How to Watch Yule Log on TV? [Virtual Fireplace]

Burning a portion of the Yule Log on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day has been a tradition for a long time. With advancements in thermostats, Fireplace has been removed from the blueprints of modern houses. Eventhough you cannot physically burn Yule Log on a Fireplace, it is virtually possible in this era. The visual of the vibrant fire and noises of the cracking wood, with or without music, get the fireplace at your home with Yule Log on TV. This Christmas and Holiday season can be made warm visually with Yule Log programs on channels and streaming services. Make yourself cozy with the fireplace on your TV and enjoy this holiday warmly.

What is Yule Log on TV?

Yule log on tv

Yule Log on TV is a Fireplace experience with immersive video and audio of fire burning. Sometimes it comes with music, and sometimes, it doesn’t. The video and sound of the Yule Log burning on your TV can fill up the gap for not having a Fireplace at your home. Some claim the burning of the Yule Log symbolizes the birth of Jesus, and some say that it symbolizes Jesus’s triumph over sin. Read CHRISTMAS PLUS App on TV

if you are interested.

How to Watch Yule Log on TV?

Get the Christmas Fireplace on your Smart TV screen of Yule Logs burning with the help of a streaming service app. Most of the Yule Log burning videos are on-demand videos, making YouTube the best place to get Yule Log on TV. You can also watch fireplace on video streaming services like HBO Max, Netflix, and Hulu. On your Cable and Satellite TV services, you can watch the live broadcast of the burning of Youle Log on TV at the PIX11 or WPIX channel.

Yule Log on Cable or Satellite Service:

The channel number for the PIX11 or WPIX channel varies with respect to the TV service you are using. The Channel number to watch The 1970 WPIX Yule Log on your TV cable or satellite service is 11. The Yule Log shown on the WPIX channel would be from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM.


The different cable or Satellite services with the Yule Log broadcasting channel WPIX on TV are as follows,

  • Spectrum
  • Optimum
  • Verizon FiOS
  • Xfinity
  • Comcast
  • DISH Network

And other TV service providers in the United States of America. You can now watch Yule Log on TV with your satellite or cable TV provider for free.

Yule Log on TV using Streaming Service:

With the streaming service app on your Smart TV, you can search for Yule Log or Fireplace and watch the logs burning on your TV. The only way to watch Yule Log on your TV for free would be by using the YouTube app. Other than that, you need to subscribe to other streaming services to access Yule Log. Here is the list of streaming services with Yule Log fireplace in it and their price.

Fireplace on Hulu Fireplace on Netflix

YouTube Premium Yule Log ad-free $11.99/month
HBO Max Adult Swim Yule Log $9.99/month
Netflix Crackling Yule Log Fireplace, Crackling Fireplace, Crackling Fireplace with Music, Fireplace for Your Home: Birchwood Edition, and The Witcher: Fireplace $9.99/month
Hulu Happiest Season: Holiday Yule Log Scenic $7.99/month

Yule Log on Streaming Devices:[Roku]

The streaming device that had been created just to watch Yule Log on TV is Roku. The Roku Channel Store has a Yule Log channel which can be added to your Roku device. You can also get a Fireplace channel from the Channel Store to your Roku TV screen and relax with it. To find Yule Log on your Roku device, follow the simple steps provided here,

NOTE:  If you have Roku Voice Remote, press the voice switch and say “Yule Log” or “Fireplace” at the microphone to get Fireplace channels on the Roku Channe Store.

  • Press the Home button on Roku remote and select the Streaming Channels option to open Roku Channel Store.
  • Enter Yule Log in the search tab and press OK on the Roku remote.

Fireplace on Roku TV

  • Select Add Channel option to install the channel on your Roku device.

You can now experience a Fireplace at your home through the Yule Log and other similar Fireplace channels on Roku devices. Read All American on TV if you are interested.


Enjoy this holiday warmly with a fireplace on your TV with dynamic visual and audio clarity with the different methods provided in this article. The free and sure way to get different types of Yule Log fireplaces on your TV would be by using the YouTube app. If you are using an old TV with a cable or satellite connection, go to PIX11 or WPIX channel, which can be found mostly on channel number 11.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Yule Log on FireStick?

Yes, by using the YouTube app on FireStick from Amazon App Store, you can watch Yule Log on your Fire TV.

What is Yule Log on WPIX?

It is a 7-minutes loop video of Yule Log burning at a fireplace that was recorded in 1970. The 1966 version of Yule Log is aired from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM on Christmas Day. At the same time, the 1970 version is broadcasted on Christmas Morning.