How to Install Peacock on PS5? WWE Summerslam

Play Station is not only for playing online games and also used to streaming on-demand and live TV content as well. Nevertheless, it is limited to streaming apps. If you need to know How to Install Peacock on PS5 or not, then we will let you know the answer through this guide. Additionally, you can get to know the installation procedures in this guide. Everyone should know that Peacock TV is the best entertainment source and it has lots of wonderful and amazing content. Now its focus is to Broadcast the WWE Summerslam event. Keep scrolling this Page to know the related Information.

How to Install Peacock on PS5

Is Peacock on PS5?

Luckily, you can install and stream the Peacock app on your Play Station 5 console from its App Store itself without hassle. So you can watch on-demand and live TV content and online games as well on PS5.

How to Get & Activate Peacock on PS5?

Reaching here, you have got the answer for Peacock on PS5 and it is a Yes! So, Keep Reading to Get the Installation Steps -Quick and Easy.

Since Play Station 5 is accessible on your Play Station 5 from Play Station Store instantly. Lets us jump into the steps to install and stream the Peacock app on Play Station 5 gaming console.

  • Make sure to associate your PS5 and Smart TV using an HDMI cable or flash drive.
  • Provide an internet source to your PS5 console and navigate to the Media tile.
  • Further, move to the All Apps section and look for the Peacock TV.

Peacock TV app on Playstation

  • Tap to downlaod and install the Peacock app and launch it.
  • Now go back to the main menu and activate Peacock TV to stream its content.

Peacock Sign in

  • Again go to the Media tile and proceed to the Signup option from the Home.
  • Click on the login option from your Home page.
  • Now you will get an activation code from your PS5 screen.
  • Go to the Peacock activation site from its official page on your preferred device.
  • Copy the activation code shown on your PS5 screen.

Activation code

  • Tap on the Continue option and then sign in to your Peacock TV account to activate the app.
  • Furthermore, open the Peacock TV on your PS5 console.
  • Now you can start to play your desired content on your PS5 screen.

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Alternative Way to Get Peacock TV on PS5 [Screen Mirroring]

Screen mirroring is one of the best methods to watch all your favorite content on the PS5 Device. In case, if any application is not officially available on the device app store. Then you can use this method to watch its content using this screen mirroring method. But now, in this case, the peacock TV is available on PlayStation Store. That’s why we suggest using this method as an alternate way. Before we proceed with the Process, ensure that you have connected devices with the same internet connection.

The steps are:

peacock TV app on Google Play store

  • Initally, you can download the Peacock TV app on your smartphone.
  • Sign in with your account.
  • Then navigate to the Notification Center.

cast icon

  • Tap the Cast icon.
  • Then choose your device from the list.
  • Click to pair your devices.
  • Once the device gets paired then you can see the Smartphone screen on the Playstation5.
  • Move to the Peacock TV app and play your favorite content and watch it on your PlayStation 5.

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Subscription of Peacock TV

Peacock TV is a Subscription-based video streaming Platform. You can subscribe to its package to watch all its different types of content. Furthermore, it offers two types of subscription packages namely Peacock Premium (with commercial) and Peacock Premium Plus (without Commerical). Here we attach the Image for the peacock TV subscription. You can choose any one of these packages according to your choice.

Peacock TV subscription

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Trends on Peacock TV

There are many shows and Programs running trends on this Peacock TV Network, and you can stream them with lots of fun and entertainment. Even you can get to stream Popular sports events and Tournaments on this Peacock TV network. In this month of August, the WWE Summerslam is going to be telecast on this Network. Read further section to know more…

WWE Summerslam 2023:

This is the 36th event in Summerslam and is going to be conducted on August 5 at 7.30 PM. And this event is held in the state of Michigan. Whereas the WWE organization has sold nearly 40000+ tickets for this Tournament. Suppose you can’t get purchase the ticket then you can use the Peacock TV network to watch its tournament at the right time.

Schedule for WWE Summerslam

Here we attach the schedule for the WWE Summerslam and you can note down the date and Timing. This is a great fighting event, the two popular fighters are fighting each other in the same battle. Let’s see the Match to know the winner of this event. Refer to it.

WWE Summerslam 2023 Schedule
Date Time Fight With
5, August, 2023
7.30 PM
Cody Rhodes Vs Brock Lesnar
Seth Rollins Vs Finn Balor

Peacock MLB Schedule 2023 

Do not miss any Upcoming MLB Games 2023 While you have the App to Stream them Live. All you now need is the Updated Schedule of the MLB 2023 as Handy to Watch the Sunday Lead Off without missing anything.

27 August 2023 12:05 p.m
Los Angeles Angels at New York Mets
3 September 1:05 p.m
Philadelphia Phillies at Milwaukee Brewers


Closing Off

Hence the article shows you the result to download the Peacock TV on PS5. You can download it direct way. In addition, we have mentioned the Screen mirroring method to watch Peacock TV content on the PlayStation 5. Other than that, the Peacock TV network has telecast the content of WWE Summerslam and which will be going conducted in August month. We have included the schedule and more related detailed information. Refer to the above Guide. If you have any queries, freely share your doubts in this comment section.