How to Fix Roku Subtitles Not Working? Easy guide

You guys are already a Roku user and you guys are willing to see the other language movies or shows. But you have trouble, enabling the Subtitles. Don’t worry in this article, we will solve the problem of Roku Subtitles Not Working. This is a common issue that many people overlook on a daily basis. Closed captions and subtitles are useful for the deaf or feel hard to hear Words. This feature is also used for understanding when the volume cannot be turned up too loud. So this feature is so useful for many people

Roku Subtitles Not Working?

There are several common issues we are facing day to day-to-day life. Actually, the subtitles and closed caption are more or less the same feature.  Likewise, Subtitle not working is also a common error, we can solve it by following easy steps.

Are Roku Subtitles Not Working? 

Just follow the simple steps to make a work on subtitles.

Roku cc

  • Turn on your Roku TV and press the home tab button on your Roku TV remote.
  • Go to the settings option.
  • Tap on the Accessibility option to open the caption menu
  • Choose captions.
  • Directly, choose caption mode and select the On Always option.

Now, you guys can enjoy your favorite streams with subtitles.
Note:  If you guys choose the On Reply option, the subtitle will be displayed on TV when you press the replay button on TV.

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Still, Subtitles not working on Roku? 

You can get the subtitle for the audio or video which is streaming on Roku easily.

  • Play any video or audio on Roku TV.
  • Then, Press the [*] Asterisk symbol on your Roku TV remote.
  • A small window will be displayed on the screen.
  • From that, select the caption mode option and just turn it on.

Another way to fix the problem is subtitles not working on Roku

The following ways are too simple to solve the trouble on your streaming device. The guidelines are

Check the internet connection & server 

You guys can check if the internet connections are connected correctly. Check if the wifi or network speed is good or not. Because Roku should have some network speed to utilize all the features. Check the specific channel server on your TV is good. And also inspect whether the Video has any loading issues. If you guys fit all these errors or trouble, now you can check if Subtitles will work or not.
You guys are using a VPN, just check the connections and see if the internet is stable or not. If it is stable you can use the Roku app and the problem will also be solved.
Still, facing the issue of Roku Subtitles not Working? Follow the next guidelines to solve the trouble.

Are Roku Subtitles Not Working? – Update Apps and your TV

To solve the problem, update the Roku app and update your TV version. You can update the Roku app by following the guidelines. Go to the home tab >> Settings >> System >>  System update >> Click check now and update the Roku app. 


I hope we fix all the problems related to subtitles. But Still, Roku Subtitles not Working. You guys just contact the customer service of Roku which is found on the official Roku website. If you guys found this article helpful, you can share it with your colleagues who found the same problems. Stay tuned with Techthanos for more tech articles.