Cola IPTV – Register, Install & Add Channels | 2023

Want to watch your favorite Tv shows or live sports events on the big screen, even without cable or satellite? Then choose an ideal IPTV service that offers more than 33,000 on-demand and live TV content to stream on your compatible device.  Cola IPTV is one of the most popular IPTV services available in the market. Get to know about Cola IPTV and the process involved in getting it on your device by following the simple instructions given in this article.

Cola IPTV Register, Install and Add Channels. [Quick Guide]

In this article, you can learn about Cola IPTV and the instructions to register, install, and offer other features and services for its customers. With a wide range of subscription plans, you can select the plan you want. The only difference is the period and all the services offered are the same for all plans. To know more, read this article to the end will help you.

Cola IPTV:


With Cola IPTV, you can watch 18,000+ live channels and 33,000+ VODs only at a starting cost of $12.00 with a one-time subscription. Hence it provides various live TV and on-demand content along with HD streaming quality. Since it is marked as the best IPTV player in the market to get many features, including multiscreen recording, catch-up video content, speed test, and many more.

Features Cola IPTV:

      • 18,000+ Live channels
      • 33,000+ Moves and VODs
      • EPG guide
      • Ultra-speed Fast connection
      • 4K and 8K quality
      • 24*7 support
      • Unlimited Web Space
      • Unlimited Data Transfer
      • Free domain name
      • Free Wildcard SSL
      • PowerCacher Included

How to Get Cola IPTV?

Follow the instructions carefully to get Cola IPTV to your home. The required steps are,

  • Ordering
  • Installation
  • Login Access


The first step to getting the IPTV is to place an order on the official website with any of the 16 plans available for its customers. Here are the steps to order,

  • On any device with a browser and the internet, visit the official site of Cola IPTV.

buy cola iptv

  • From the home screen, select “Order Now.”
  • Now select the subscription plan you want.
  • Select “ADD TO CART,” go to the cart section in the top-right corner and select “Checkout.”

cola iptv add to cart

  • Enter your Billing Details and additional information

cola iptv billing

  • Check your order details and selectPlace order.”
  • Now complete the order by selecting your payment method and paying with the provided options.

Note: You can also order Cola IPTV using your Amazon account and pay with the Amazon Pay option in the Checkout Details section.

How to Install Cola IPTV?

Cola iptv supported devices

After successfully placing your order, you get provided with an App that you can install on devices like,

  • Android Phones and Tablets
  • Apple iPhones and iPad
  • Xbox selected models
  • infomir Mag boxes
  • Amazon Fire TV and Fire Stick
  • LG Smart TVs and Phones
  • Roku select models
  • Windows select versions
  • Chromecast
  • Android TVs
  • Apple TV
  • Samsung TVs and phones
  • Nvidia Select models
  • XBMC media center
  • Chromecast

Login Access:

After installation, follow the steps to login into your account,

  • Open the app on your device
  • Login in with the credentials that you used to make a subscription.

You can now access all the content of Cola IPTV until the period you have subscribed to.

Register to Cola IPTV:

You need to register with Cola IPTV before using its services. Follow the simple instructions to register,

  • On any device with a web browser and a good internet connection, search for the official website of this IPTV.

cola iptv website

  • From the results, open the web page of Cola IPTV.
  • Now select a plan you want and subscribe to it.
  • Complete the instructions given on the website.
  • After successfully subscribing, you get registered to the service.
  • Check your Email address and make sure you have got the confirmation mail.
  • You can now install the¬†IPTV app on your device and use the credentials to log in.

You have now successfully registered to ColaIPTV, and you can use this login information on any device.

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Cola IPTV Subscription:

Here are the subscription plans offered by ColaIPTV,

  • 1 device, 1 month – $12/month
  • 2 devices, 1 month – $16/month
  • 3 devices, 1 month – $19/month
  • 4 devices, 1 month – $22/month
  • 5 devices, 1 month – $25/month
  • 1 device, 3 months – $11/month
  • 2 devices, 3 months – $15/month
  • 3 devices, 3 months – $18/month
  • 4 devices, 3 months – $21/month
  • 5 devices, 3 months – $24/month
  • 1 device, 6 months – $10/month
  • 2 devices, 6 months – $14/month
  • 3 devices, 6 months – $17/month
  • 4 devices, 6 months – $20/month
  • 5 devices, 6 months – $23/month
  • 1 device, 12 months – $9/month
  • 2 devices, 12 months – $13/month
  • 3 devices, 12 months – $16/month
  • 4 devices, 12 months – $19/month
  • 4 devices, 12 months – $22/month

cola iptv price table

You can subscribe to any of the plans above and check out to subscribe. These subscription plans contain,

  • 18,000+ channels
  • 33.000+ VODs
  • TV shows and series
  • Premium Channels
  • No buffering

How to Add Channels to Favourites on Cola IPTV?

Cole IPTV comes with a feature where users can save their favorite TV channels and watch them any time they want. To add a channel to favorites on Cola TV, follow the simple instructions given below,

  • Navigate to your favorite channel and long-press the OK button.
  • From the pop-up, select “Add to Favourite,” and you can find a Star Icon near the channel you selected.
  • When you go back to Categories and select Favourites, you can find the channel you added there.
  • Hold down the OK button by selecting the channel you want to remove from favorites.

You can now add or remove channels on favorites with the following steps.

Integrate External Video Player to Cola IPTV:

In ColaIPTV, you can add an external video player to play the channel you want. Foll the steps to integrate an external video player into it.

  • Navigate to the Settings icon on Cola IPTV home screen.
  • Click on the option “External Player” and press “Add Player” to integrate an external video player.
  • Now choose the Video player you prefer and press “Add.”

You can now use an external video player on your IPTV with the following steps.

Is Cola IPTV Safe Stream?

It is impossible to find out whether it is safe or not to stream the IPTVs since it is not available on your Play Store or App Store. There are many unverified IPTV services available without holding any license. So be aware of it or use any reliable VPN service in order to protect yourself from the IP Government. We dont support any illegal activities or provide any third-party apps through our site. We are not responsible for your streaming any third-party IPTV source, whether it is a free or subscription-based service.

To Conclude:

With this article, you can now enjoy all the benefits and services offered by Cola IPTV. If you have any doubts regarding the contents of this article, you can ask them in the comment section below. Thank you for the precious time you spent reading this article to the end.


1. What Channels are included in the Cola IPTV?

It has more than 18,000 TV channels along with many categories from on-demand and lives TV content such as News, Sports, Entertainment, international, and so on.

2. What countries does Cola IPTV available in?

Cola IPTV is mostly available in three countries,

        • United States
        • Canada
        • United Kingdom