How to Install Mouse Toggle For Firestick / Fire Tv in 2020

Mouse Toggle For Firestick: mouse programming application which helps you to use mouse functions on your fire TV. Fire TV is a popular device which supports to download a large number of the application. We cannot activate all kinds of applications by using remote on for TV. So you can use a mouse toggle which is comfortable to browse on TV. It is mostly used for android applications. Android applications do not give that much comfortable to be used with television screens.

Mouse Toggle For Firestick

Mouse Toggle For Fire TV App:

In some applications like Showbox if you don’t have a keyboard attached to your device. In that case, it is hard to steer certain spots. For that mouse, the toggle is the perfect solution. On your Fire TV, the reason for mouse toggle is so that you can be able to use your remote as a mouse. There are certain applications that require this if you put the application on your fire TV. They were not designed for it they maybe for like a phone or tablet. At that time you cannot use it on the TV. So you need a mouse toggle to use this. You can navigate this with fingers instead of using it by remote. And also tapping anywhere on the screen you can access it in your own way.

How to Install Mouse Toggle App on Amazon Firestick?

You cannot download this application directly from Amazon app store. If you want to install mouse toggle then the third-party application must be on your fire TV.

#Step 1. Switch on your firestick device. On the Home screen, Go to “Menu bar”.

#Step 2. On the top of the screen, the “Settings “ option will be there. Open it on the next screen.

Mouse Toggle fire tv

#Step 3. Then go to “Developer “ options and open it.

developer options on firestick

#Step 4. Check whether the application from other unknown sources are available or not. If it is not available, then turn on applications to activate and also enable ABD debugging.

unknown source on firestick mouse toggle

#Step 5. Then you can receive a pop-up message indicating the issues of enabling applications from other unknown sources. Take no notice of it.

mouse toggle app for firestick

#Step 6. Now your fire TV will install any third-party applications.

#Step 7. You must have a side loader app. Because fire TV will not allow you to download files directly from the browser.

mouse toggle app for firestick

Install Mouse Toggle With the Downloader App:

#Step 1. You can download this application from the Amazon store.

#Step 2. Go to Home option and Enter URL

#Step 3. Tap the Go button. Wait for a while to install a mouse toggle for fire TV.

#Step 4. Then you will get the notification indicating the confirmation of installation, once you download the application.

By using Es file explorer:

#Step 1. Go to the Search tab and enter Es file explorer. Hereafter you can follow the process of the first installation method.

mouse toggle app for firestick

How to Use Mouse Toggle?

  • On the screen, tap and hold the Home button for 5 seconds.
  • When the menu screen appears, click applications.
  • Now there your apps and channels will appear.
  • Scroll Dow the screen to the bottom by using a remote. You will find the mouse toggle application.
  • You have to press remote twice by tapping the play/pause button to bring mouse toggle on screen.
  • Then start to browse and watch your favorite channels.

Wrapping up:

Mouse toggle helps you to operate applications like show box on firestick. Some applications are not congruent with firestick remote. In that case, mouse toggle helps you to activate channels. We hope this article will help you to connect mouse toggle on firestick and also to know about the installation process of it.


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