How to Install Neptune Rising Addon on Kodi

Neptune rising is one of the popular Covenant add-ons for streaming movies and TV shows. It offers many different categories like Top movies, TV shows, IMDB user lists, Critters Corner, Playlists and also, My movies, My TV shows, Tools, and search, which is considered as the Fork here. The following contents show you the steps to install Neptune Rising Addon on Kodi.

How to Install Neptune Rising Addon on Kodi_

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How to Install Neptune Rising Addon on Kodi?

You can install Neptune Rising on Kodi in three different ways like Krypton, Jarvis, and FireStick. 

Steps to install Neptune Rising on Kodi Jarvis V16:

1- Open Kodi.


2- Navigate to the system and then click on File Manager.

3- Select Add source.

neptune rising

4- Click None.

5- Enter the URL address and tap on Done.

6- Type some name in the given box-like Nep10, and then tap OK.

7- Now go back to the home screen and choose Addon, which is beneath the system.

neptune rising

8- Choose Install from the zip file.

9- Select Nep10 and then go to and wait until you get information as Addon enabled notification.

10- Click Install from Repository.

11- Go to Nep10 Repo and then click video addons.

Install Neptune Rising Addon on Kodi

12- Now select Neptune Rising and tap on Install.

 Install Neptune Rising Addon on Kodi

13- Wait for the information, such as Addon installed notification, and then enjoy streaming the contents.

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Steps to Install Neptune Rising on Kodi Krypton V17:

In Kodi Krypton, the unknown sources are disabled, so it is important to activate the option inside the setting and then start the installation process.

1- Launch Kodi and select settings.

2- Choose File Manager.


3- Select Add source and tap none twice.

4- Enter the URL address and tap OK.

Install Neptune Rising Addon on Kodi

5- Give some name to the source, like Nep10.

6- Go to the home screen and select addons.

7- Now navigate to the browser and select Install from the zip file, and then go to Nep10.

 Install Neptune Rising Addon on Kodi

8- Choose

neptune rising

9- Wait for some time until you get the information as Addon Enabled notification, and now click on Install from repository.

neptune rising

10- Now, select Nep10 Repo and click video addons.


11- Click Neptune Rising and then tap on Install.

Now you will get Addon Installed Notification, and later you can watch anything you like. 

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Steps to Install Neptune Rising on Kodi 18:

1- Go to settings in the home screen option and select File Manager.


2- Tap on Add source and then click on none twice and then enter the URL address in the given box.

neptune rising

3- Rename the source like Nep10 and tap OK.

4- Get back to the home screen and select addons.

5- Select Browser and click Install from the zip file.

neptune rising

6- Select Nep10  and then choose a

7- Wait until you get the information as Nep10 Repository Installation.

8- Now go to video addons and click Neptune Rising and then click on Install.

Steps to Install Neptune Rising on Kodi FireStick:

1- Open FireStick and then navigate to settings.

2- Select Application and click Manage installed Application.

3- Launch Kodi once you have downloaded the zip file.

4- Select add-ons and click on the box-shaped button.

neptune rising

5- Choose install from the zip file and then go to the place where the downloaded zip file is inserted.

6- Now, upload the file and wait for some time until the screen displays as an Add-on-enabled notification.

7- Now select Install from Repository and then go to Nep10 Repository.

8- Click on video addons and tap Neptune Rising and then click on Install.

Install Neptune Rising Addon on Kodi

Alternatives for Neptune Rising Addon:

Here in this section. Let’s get the alternate for the Neptune Rising Addon. In that, you can get many addons that are available for firestick to watch free movies and TV shows. Sometimes it will have some problems streaming Neptune Rising. For this reason, you can use any of these alternatives to stream the same content of Neptune Risin Addon.

Covenant Kodi Addon:

This is the most popular Addon compared with others, and then you can stream TV shows, News, Sports, News, music, and more. In addition, it also provides a user-friendly interface to get easy access. Most important, it is not available on the Kodi repository. If you want this Kodi addon, then you have to download a zip file from an unknown third-party application. Unless you can install this Add on even in Streaming devices such as Firestick.

cCloud Kodi Addon:

This is the way you can stream all your favorite content with the cCloud Kodi Addon. Moreover, it has a better range of Live TV addons, and it has a wide variety of categories. In addition, it is a free add-on, and this is one of the best replacement Addons for Neptune Rising Addons. Whereas it is available at cCloud Repo.

Exodus Redux Kodi Addon:

Exodus Kodi Addon is a well-known add-on to watch all your favorite tv shows and movies, and it will offer kid’s shows and documentries, web series, and more. And it provides all the content with high-Quality pictures, and you can get content without any buffering. You can install this add-on from the Exodus Redux repo.

Movie Theater Butter Addon:

You can get more than 30 languages like Spanish, German, Russian, and English in this Movie Theater Butter Add-on. This is one of the better alternatives for Neptune Rising Addon. In addition, you can get all the Programs and TV shows for Free. Other than that, you can install this addon from Diamond Build Repo. Additionally, you can get to watch all the latest movies and TV shows, and also you can watch all TV shows and program even on Firestick streaming devices.


Neptune Rising is the best add-on to watch any movies or shows. It provides several movies and TV shows with 1080p and HD quality content where you can search any content using genre, actor, year, and much more. We hope this article will help you.