How to Install Plex on kodi (2020): Quick Installation Guide

Plex on Kodi: is a media server software that is an excellent solution for people to stream movies, programs, videos, music, pictures and so on. You can access and play your media anywhere where you connect your smartphone with the Internet connection. And also it helps you to share your media files with your family and friends. This will work on Kodi 17 and Kodi 18.

Plex on kodi

If you want to connect this with multiple devices, Kodi will be the best player for that and you have a Kodi player and a Plex media server with you, you can use it with Kodi to access your content wherever you are. If you are not a Pass subscriber, you have to pay a one-time fee of $4.99. Many devices support both plex and Kodi. In this article, we will see how to use the plex media server on the Kodi player.

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How to Install Plex on Kodi: Method 1

1: If you use it for the first time, you have to register your account on the server.

2: Go to the “Menu item” and search for “Kodi Addons”.

kodi addon

3: search for “Package icon” which appears on the top of the screen.

kodi package icon

4: Move to the “Seach ” option and tap it.

kodi search

5: From there, you have to type the “Plex” and click ok.

kodi search type

6: After Addons Downloaded, tab on Script – plex -> CLick Install

plex for kodi

7: Once Installation Done, Home page -> Addon -> Plex’s icon Appears at front

plex on kodi addon

8: Access Plex Kodi Add-on.

plex on roku

9: By using the Plex official website and provided code, you can link your account with Kodi Addon.

How to Install Plex with Kodi Download & Connect Add-on: Method 2

1: First you have to check whether “Apps from unknown sources” option is enabled or not if it is not enabled, turn on it.

2: Go to the “File manager” and type the below-given link in it,

3: For the repo TV you have to enter a name.

4: Exit the page and back to “Add-ons menu item”.

5: Go to the top left corner of the screen and search for “open package icon” and tap it.

6: Search for “Install from zip file” option. There you should select TP or whatever the name you have assigned in the before step.

7: Then move to “Plex Kodi connect Repository Zip file”.

8: wait for a while, until receiving a message which indicates that your process has been successfully installed.

9: Go to the “Install from repository” option.

10:  select “Video Addons” in the connect repository option.

11: Next click “Plex Kodi connect add-on” option.

12: Access Addon and go through with the process.

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Features of the Plex Server

  • You can stream all kinds of content from anywhere in the world.
  • It has the ability to read and play any file format.
  • The Plex server has the capacity of transcoding. For example, if you use Kodi on a Smartphone or any other device, it will get stuck with some error. But in plex automatically it will transcode the video into a format.
  • You can get a back of the solution by using a Plex server.
  • You can get so many official online content through this.

Wrapping Up

A plex player is the best one to use with plex with Kodi. The above-given method helps people to get information about Plex. We hope this article will help you to know the usage of Plex on Kodi.