How to Fix When TCL Roku TV Freezing Issue?

TCL Roku TV keeps freezing and this issue has been arising among all the users. But with this helping guide, we will show you various effective troubleshooting methods to fix the TCL Roku TV Freezing through this guide. Get to know everything in detail to get rid of this freezing issue caused by your TCL Roku TV.

There are so many reasons available for causing TCL Roku TV to freeze that is explained in this guide.

      • Outdated Firmware
      • Overheating issues
      • Power malfunctioning
      • Source or wiring issues
      • Cable fault

So if you encounter a freezing or loading screen on your TCL Roku TV, then you should fix it by proceeding with the below troubleshooting methods.

How to Fix TCL Roku TV Freezing Issue?

Users have reported that there are many of them have encountered some power malfunction or any wifi outage. Sometimes, you may also get into troubles like hardware or software problems. So let’s get into the effective ways to get rid of the freezing issues on your TCL Roku TV.

Basically, you can fix it by performing a power cycle or updating your Roku device with the current version. Suppose the problem occurs in a certain channel then you should remove it and then re-add it. However, you have to verify the problem occurred from your remote. Still, the issue has been continuing then perform a factory reset on your TCL Roku TV.

#Fix 1: Update your Firmware for TCL Roku TV Freezing

Maybe running with an outdated device firmware also causes the freezing of the TCL Roku TV screen due to your device having bugs and errors. This is the main cause for Roku UI slowing down. So check for updates on your device firmware if it has then proceeded to the steps given below.

Roku home page

  1. Get into the TCL Roku TV’s main menu.

setting option on roku

  1. Launch the Settings menu.

System Option on Roku

  1. Further, open the Systems option.
  2. Tap on the System Update.
  3. Then chooses to Check Now to scan for updates manually.
  4. Now your device has been updated with the new version.

How to Restart Roku

  1. At last, restart your device.

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#Fix 2: Verify your Internet Service for TCL Roku TV Freezing

An unstable internet also causes freezing of your screen while streaming on your TV screen. This is a common cause yet it can be fixed by performing the speed test. If the internet speed is unstable then you should restart your router by following the below procedures.

  • Plug out the router from the power source.
  • Leave it for up to 10 seconds.
  • Then connect it back to the outlet.

Check it by playing any of the content from your TCL Roku TV if it solved the freezing issue or not.

#Fix 3: Check your HDMI connection

Suppose your HDMI cable has any fault then it may also cause your TCL Roku TV to freeze. Also, the connection would also cause your Roku to have a different cable. This will result in AV sync issues, freezing problems, or outright blackouts.

In case you are using an external Roku device that is connected to your smart TV. In that case, Roku never shows when the HDMI connection is faulty. So you have to ensure that the cables are connected appropriately.

Note: Keep in mind to use HDMI cables that support HDCP 2.2 connection. However, HDCP is a copyright protocol that would help to stream content from various channels such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, etc. ( roku is internally connected in tcl roku tv)

It would help if you chose the right cable to stream based on the TV model you use. If you are using a 4K device then you must need an HDMI 2.0 or higher supported cable to stream.

#Fix 4: Verify the Interferences

This is the leading cause of freezing issues from your Roku TV which is susceptibility to interference. For instance, the interference problems caused by the Nintendo Switch. However, the issue has been raised while playing the games on your Switch.

It is due to the wireless transmission from your Switch and the router meeting with a nearby Roku device still unresponsive. To resolve that issue, you should disconnect your wifi from the Nintendo Switch.

Also, you should confirm that there is no wireless device kept beside your Roku device. So you should relocate the Roku device to get rid of this issue.?

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#Fix 5: Restart your Roku for TCL Roku TV Freezing

In case your TV screen freezes without responsiveness when you try to play. In that case, you should perform a power cycle on your Roku device to get rid of this issue.

To do that, you should plug out your Roku device from the power outlet. Then reconnect it after a few seconds to resolve the TCL Roku TV screen freezing issue. Still, if you are facing an issue then proceed to restart your Roku device by using the given below procedure.

How to Restart Roku

  • Hit the Settings menu.
  • Tap the System option.
  • Choose the System Restart.
  • Further, tap the Restart option.

#Fix 6: Swap the Source for TCL Roku TV Freezing

This may be caused by streaming the source from another device instead of your default one. However, this is an effective way to resolve the TV from freezing. It will frequently be caused due to streaming the broadcast from a streaming app, desktop device, or gaming console.

To fix the issue, you should change your Roku TVs source to a default one in order to stream the TV channels without freezing the screen. In order to change the source, go through the below steps.

  1. Hit the Source button from your Roku TV remote.
  2. Move to the Live TV under the Source menu.
  3. Tap on the OK button after choosing the source option.

Check your TV to see whether the problem has been solved or not. If still it persists then proceed to the next steps given below.

#Fix 7: Verify and Revert any changes

Change your Roku TV if you have been using any older model Roku devices that has freezing issues or any other flickering interface. Then you should check if you change any changes recently from your Roku device.

Restart your device once you revert the changes to get rid of the issue. However, the screensaver and background changes are commonly described as errors. So ensure to change it to a default one.

Also, make sure to change your Roku settings in order to fix the TCL Roku Freezing issue.

Auto Adjust Refresh Rate Settings on Roku:

In case you have a freezing issue, then this will be the major cause so you should disable it whenever you have any issues with your TV screen. Consequently, this option will adjust the Frame rate automatically from your device based on the video you stream.

In order to disable the Auto Adjust refresh rate settings from your Roku device, you should use the given below steps.

  • Launch the Settings section then choose the System.

Advance setting option

  • Again click the Advanced System Settings option.
  • Choose Advanced Display Setting.
  • Then turn off the Auto Adjust Display Refresh rate.
  • At last, restart your device and go on.

Disable the Bandwidth Saver:

These settings in your Roku TV also cause internet problems and freezing issues due to bandwidth saver settings. Besides, this will also set the device to set sleep when the remote is inactive for more than four hours.

Despite if you wake it up then the UI will not be working properly. So disable the bandwidth saver option using the below instructions.

  1. Navigate to the Settings menu then launch the Network.
  2. Tap on the Bandwidth Saver and turn it off.
  3. Then restart your device and then make sure that the issue has been gone.

#Fix 8: Verify the Channel problem on Roku

Roku TVs, malfunctioning issues are not only from your device instead they can also occur from your streaming channels. There are many streaming apps or channels such as Disney, Amazon Prime, and Netflix, and so it can be the reason for causing a problem like freezing while streaming their content.

Probably, you can resolve them by updating the streaming channels. 
In order to get rid of this issue, you should log out and then re-log into your channel. Nevertheless, you can either uninstalling the app would be the better option to solve this issue.
Use the below instructions to delete the channel from your TCL Roku TV,
  • Move to the Channel section under the main page.

star symbol on Roku

  • Hit th Aestric * button from your Roku remote to get into Settings.
  • Tap the Remove channel from the below list.
  • Make sure to tap the Remove option in order to uninstall the channel.
  • Further, restart your device and then install the channel again.
  • Check whether the channel works without freezing or loading issues.

#Fix 9: Check your Roku remote for TCL Roku TV Buffering

Obviously, we don’t know if the real culprit may be your Roku TV remote. So check whether your Roku TV remote working properly. If not then change the batteries and then check whether it once again to work or not. Suppose the problem still persists then you should purchase a new remote.

Otherwise, if you are using other remotes, follow the below procedures to unpair and repair them again.

  • Power off your Roku device then removes the batteries from the remote.
  • Then power on your Roku device then places the batteries on your remote back.
  • Long press the pairing button beside the battery of the remote until the LED light blinks.
  • Next, proceed with the on-screen prompts in order to pair the Roku TV remote.

Disconnect the earphones that are connected to your remote:

  • In case you have connected a headphone with your headphone jack from your remote. Then you may encounter some problems with your Shield TV.
  • Disconnect the headphones and then detach the remote batteries in order to restart your remote. Also, if your Roku remote is causing an issue by beeping is also a familiar problem in your Roku remote.

#Fix 10: Factory Reset your Roku

Finally, if you are encountering the issue until now then you should factory reset your TCL Roku TV as a lost hope in order to get rid of this issue. However, hard resetting would help you to wipe out all your data from your device and looks like a new device when you bought it. So it will get rid of bugs and errors in your device as well.

To hard reset your TCL Roku TV, proceed with the below instructions.

factory reset

  1. Head to the Settings menu then tap on the System option.
  2. Tap on the Advanced System Settings.
  3. Further, choose the Factory Reset option.
  4. Now register the special code that appeared on your screen.
  5. Tap on the OK tab in order to confirm it.
  6. Once it completes by resetting the device, then check your Roku whether it works.

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In case you may face any freezing still, then you should perform the resettings procedure mentioned below.

  • Hit the Home key up to 5 times.
  • Further, press the Up arrow button one time.
  • Again hit the Rewind key two times.
  • Also, fast forward button up to two times.

After hitting those buttons then your Roku TV will be performing the resetting process. Then you will see a Roku logo on your screen.

Bottom Line:

In this guide, we have added all the possible ways to troubleshoot your TCL Roku TV freezing issue by performing the above-mentioned guidelines. You can use the above 10 fixing solutions in order to get rid of this issue. In case you are having this issue still, then use the comment section below.