables you to stream live sports, TV shows, movies, and news. This service allows for add-ons such as Showtime. You can choose this service because it is the cheapest, most compatible, as well as customizable plan.

This service includes a few local channels such as ESPN and many more desired networks like AMC, HGTV, Food Network, Disney Channel, Lifetime, and NFL Network’s RedZone. Also, it has live TV with a cloud DVR feature to record your content for up to 50 hours to stream later your desired content. You can also be able to rewind your show and can stream older programs on demand.

If you choose to cut the cord, you can prior to the Sling TV network. Because of its price and the number of channels available to stream. You can download the Sling TV app on your Android mobile to stream wherever you want without any additional cost.

Is Sling TV on PS5?

Unfortunately, No. Other than compatible with smartphones (Android/iOS), Tablets, and Smart TVs, except this. Because it doesn’t seem compatible with gaming consoles such as PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch. But don’t be upset with this. You have another way to stream the Sling TV on PS5. Eager to know what is the alternative method? Then read the How to Watch Sling TV on PS5 topic below.

How to Watch Sling TV on PS5?

As we said before, PS5 doesn’t look compatible with Sling TV. So here we are going to use the Screencasting method to watch the Sling TV channels and the popular content on your Play Station 5 gaming console. You can do the Screencasting method using your handheld devices, such as

  1. Screencast using Android.
  2. Using MacOS.
  3. Through PC.

Let us discuss the methods One-by-One in the following topics. Here they are:

1). Screencast using | Android | on PS5:

First, we start with using Android devices to Screencast the Sling TV on PS5 console. Move forward to learn the steps to Stream the Sling TV streaming service on your Play Station 5 console. Before that, you have to complete the Pre Requisition Process to Screencast on your PS5. That is;

#1). Enable PS Remote Play on PS5:

  • Switch On and Go to the Home Screen of your PS5 device.
  • Then, Select the Settings option from the menu.
  • Head towards the System option.
  • Now, Click on the Remote Play tab on the page.
  • And Turn On it on your PlayStation 5 gaming console.

Enable Remote Play option on PS5

  • Move back to the Settings section on your PS5.
  • Click the System tab.
  • Then, choose the Power Saving option from the list.

PS5 Power Saving Option

  • Tap the Features Available in Rest Mode on the right side screen.

Features Available in Rest Mode on PS5

  • Now, click on the Stay Connected to the Internet tab.

Enable Stay Connected to the Internet on PS5

After that, we get into the Installation and Screencasting method of the Sling TV on PS5 in the following.

#2). Screencast Sling TV on PS5:

Use your Android Smartphone, Laptop, or any other Android device to Screencast the Sling TV streaming service on PlayStation 5 console. Take a look at the following steps to stream the Sling TV on PS5.

?Step 1

Bind Up your Smartphone and PS5 with the same Wi-Fi connection.

?Step 2

Open the Google Play Store on your Android device. And click the Search option.

?Step 3

Type “Sling TV” and discover it from the Play Store search result.

Sling TV from Google Play Store

?Step 4

Then, click the Install button to get the Sling TV streaming service on your Android.

?Step 5

Open the Sling TV on your Android once it gets downloaded to your device.

?Step 6

Then, Search for the “PS Remote Play” app on Google Play Store.

?Step 7

And, Install the PS Remote Play on your Android.

Install PS Remote Play from Google Play Store

?Step 8

Launch the PS Remote Play app when it’s downloaded on your device.

?Step 9

Log in with your PS5 Credentials on the PS Remote Play app.

Sign In into PS Remote Play App

?Step 10

Then, click the Confirm and Continue buttons on the PS Remote Play after providing your Play Station’s user credentials.

Confirm and Continue on PS Remote Play app

?Step 11

Now, the Bluetooth Settings pop-up screen will appear on the Screen. Cancel it by clicking the (×) in the left corner of the screen.

Go to Bluetooth Settings on PS Remote Play

?Step 12

Select your PS5 console to initiate the Screencasting procedure.

PS5 option on PS5

?Step 13

Then, you can see the connecting process on your Android screen. Wait until they connect.

Connecting Smartphone and PS5

Now, open the Sling TV Streaming service on your Android and Sign In with your Sling TV Credentials. Select the content from the content library and play it on your Android. Your Android screen is screening on your PS5 screen.

2). Screencast Sling TV on PS5 through | PC |:

If you have a Sling TV app on your PC or you would like to Screencast the Sling TV content from its official site on your PS5, This section will provide you with the required details. Here they are:

Steps to Stream Sling TV on PS5 using PC:

  • Unlock your PC and connect the Wi-Fi to your Home Wi-Fi router.
  • Then, Open the Browser on your device.
  • Head to the URL section and find “PS Remote Play” and discover the Official Website from the search result.

Launch Official PS Remote Play Site on Browser

  • Launch the PS Remote Play site on your PC screen.
  • Then, Scroll Down on the page and click on the Windows PC and Mac Download tab.

Windows PC and Mac Download on PS Remote Play Site

  • Select the Control your PS5 Console from a Windows PC option.

Control your PS5 Console from a Windows PC on PS Remote Play Site

  • And move forward to the next page and scroll down.
  • Now, click on the I Agree on option and tap on the Checkbox.

Agree PS Remote Play Terms and Conditions on PS Remote Play Site

  • After that, tap on Download to initiate downloading the PS Remote Play.

Download to get PS Remote Play on PC

  • Once the PS Remote Play app gets downloaded on your PC, Tap the file to extract it.

Click the PS Remote Play apk file on PC

  • Install the PS Remote Play app on your PC.

Install PS Remote Play on PC

  • Select the Language on the app.

Select Language on PS Remote Play App

  • Then, Sign In using your Play Station User credentials.

Sign In PS Remote Play app with PS5 Credentials

  • Tap the Confirm and Continue options.

Confirm and Continue in PS Remote Play on PC

  • Head to the PS5 device and tap on it.

Cick PS5in PS Remote Play on PS5

  • Then, tap the OK button.

Click OK on PS Remote Play on PC

Within a while, you can see the PS5 controls on your Android screen. Now, Launch the Sling TV app on your PC or visit the Sling TV official site and Sign In with the credentials. And start streaming the Sling TV on PS5. 

Sling TV Subscription:

Sling TV has two varieties of packages, and it is available as Sling Orange and Sling Blue. Both plans are available at the same price with different channels to stream. Also, you can get Sling Orange and Blue combined subscription at an affordable price and get both TV channels.

Sling TV on PS5


1). What are the Device that is Compatible with Sling TV?

  •  Apple TV
  •  Firestick
  •  Roku
  • Android TV
  •  Smartphones ( Android/ iOS)
  • Chromecast
  • Samsung smart TV
  • LG Smart TV

2). How to screencast a PS5 device?

Use the PS Remote Play app by downloading it on any compatible device.

Final Verdict:

Sling TV is the best option among all streaming services, and you can choose this service for its affordable price. You can select the plan from various packages to stream your desired channels. It is cheaper to subscribe to the packages without any second thought. If you have trouble streaming Sling TV on PS5 using screencasting, mention them in the comment section. We will respond to you as soon as possible.