How to Install GLWiZ on Smart TV?

Did you want to know How to Install GLWiZ on Smart TV? GLWiz is a Global IPTV service and it provides many Live TV channels, radio, and On-demand content. Moreover, you can access its content in Various Languages. You can install this application on Smart TV in different kinds of methods. Let’s see the Types of methods with their Steps. Scroll down the page to learn More.

How to Install GLWiZ on Smart TV

How to Install GLWiZ on Smart TV?

There are some Smart TV that contains the GLWiZ application officially on your Smart TV App Store. Otherwise, you can connect the external device to its HDMI port to stream its Channels. GLWiZ application is compatible with Firestick, Roku, Android, and iOS devices. The Upcoming section will show you how to Install GLWiZ on Smart TV using various devices.

How to Add GLWiZ on Roku?

You can connect the Roku device to the Smart TV HDMI port. Then you can see the Roku OS on the screen. Whereas the GLWiZ application is officially available on the Channel Store. So you can download it directly by following the below steps.

The Steps are:

  • Press the Home button on your Roku Remote to reach the Roku Home page.
  • Find and select the Store option to launch the Roku Channel Store.
  • Select the Search icon and type “GLWiZ” using the Virtual Keyboard.
  • Initiate the search select the GLWiZ app icon and reach its information page.

GLwiz on Roku

  • Highlight the Add Channel option and press OK on your Roku Remote.
  • Within a few seconds, the GLWiZ app is installed on Roku.

After getting GLWiZ on Roku, you can use your subscription account credentials to watch all Live channels, sports, and news, and listen to Radio. You may also like to learn about How to Add Willow TV on Roku.

How to Install GLWiZ on Samsung Smart TV?

You can download the GLWiZ Application on the Samsung Smart TV App Store. This application will offer you nearly 800 + Live TV Channels and 50,000 On-demand content. Also, you can access free radio Channels in various languages such as Persian, Arabic, Turkish, Kurdish, and Afghan.

The Steps are:

  • Get your Samsung Smart TV remote and press the Home button on it.
  • Move to the Apps icon and press OK.
  • Select the search icon from the default App Store.
  • Use the virtual keyboard to type GLWiZ to initiate the search.

How to Install GLWiZ on Smart TV

  • Tap on the GLWiZ icon from the search results.
  • Select Install and wait for a few seconds.
  • The GLWiZ app is installed and added to your Samsung TV.

How to Install GLWiZ on Firestick?

Luckily the GLWiZ is available on the Amazon App Store so you can download the application directly. For this process, first, you have to connect the FireStick device to the Smart TV HDMI port. After that, you can try out the instructions to get this application.

The Steps are:

  • From the Firestick Home Page–> Search option.
  • Type the Application name.
  • Choose the app from the List.

GLWiZ on Firestick

  • Click the Download or Get button.

Once the application is installed then you can Sign in with your account to stream its channels.

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How to Get GLWiZ on Android and iOS Devices?

You can download this GLWiZ application on both Android and iOS devices from its respective official Stores. In addition, you can also use a screen mirroring method to access its Content on Smart TV.

The Steps are:

How to Install GLWiZ on Smart TV

  • Move to the Google Play Store (for Android devices) and App Store (for iOS devices).
  • Search for the application (GLWiZ).

GLWiZ on App Store

  • Download it.
  • Sign in With your account.
  • Move to the Notification Panel—> Click Cast icon–> Pair up your device.

You can start Watching all your favorite content.

How to Create an Account on GLWiZ TV?

Without a subscription, you cannot access GLWiZ on its supported devices. There are a total of five language packages offered by GLWiZ TV. You can subscribe to either monthly, half-yearly, or annual plans. To create an account on GLWiZ and subscribe to any of its packages, follow the simple procedures given here.

Create an Account on GLWiZ

  • Use the web browser on your devices and go to
  • Select the Sign In / Sign Up option at the top right-hand side corner.
  • Sign Up with your Google Account or
  • Provider your Email ID and Password for the account.
  • Select the Sign-Up option.
  • GLWiZ app is successfully created.

How Much Does the Cost of GLWiZ?

The Subscription Plan price varies concerning the Language you want, the Device you use, and the period of the Plan. the Below given subscription plans are some of the common plans. For a more detailed plan go to the official site and find it under the Shop section.

TV Apps

How to Install GLWiZ on Smart TV


GLWiZ Plan for WebMobile App

How to Install GLWiZ on Smart TV

The devices on which you can use the GLWiZ app are as follows,

GLWiZ Supported Devices

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Subscribe to GLWiZ

  • Sign In back to the GLWiZ official site.
  • Select the Shop option.
  • Tap on the New Shopper option.
  • Now select the Language package you want.
  • Choose the GLWiZ platform of your choice.
  • Now select the period of your subscription and tap on Add to Cart.

NOTE: You can get the Token Code on the GLWiZ app on your Devices after the Trial period ends.

How to Install GLWiZ on Smart TV

  • Enter the Token Code here and tap on Submit.
  • Contine to the Payment Procedure and complete the purchase.

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What are the Features of GLWiZ?

This media service had a considerable fan base for its benefits and features. The below list explains the features of this IPTV service. And here they are:

  • Live Streaming > This respective streaming service lets us watch 10,000 Plus live TV.
  • Radio Stations > You can stream more than 50,00 radio stations on this platform.
  • Record > It provides a feature to record videos on its platform while you are busy.
  • 72 Hours > If you are busy with your work, you can record the content for 72 hours.
  • Archive > You have archive benefits to clear your internal space.
  • Favorites> In this platform, you can add your beloved shows or movies to your favorite group.
  • Languages > You can stream this service in Five kinds of languages. Which we have mentioned in the above topic.

The Closing Off

From this article, you Guys know How to Install GLWiZ on a Smart TV. You can download the application directly on some Compatible Smart TV. Otherwise, use External devices such as Roku, and Firestick. Other than that, you can use screen mirroring methods. Whereas the GLWiZ application is compatible with Android and iOS devices. We have mentioned its subscription Packages and Features. Refer to it. If you need any reference related to this Guide, drop a Comment in the comment section.