How to Watch The Chosen on Smart TV?

If you want to know the History of Jesus then The Chosen Series is the perfect one. But the fans raise doubts that Can I Watch The chosen Series on Smart TV. Oh Yes! You can watch it using alternative ways not in a direct way. Here in this article, We will explain everything about How to Watch The Chosen on Smart TV. Scroll down the article…

How to Watch The Chosen on Smart TV?

Can I watch The Chosen on My smart TV?

Yes, Of Course, you can watch The Chosen series on your Smart TV, But not in a Direct way this is the only drawback of this service, Becasue this series will be telecast on the Angel Studio Platform. Also, you can’t able to watch directly on smart TV Connect any streaming devices like Roku, Firestick, or Android TV. Otherwise, use the screen mirroring Method.

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How to watch The Chosen on Smart TV?

There are some possible ways to watch everyone’s favorite The Chosen Series on Smart TV. The Chosen is a Historical Drama and a popular series about Jesus about Different people. Never miss this amazing series and also watch this series on some streaming service platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, Peacock, and Netflix.

  • Using Streaming Device.
  • Using Screen Mirroring Method.

How to Watch The Chosen using the Streaming device?

The Smart TV doesn’t stream The Chosen Series so you have to connect a compatible streaming device such as Roku, Firestick, Android TV, and more. Connect the Device to the HDMI Port. Here we will share the common steps to get the Angel Studio on the device.

The Steps are:

Angel Studio on Roku

  • From the Home page of Device–> Move to search option.
  • Type Angle Studio App.
  • Get it from the List.
  • Press the Download option.
  • Once the App is installed then you have to sign in with your account.

That’s all it done. Now start watching The Chosen series on Smart TV.

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How to Watch The Chosen Using the Screen Mirroring Method?

Whereas the Angel Studio is available on Google Play Store and App Store. There is an easy way to cast the content from your Smartphone to Smart TV. Before starting the process, Connect your device with the same internet Connection. Some device needs to enable the screen mirroring Mode on devices.

The Steps are:

How to Watch The Chosen on Smart TV

Angel Studio on App Store

  • Download Angel Studio on a Smartphone.
  • Sign in with your account.
  • Move to Notification Panel.

How to Watch The Chosen on Smart TV

  • Click Cast Icon–> Choose your device—> Pair up your device.
  • Start Streaming The Chosen on Smart TV.

How to Cast The Chosen on Desktop/ Mac?

  • Hover over any of the web browsers on your PC.
  • Visit on your browser.
  • Then log in with your account credentials.
  • Now click on the notification panel and tap on the Connect option.

cast icon

  • Afterthat you can connect your device by tapping on the Cast icon.
  • It will show you a nearby device on your smart TV, and click on it.
  • Now you can able to screen mirror on your PC to your smart TV.

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How to stream The Chosen on Streaming services?

Suppose you have any of the streaming services subscriptions. You can watch The Chosen series on streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video, DirecTV, Hulu Live TV, Peacock, etc.

  • Then hover over your smart TV or streaming device app store to download The Chosen app.
  • You can now stream any of the streaming services which is mentioned above.

Final Verdict

From this article, You can get to know How to Watch The Chosen on Smart TV. There are multiple ways available to watch its content. We have mentioned the methods such as using a Streaming device, or Screen Mirroring from a Smartphone or PC. In addition, you can choose the streaming services platforms to watch its content. Still, if you have any doubts related to this guide, Mention your queries in the comment sections.