Mummers Parade on TV | How to Watch? | 2023

“Take a Leap of Faith and Initiate this Wonder New Year by Believing!” Everyone has made a Resolution on New Year’s Day. After that, we spent that day enjoying ourselves with our friends and watching the special events held in our country. Looking that way, the Mummers Parade is a most joyful event on New Year’s Day. So, today I am here with the article How to Watch Mummers Parade on TV.

Mummers Parade on TV How to Watch?

If you, too looking forward to these details, refer to and read the titles given in the following section. Before that, if you are interested in learning what Mummers Parade is, check out the first topic. Here it is…

About Mummers Parade 2023:

The Mummers Parade is held Each New Year’s Day in Philadelphia. The Local Clubs are called it usually as the “New Years Association” or the “New Years Brigades” were Compete under Five Categories. They are Comics, Fancies, Wench Brigades, Fancy Brigades, and String Bands. 

Mummers Parade

They make detailed Costumes, Act routines, and portable Scenery that takes a month to finish. Every year January 1, the Mummers Prade has held. Same this year, 2023, the Mummers Parade is on January 1 (Sunday) at 9. A.M. The Mummers Parade usually ends in the early evening. The Parade Started from 15th Market Street.

That is near the  City Hall and Dilworth Park before in motion around to Down to Washington Avenue and South Broad Street. If you would like to watch this event live, visit the location and enjoy the things happening there. Or, if you cannot be able to visit the place physically, you can enjoy all the events on your Smart TV. Check out the upcoming topic to know How to Watch Mummers Parade on TV. Are you a movie lover? Then, Install the JioCinema on Smart TV to enjoy streaming the latest movies and On-Demand shows in HD quality.

Can I Watch Mummers Parade on TV?

Yes. You can watch the Mummers Parade Live on your Smart TV. You can watch the parade event on, WDPN-TV (MeTV), PHL17, and the WFMZ+ app. On these three platforms, you can watch the Mummers Parade on TV. Now, we know the Streaming services to watch but do not know the procedure to get these apps. To know it, Check the next topic.

How to Watch Mummers Parade on TV?

In the above section, you can see the streaming services name to Stream Mummers Parade 2023 on your Smart TV. To watch the live parade event, you have to Install the app on your TV. The MeTV app is available on Kraus Cable, WWME (On the Air), Spectrum TV, Comcast, DirecTV, Mediacom, RCN, WOW, RCN, and Dish Network. 

Also, the WFMZ+ app is available on Roku, Google Play Store, and on the Apple App Store. And the PHL17 app is only available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Continue reading to learn the Installation procedures for these apps to stream the Mummers Parade on TV. Channel 5 on Smart TV is also an amazing streaming service to watch On-Demand content and live news on your TV.

1). Install PHL17 on Android TV:

The PHL17 is a Mobile app that allows you to watch the Dialy Broadcasting News, Traffic News, and the Weather report on Philadelphia. We know the Mummers Parade is held in Philadelphia, So I have taken this app first to let you know the Installation procedure of the PHL17 app on your Android TV.

Mummers Parade Costumes

Here are the Steps to Stream Mummers Parade on TV:

  • Turn On your Android TV.
  • And set the TV with your home Wi-Fi connection.
  • Head towards your Android TV remote controller.
  • Click on the Home button.
  • On the Home Screen, you can see the Apps option.
  • Tap on it. If you can see the Google Play Store on the home screen,
  • Click on it.
  • Then, tap the search symbol.
  • And look up PHL17 in the given search bar.

PHL17 app on Google Play Store

  • Select and highlight the PHL17 app from the search result.
  • Now, click on the Install button to own the PHL17 app.

After the app gets downloaded, Tap the Open button to launch the installed PHL17 app on your Android device. If you do not have an Android TV, you can skip this topic and move to the next section to learn another way.

2). Get WFMZ+ on TV using | Roku:

WFMZ+ is an Online Live News, Weather Reports, and On-Demand Video streaming service. You can Watch 69 News and Weather News on this channel from the WFMZ-TV app. It allows you to stream the Live Mummers Parade event on its site. The below section will allow you to Get the WEFZ+ app on your Smart TV using the Roku device.

Mummers Parade Compete

Follow the Instructions to Stream Mummers Parade on TV:

  • First, you have to connect your Roku device to your Smart TV HDMI portal.
  • Then, set them with the Stable Wi-Fi Internet Connection.
  • And click on the Home Button on your Roku device remote controller.
  • From the menu list, you have to click the Streaming Channels on your Roku screen.

streaming channels

  • Now, tap on the Search icon on the Roku Channel Store.
  • Then, Find the “WFMZ+” app from the search result.
  • And click on the Add to Channel tab.

Depending on your Internet Speed, the WFMZ+ app gets downloaded on your Roku device. After it downloads, Sign In and start watching the Mummers Parade on your Smart TV.

Mummers Parade on TV Subscription:

The above given two streaming services are all entirely Free to stream Live News or On-Demmand Shows on your Streaming device. But if MeTV selects you to stream the Mummers Parade on TV, you have to purchase the $8.99 / Per Month. 

Mummers Parade on MeTV

And you have to renew it monthly from the date you purchased the MeTV subscription. Also, stream the Olympics on Smart TV by getting the installation and streaming procedure mentioned in this linked article.

Our Final Notes:

Stream the Mummers Parade on TV by Installing the WFMZ+, PHL17, MeTV, and WWME has streamed the Mummers Parade on your TV. In the two previous sections, you can get the Installation procedure of these apps on your TV. If you have an Android TV, you can install the MeTV app or PHL17 app on your TV. If you do not have an Android TV, you can use the Roku external streaming device. Scroll down and drop the questions you have about this article in the comment box.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1). Who won Mummers Parade 2022?

The 2022 Mummers Parade winner is Saturnalian 77.25. If you have missed watching it, check out the video on Youtube or on the preferred streaming service. In the initial portion of this article, I have mentioned the Streaming services names above.

2). What time is Mummers Parade Start?

On January 1 (Sunday) at 9.00 A.M, the Mummers Parade started. And it usually ends in the Early evening. And it is started on 15th Market Street and ends at Washington Avenue.