How to Block YouTube on Roku TV?[Parental Control]

YouTube is the most used video-sharing platform. Not every content available on YouTube is good for your kids. You need to restrict or block YouTube channels and inappropriate content for children. Roku TV users have been looking for a way to block YouTube and I have the perfect solution. Follow this article to learn How to stop YouTube on Roku and to set parental controls on your Roku device and YouTube app. Make sure to follow the procedures carefully and provide your children with the safest online experience.

How to Block YouTube on Roku?


To block access to the YouTube app on your Roku device, you can set a PIN for the Roku Channel Store and remove YouTube from Roku. If you want to get YouTube back from the Channel Store, you have to enter the correct PIN. YouTube comes with a default Parental Control option to block age-restricted content and make it safe for children to watch YouTube videos. You can also set rating-based playback restrictions on your Roku devices.

Can I get YouTube Kids on Roku?

youtube kids

YouTube Kids is a video app made just for kids to help them have a safer online experience. You can limit screen time, block content, and know what your kids are watching. It can restrict contests with respect to age categories like Preschool, Younger, or Older. YouTube Kids is now available on Roku with the YouTube app.

Can I use Parental Control on the YouTube app?

Sorry to say this, but YouTube does not have any Parental Control settings. You can use the Restricted Mode option to block mature content from YouTube. You can use the Family Link app to manage your Child’s activity on the YouTube Kids app. Since YouTube Kids is not available on YouTube this method is not applicable. But you can use it on other YouTube Kids app-supported devices.

How to Restrict YouTube Kids on Roku?


You can access YouTube Kids on a Roku device through the YouTube app. With the help of the Family Link app, you can block YouTube on Roku. Follow the simple procedure to set parental control through YouTube on the YouTube Kids section on your Roku device.

Get YouTube on Roku

  • Go to the Roku Home page
  • Tap on the Right side navigation Keypad to go to Channels
  • Navigate to find the Add Channel option and select it.
  • Now select the Search Channel option.
  • Use the on-screen keyboard and enter the keyword “YouTube”
  • Select YouTube from the Search Results.

Block YouTube on Roku

  • On its information page tap on Add Channel option to Download and install YouTube on Roku.
  • Launch the YouTube app and use your Google Account credentials to Sing In.

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Access YouTube Kids on Roku

  • Open the YouTube app on Roku.
  • Go to its menu option can choose YouTube Kids.
  • You can select the I’M A PARENT option.
  • Enter the Year of your Birth to check your age and select Next.
  • Use your Parent’s account to Sign In again.
  • Now choose a content experience for your kids from the available options of Preschool, Younger, or Older.

Block YouTube on Roku

  • Follow the onscreen instructions and get YouTube kids on Roku.

Block YouTube Kids with Parent Settings on Roku

  • Select the Lock icon at the top right-hand side on the YouTube Kids page
  • This will take you to the Parent Settings page for YouTube on your Roku device.
  • Tap on the Create Custom Passcode option and Enter a New PIN to access parent settings.

YouTube Kids pass code

  • Here you can make specific adjustments to Block unwanted YouTube content on Roku.

The Parent Control and Settings you can use are as follows,

  • Block or share content with your child: You can block specific channels that you don’t want your child to watch from the YouTUbe Kids home screen or watch page.
  • Turn off Search Features: You can block your child from searching for videos on YouTube on Roku. This will deliver a limited set of videos for your kids to watch.
  • Pause watch history and search history: You can stop YouTube from using watch and search history to pop up recommended videos for your kids.
  • Clear History: When you clear the search history from your child’s account, Recommended and Watch it Again options are reset on all linked devices.
  • Disable Autoplay on YouTube Kids: Once you turn off Autoplay on your Kids YouTube Kids profile, they cannot turn it back on without the PIN.

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How to Block YouTube with Roku Parental Control?

You can block someone from adding a YouTube app on your Roku device using a Roku Channel Store PIN. If you have manually installed it or the YouTube app comes as the default app on Roku, you need to first remove it. After removing YouTube from Roku you can set a PIN for Channel Store. Doing so requires a PIN to add any channel or app from the Channel Store to your Roku device.

Uninstall or Remove YouTube on Roku

  • Turn on your Roku device and reach its Home page.
  • Find and highlight the YouTube app on Roku.
  • Now press the Star button on your Roku remote.
  • Select the Remove Channel option from the menu.
  • Confirm your selection by again selecting Remove.

How to Add PIN on the Roku Channel Store?

  • Visit site on yoru phone or a PC web browser.
  • Under PIN preferences select Update.
  • Select the Create PIN option and provide a 4-digit PIN for the Channel Store.
  • Choose “Require a PIN to make purchases and add channels.”
  • Tap on the Save Preferences option.

Create PIN

  • On your Roku device go to its Settings menu.
  • Select the System option and tap on System Reset.
  • Now select Restart and wait for your device to get restarted.

Now whenever you try to add a channel or app from the Roku Channel Store on your device, you will be prompted to enter a Roku PIN. This way you can block YouTube from getting installed on your Roku device without your Roku Channel Store PIN. With these procedures, you can also block YouTube TV on Roku.

How to Block The Roku Channel?

Other than YouTube you can also block The Roku Channel to restrict contents that are not safe for children. By changing content preferences on the Roku Channel you can control what your kids can watch on your Roku device. Alternatively, you can go for the Kids & Family section on The Roku Channel which gives free content that helps your kids learn and have fun.

Parental Control on The Roku Channel

On your Roku devices, you can restrict the Roku Channel content with respect to its rating. You can use a PIN to control your streaming experiences on The Roku Channel. Follow the procedure to set Parental Control on Roku.

NOTE: Parental Control on Roku is applicable only for Roku Store and the Roku Channel.

  • Press the Home button on your Roku remote and select the Settings icon.
  • Now choose the Parental Controls option.
  • If it is your first time, provide a 4-digit PIN.
  • Choose a content Rating and follow the instructions.
  • Tap on Save preferences and provide your PIN.

You can search for restricted content on the Roku Channel but when you try to play it, you need to provide your PIN.

Parental control on The Roku Channel

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If you are already using the YouTube Kids application with Parental Control on your iOS or Android devices. You can easily cast it to your Roku TV and help your kids have a safe video streaming experience from YouTube. Use the Family Link application to track your child’s online activity and restrict access to unwanted content from the internet.