AllDebrid Vs Real Debrid -Which is Best?

AllDebrid and Real Debrid are the famous add-ons that are available on Kodi. Presently, Real Debrid is the most used service by the thousands of Kodi users for reaching sites and applications. But, now AllDebrid is also getting famous among the users because of its amazing features. Let us learn the difference between both the service based on their features and factors by the following guide which contains about AllDebrid Vs Real Debrid.

AllDebrid Vs Real Debrid -Which is Best_

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AllDebrid Vs Real Debrid


Accessing AllDebrid is a great choice with Kodi as it makes you stream content in high-quality videos. Sometimes, you can get contents only with the low-quality resolution with some popular Kodi Addons. So, by using AllDebrid, you can get content of great quality. Moreover, AllDebrid has its extensions on some of the browsers such as Firefox and Google Chrome. Also, it contains the jDownloader plugin which helps in functioning the service with the well-known download manager. Once if you have pasted the link into JDownloader then all the other functions can be done by themselves.


In addition, AllDebrid’s Firefox plugin helps you to watch movies and media content on MegaVideo for free of cost. Also, you need not be worried about personal data as it never provides any personal things to the other sites. And moreover, it downloads the video contents only on the particular file. Furthermore, it provides several tools like an addon for various browsers, several download managers, and much more.

Benefits of AllDebrid

  • Without the help of any premium account, it can able to download 80 files.
  • you can download and transform the file straight from the Torrent.
  • contains 190 streaming websites.
  • unlimited download.
  • good speed connection.
  • can watch contents without any interruptions with advertisements and messages.
  • secures personal things properly.

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Real Debrid

Real Debrid is the service with the option of open downloading which lowers the buffering issues. Moreover, it functions on almost every Kodi addon for famous media like TV shows and movies. In addition, it includes a multi hosting feature where you can stream, download, and send any larger files without any interruptions. Real Debrid contains 56 hosters which includes Big 4 Shared, Data File, Mega, Filefactory, and much more. And, some of the hosts ask you to pay for the service but then it provides amazing content.

AllDebrid Vs Real Debrid

In addition, the Real Debrid lowers the fee so that you need not to pay more for getting content. Moreover, through Kodi, you can et several links to stream content but it contains poor quality videos that too from the prohibited servers. But then, through Real Debrid you can get content from any media with good quality. Also, you can download the media file with high speed and also unlimited bandwidth.

Benefits of Real Debrid

  • you can get internet speed up to 300 Mbps.
  • possible of streaming HTML 5.
  • Advertisements free video contents.
  • data traffic without any limitations.
  • provides contents in full HD, HD, and SD quality.

Final Thoughts

It is a hypothetical statement when it comes to AllDebrid Vs Real Debrid, but then we have to go with the choice which suits us. Both AllDebrid and Real Debrid are good, but going with AllDebrid gives you multiple options. We hope this article will help you to choose the service between AllDebrid Vs Real Debrid.

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