How to Get Firefox on Android TV?Mozilla Apk Download

Though you cannot call Spiderman to use his web and Solve your Queries or search over the Internet, we can surely FIREFOX(Cause it also has a WEB). These Webs don’t attach to building swings like Peter Parker and Save Your Life But do Connect to Numerous Web Pages and Give you the best Results. Let me tell you a Secret even Spiderman uses Mozilla Cause he knows that it has an Excellent Web Slinging Speed and No Crazy Pop Ups. Know More about How to get Firefox on Android TV here.

How to Get Firefox on Android TV?Mozilla Apk Download

Is Firefox available on Android TV? 

Unfortunately, NO! The Firefox is not available on the Android TV. Because of its Unavaibility on the Google Play Stores. However, There is an App not dedicated and is not a Supported Version developed for Android TV. But Mozilla Firefox is available for Smartphones – So If it is Convenient or It is Okay! Then Go for it. And if any Chance, You Just want it on your Android TVs, Then We have some workarounds that are as easy as installing any app.

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How to Install Firefox on Android TV? 

Due to the Less User Experience on the UI, Firefox is not available on these Smart TVs.Anyway, You can Check on the App Store on your TV, If you can get it-Install it. If not, There are a variety of alternatives that we can provide to use Firefox Such as ;

  • Sideload the browser.
  • Screencasting.
  • Downloading the APK file.

To Know more in detail, Scroll through the Guide.

You can also Control the Ads That You See On Your Browser

How to Sideload Mozilla Firefox on TV?

As an Alternative, You can use the Sideloading the App Since it is not available on the Native Google Play Store on the Android TV. So, Here are the steps with which you can sideload Firefox on Android TV. Move forward and Know How to do it.

Firefox on Android TV Via Downloader 

Sideloading can be done with the help of any Third Party App – The One who is always invited to the Party of Sideloading is DOWNLOADER. Yes, You can use the Downloader app on your Android TV and Get on with Installing the Browser.

  • Firstly, On your Android TV, Go to the Google Play Store.

How to download Downloader app on Android TV

  • Install the Downloader app on your TV.

Once done, Enable the Installing Apps from Unknown Sources Option.

  • Go to the Settings Option and Select the Device Preferences.
  • Click on the Security and Restrictions and Select the Unknown Sources option.

Enable Install Unknown apps on Android TV


  • Then Turn ON the Downloader Toggle to allow installing Third Party Apps Via Downloader on TV.
  • Now, Launch the Downloader app on your Android TV.
  • Click on Allow and Accept the App Permissions to access it.

Firefox on Android TV

  • On the Downloader App, Click on Home and Enter the URL Link of the Firefox Apk on the URL Field.
  • Tap on GO and download the Firefox APK File on your Android TV.
  • Once it is done, Open the File and Click on the Install button.
  • The App will get installed and Then Click on OPEN to Launch the Firefox on Android TV Via Downloader.

Via Aptoide TV App

Another Sideloading Method you can give a try is Using the Aptoide TV App. Follow the Instructions given down here and Sideload the Firefox Browser app on your Android TV.

  1. Install the Aptoide TV App on Android TV Via the Browser or using the downloader.
  2. Enable the Unknown Sources on your TV.
  3. Launch the Aptoide TV App and Then Type Firefox on the Search bar.
  4. Install the Firefox on your TV. Once done, You can start using it.

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How to Cast Firefox on Android TV? 

I know, You might be wondering – If the App is available to be Cast – Making it available on the Google Play Stores but Not on Android TVs. A Strike of Confusion would Bubble out. But Calm Down. However, It is available for Android, but it has No Supported Version that would work on Android TV. So, Clear Out the Doubt Clouds and Scroll down.

You can simply Transfer the Content from the Smaller Screens to Larger Screens. Let us Know How to Cast the browser.

Firefox For Android

  • Start by Making sure that Both your Android Smartphone and Android TV are Connected to a Common Internet Source.
  • Enable the Screen Mirroring on Android TV which is built in ( So Skip if you can directly Connect it).

How to download Mozilla Firefox on Android TV

  • Install the Firefox App from the Google Play Store on your Smartphone.
  • Open the App and Complete the Setup Process.
  • Access the Notification Panel on your Phone and Click on the Cast Icon.

How to cast Mozilla Firefox

  • Under the available Devices List, Choose the Android TV. Let it Pair.
  • Now, On the App, Search for Any Web Page of your choice and Watch the Casting of Firefox on Android TV Via Smartphone.

Firefox on iOS Devices-AirPlay

Additionally, There is also Another Casting Method that might be of use to you.

I know, You might be in Skepticism What to do if you don’t have an Android TV But an iOS Device? Can we Pair them both? Can Two Opposites Work Out? Well, When Intercaste Weddings is still quite a Dream – Let us at least make the Devices work together. There is so much drama for an AirPlay Method Huh! But I Love Drama!

Okay! So, Since you are an iOS Device User, Here are the steps that you can use to get the Firefox on Android TV Via AirPlay.

  • Enable the AirPlay on Android TVPress the Input Select Button on your TV Remote > Select AirPlay and Homekit Settings > Turn ON AirPlay.
  • You can use your iPhone or iPad and connect your TV and Phone to the Same Wi-Fi.

How to download Mozilla Firefox on Android TV

  • Go to the App Store and Install the Firefox Browser app.
  • Get the Control Centre and Click on the Screen Mirroring tab.
  • Turn ON and Choose your Android TV from the available devices list.
  • Finally, Open the Browser on your Phone and Start Accessing it on your TV Screens.

Mozilla Firefox Apk File Download Using a USB Flash Drive 

You can also Get access to the Firefox Browser Via the Via Method. What’s that? Cause it requires you ( Your Device) to undergo Some Process – We can call it a Viax2 Method. To do this Method – You need to have a Smartphone or PC, A USB Flash Drive, and a File Manager App on your TV.

  • Firstly, Download the APK File of Firefox on your PC or Smartphone.
  • Transfer the downloaded APK File to a USB Flash Drive.

USB Flash Drive on Smart TV

  • Now, Insert the USB drive into the USB Port on your TV.
  • Download the File Manager App on your TV – If it is not already.

Mozilla Firefox Apk File Download

  • Go to the Settings > Security and Restrictions > Unknown Sources > File Manager.
  • Open the File Manager app and Now, Locate the USB Storage Device or Find the downloaded APK File on the USB Drive.
  • Open the file and Click on Install to get the Firefox on Android TV.

How to Sign up and Create an Account for Mozilla Firefox? 

Let me be clear, No There is No Mandatory Need to have an Account or Sign up – It will work even without it. But You may have one if you want to use the Sync Service – Your Bookmarks, Password, and Open tabs to Ensure a Safe Search on all your Devices.

  • Visit the Firefox Accounts Sign-up Page-

Firefox on Android TV

  • You can Sign up using your Email Google Account or Apple ID.
  • Choose One and Follow the On Screen Prompts.

How to Sign up for Mozilla FireFox Account

  • Enter your Email Address, Password, and Present Age.
  • Once you get the Confirmation Email, Click on the Verification Link.
  • Verify your Account and Sign in to Mozilla Firefox with your Credentials – You can add your Profile, Sync, and Browse Safely as you wish.
  • OR On the app> Launch Browser > Click on Tools> Options>Sync> Create Account> Enter the details >Confirm the Email>  Done.

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Bottom Line

Making the Unavailable -Available is What we are experts in. Making our way to Finding out How to get Firefox on Android TV, We have enlisted the Easiest Ways possible in this Guide. Make sure to have your Internet Connection Good to Browse Fast and Secure. Once you have the App, Update it Regularly to Enjoy the Features. And if any day, You need us again- Feel Free to Browse us and Find us right here to Solve all your Tech-worries.

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What is Fx Cast? 

It is an Open Source, Basically a Browser Extension for Mozilla Firefox -Which allows you to Cast Firefox to Chromecast. Currently, It is supported on Windows, macOS, and Linux. This FX CAST will enable you to get access to Web Apps such as YouTube, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and HTML 5 Media to Support Casting.

Firefox for Chromecast on Android TV 

Connect the Chromecast Device to your Android TV OR Since Mozilla Firefox is not supported on Google Chromecast, In that case, You can use the Fx Cast – The Extension to cast the browser.

  • Provide the Same Internet Connection to your Devices.
  • Install the FX CAST and the Companion Bridge Application.
  • On your Browser, Go to the Page that you want to cast and Tap on the FX CAST icon, Choose your Chromecast Device, and There you go.

How to Set Google as a Homepage on Firefox?

  1. Open the Firefox App on your TV.
  2. Visit the Official Google Website – (
  3. Select the website to Drag and Bring it to the Home Icon.
  4. Tap Yes on the pop-up to Set the Google as Homepage on Firefox.
  5. OR Open Settings > Home > Homepage > New Window > Custom URL > Enter > Save.

How to Change Language on Firefox?

On the Menu Bar on the Top of the app > Choose Preferences>General Panel>  Go to the Language Section > Choose the Language that you want > Restart Firefox and It is done.

How to disable the Pop-up blocker on Firefox?

Open the App > Click on the Three Line Menu >  Choose Options > Select Privacy and Security > Under Permissions >  Uncheck/Untick the Block Pop-Up Windows.

This way you can allow the pop-ups by disabling them.

What is Steam Inventory Helper on Firefox?

Steam Inventory Helper on Firefox is a Free Browser Extension, You can use this as an Alternative for the Firefox Browser Since it is available and supported on Chrome and Edge.