How to Install Philo On Apple TV (Easy Steps)

Philo On Apple TV: For those of you who are very particular about television channels and like only limited content, then Philo is the right service for you.

This article will help guide you through the installation process of Philo on Apple TV.

Philo on Apple TV

What is Philo?

Philo is an American-based online television streaming platform. It consists of over 60+ channels varying into many streams like comedy, reality shows, entertainment, lifestyle, and cartoons. Philo is built with unlimited cloud DVR, which is very handy when you want to download videos offline.

It has a good number of top channels like Discovery Channel, TLC, Paramount Network, Comedy Central, Destination America, BBC World News, Lifetime, etc. However, keep in mind that Philo does not support sports, news, and local channels.

Philo has the capacity to be connected with various streaming devices to give the users a unique visual experience. Furthermore, for the Apple TV 4 and high-end model users, Philo is available on the App Store from where they can download it easily.

Philo on Apple TV

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Philo Packages

There are quite a few packages that Philo offers to its users.

Basically, Philo costs $25/month.

To enjoy the add-ons:

  • Movie channel package – $3/month
  • EPIX channel package – $6/month
  • STARZ channel package – $9/month

Free Trial is available for seven days.

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How to install and stream Philo on Apple TV?

Installing the Philo app on Apple TV is very simple. Follow the steps and download the app onto your device.

  1. Connect your Apple TV to a strong internet connection or Wi-Fi
  2. Open the Apps section
  3. Visit the App Store on Screen
  4. Now choose the Search bar from the App Store
  5. You will be able to see the Philo app on the Screen. Click on it to select.
  6. Select the Get option and wait for the download to get over


How to Sign Up for Philo on Apple TV?

After the app installation process is done, it is now time to sign up for Philo if you haven’t before. Read on to know-how.

  1. Go to the downloaded Philo app and run it
  2. In Philo, you’ll find the Get Started option
  3. With either your Phone number or email address, choose anyone and create a Philo account.
  4. You will be sent a link to the now-registered phone number or email address. Click on it.
  5. Choose Confirm Sign up
  6. Lastly, select the Subscribe button
  7. If you were asked to enter your Apple ID and Password to sign up, enter them all.

Other ways to get Philo on your Apple TV

At present, Philo doesn’t have an in-built Airplay, but you can enjoy streaming through Screen mirroring.

You can get this by using two methods:

  • Using iOS
  • Using Mac

Stream Philo using iOS

  1. Connect the same Wi-Fi connection on both Apple TV and iOS
  2. Now, download the Philo app from the app store on iOS and Sign in
  3. From the Control Centre on your iOS, select Screen Mirroring
  4. A list of devices will be shown on our iOS
  5. Use the Philo app on iOS and start streaming

Stream Philo using Mac

  1. Initiate the same Wi-Fi network on both Apple TV and Mac
  2. From the Apple menu category on your Mac, select the Airplay icon by clicking on it
  3. You will see a list of devices on your Mac. Select Apple TV from it
  4. Now go to Philo’s official website by clicking here and Signing in with your account
  5. You are now ready to watch all the content you have subscribed to

These are the different ways you can install and stream Philo on Apple TV.

How do you cancel Philo Subscription on Apple TV?

Only the users who subscribed to Philo using their Apple ID are eligible to use these steps to cancel subscriptions.

  • 1- In your Apple TV, go to Settings
  • Select the Users & Accounts from the Apple TV
  • Now choose the account
  • Select the Subscriptions option
  • Click on your Philo account
  • Finally, select Cancel Subscription and cancel the package


Without any doubt, Philo is a good streaming service that is really economical. Given that, Philo currently has about 800,000 users on its platform. Philo on Apple TV is definitely a must-check option if the Philo package satisfies the user’s interest.


Is Philo available on Apple TV?

It depends. Philo is available to only the latest version of Apple TV. For other versions, the AirPlay feature has to be used.

How can I stream Philo on Apple TV?

You can either install the Philo app on your device or by using the AirPlay feature from your Mac or iOS.