How to Watch NFL on Google TV? [NFL 2022-23]

Now that the NLF Games have come to the halfway point, the live games are dragging its fans to a frenzy of sports entertainment. Did you buy a new Google TV or Chromecast device? What’s stopping you from watching NFL on Google TV? I think that you are not yet well adapted to your new Google TV.  If that’s the case, this article on how to watch Football on Google TV will help you surf over the simple methods and steps you can use to watch the latest NFL Game live on your Google TV.


NFL app

NFL has been the greatest Sports Tournament ever in the United States of America. The National Football League (NFL) is where 32 football teams compete against each other and try to win the Super Bowl. The NFL teams are divided into the American Football Conference and National Football Conferences, which are further divided into 4 divisions with 4 teams in each division.

Each team will play 17 games in the NFL Season 2022-23 Regular Seasons. Each week has one game, and one week will be a bye. Currently, NLF Week 6 games are underway, and the tournament is getting everyone to tap their toes with excitement with every play.

You can join this excitement by watching the NFL Games live on your SmartPhone, Smart TV, Streaming Devices, and Services Game Console and PC.

Live NFL Games Channels and Streaming Service:

  • NBC
  • Peacock
  • NFL Sunday Ticket
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • CBS
  • Paramount Plus
  • FOX
  • FOX Deportes
  • ESPN
  • ESPN+
  • ESPN Deportes
  • NFL Network (7 Live Games)
  • NFL RedZone
  • Telemundo Deportes

App to watch live NFL Games:

  • NFL
  • NFL Network
  • NFL One Pass
  • NFL Game Pass

What is Google TV?

google tv

Any Smart TV with Google OS or Chromecast Device connected to its HDMI port can be called a Google TV. Some manufacturers produce Smart TVs with Google OS to make it into Google TV. Some of the manufacturers are Hisense, Philips, Sony, and TCL.

To turn your existing Smart TV into Google TV, you just need to buy and insert the Chromecast Device and Voila.! You now have a Google TV. Chromecast devices start from $29.99. Google TV also comes in App for Android and iOS Smartphone users.

What Google TV Does is it will collect your past streaming experience and give you suggestions on similar topics once you have connected your Google Account. You can also use your Google TV as an Android TV. Get your Google TV now and get a glimpse of the future of Smart TVs.

How to Watch NFL on Google TV?

To watch NFL on Google TV, you need first to know what services and channels can be used to watch the Football Games live on your Google TV.  Now that you know the channels, you can download and install apps on Google TV to watch the NFL games would be NFL+, NFL Game Pass, Peacock TV, ESPN, and Amazon Prime Video.

Download Apps on Google TV:

Follow the steps given here to download any app you want on your Googel TV.

  • On your Googel TV remote, press the Assistant Button or go to the Search icon on your Google TV home screen.
  • Either type the name of the app or use Voice Assistant to find the app.
  • Now a page will appear with the app’s information.
  • Tap on Install to download the app on your Google TV.

With these steps, you have downloaded all the apps you need to watch NFL on Google TV.

How to Watch All NFL Games games on Google TV?

The only way to watch all 272 NFL Games on your Google TV would be by using the NFL Game Pass. You can easily download the NFL Game pass on your Google TV from Google Play Store. To watch all NFL Games, you need to subscribe to the NFL Game Pass Pro plan, which offers Annual and Weekly subscriptions. Get to know more about the subscription charges; you can refer to the image provided here,

NFL Game pass subscription.

To subscribe to NFL Game Pass, you need to have an NFL Account. Once you have created an NFL account, you can use its credential to sign in to NFL Game Pass. After signing in, choose any play you like and complete the payment process.  Once you have completed the payment, you can use the Game Pass app on Google TV to watch all the live games available in NFL Season 2022-23.

How to Watch In-Market NFL Games on Google TV?

You can watch all the in-market NFL games live on channels like CBS and Fox. The TV provider with these live games is a dish DIRECTV, Verizon, Spectrum, and YouTube TV. The YouTube TV app is easy to acquire on Google TV from Google Play Store. YouTube TV offers Base Plan and a Spanish Plan. To know more about the plans offered by YouTube TV, refer to the image.

YouTube TV plans

On YouTube TV Basic Plan, you can watch channels like ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN, and NFL Network. If you want NFL RedZone, you can get the Sports Plus Add-on on your YouTube TV.

How to Watch Out-of-Market NFL Games on Google TV?

There are approximately 200 Out-of-Market NFL Games happening on Sunday Afternoons. The only way to access NFL Sunday Ticket is by using DIRECTV TV provider credentials. You must have a DIRECTV subscription to access NFL Sunday Ticket.

You can watch all the games at NFL Sunday Ticket on Google TV by downloading the app from its Play Store. With the DIRECTV Choice, Ultimate, and Premier subscriptions, you can access NFL Sunday Ticket without any extra cost.

NFL Sunday Ticket on DIRECTV

NOTE: NFL Sunday Ticket is not accessible for DIRECTV Stream subscirbers.

After downloading the NFL Sunday Ticket app on Google TV, use your DIRECTV credential to watch the live Football Games.

How to Watch NFL Thursday Night Football on Google TV?

NFL Thursday Night Football games are available only on Amazon Prime. You can watch about 15 NFL Games on Thursday Nights. You need to subscribe to the Amazon Prime membership to access the live games on it. Now you can get the Amazon Prime Video app on Google TV and use your membership credentials to watch the Thursday Night Football games. The Prime Video membership is $8.99 per month.

How to Watch NFL Sunday Night Football on Google TV?

You can use the channel NBC or the Peacock TV app on from the Play Store on your Google TV. You can watch up to 20 NFL Games on Sunday Nights. Using the Peacock TV app is the easiest way to watch Sunday Night Football games on Google TV.

The Peacock TV premier membership starts at $4.99 per month and $49.99 per month. You can go to the official site to create an account and subscribe to get a membership.

Now install the Peacock TV app on your Google TV and sign in with your credentials to watch all the Live Sunday night NFL Games.

How to Watch NFL Monday Night Football on Google TV?

Get all the 20 NFL Games of Monday Night on your Google TV by using the ESPN app. But to access live games on ESPN, you need to have Cable TV provider information. For this, you can use th ESPN app on YouTube TV to watch the live games online on Google TV.


The best way to watch the game of NFL on Google TV is by using NFL Game Pass. If you are ok with not being able to access some games, then YouTube TV will be the best choice. What are you waiting for? It is only Week 7, and you can watch all the other games on your Google TV if you have followed this article.

Most Common Questions:

Is Ther any Alternate Method to get NFL on Google TV?

Yes, If you already have NFL Streaming apps and streaming services on your SmartPhone, you can easily cast it to your Google TV using the Google Home apps Cast Screen option.

Are Android TVs and Google TVs the same?

They are not exactly the same, but you can say that Google TV is the next upgraded version of Android TV, with smarter functions.

What is the best Streaming App to watch NFL on Google TV?

Other than YouTube TV, fubo TV and Sling TV is the best apps you can use to stream the live game on NFL Game on your Google TV.

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