How to watch March Madness Live on Apple TV? 2024

From March 17 (2024) to April 8 (2024), the 2024 NCAA March Madness Basketball Championship games were scheduled. And you can watch the live streaming on many popular Live Sports Streaming services. But March Madness Live is the app that is streaming only the March Madness live Basketball matches. So, today we going to learn How to Watch March Madness Live on Apple TV.

March Madness Live on Apple TV | How to Watch?

Not only the March Madness Live app but also we refer to more apps that stream the March Madness Live Championship games on its platform. To grab all the details, you have to refer to all the topics provided in this article. Here they are;

Is March Madness Live on Apple TV?

Yes, the March Madness Live app is available on Apple TV. Install the app directly from the Apple App Store. The installation method and the step-by-step guide are given in the following section. If you are interested in knowing more about the NCAA 2024 March Madness Live streaming details, scroll down and check the last topic. As well as you can get the Match Schedule there. If you have an Amazon Firestick device, you can watch the CBS on Firestick to watch live basketball matches.

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How to Install March Madness Live on Apple TV?

So, the March Madness live app is officially available on Apple TV in the built-in Apple App Store. If you already know how to install the apps on Apple TV, follow the same procedure to get the March Madness Live TV app. If you need the guide, take a look at the following;

Follow the Steps to Install March Madness Live on Apple TV:

  • Connect the Apple TV with the Smart TV HDMI portal.
  • Combine Apple TV and Smart TV with the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Hit the Home Button on the Apple TV remote.

Home Button on Apple TV remote

  • Select the Apple App Store and launch it.
  • Move to the search panel.
  • And browse for “March Madness Live” in the search field.

March Madness Live on Apple App Store

  • Pick the official app from the search results.
  • Click on the Install button.

Wait until the app gets installed on the Apple TV device. After the installation, you must activate the app to watch the Live basketball match on the TV. Move to the next topic to get the activation process idea.

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Activate the March Madness App:

So, first, you have to check whether the app gets installed on the Apple TV. If not, go to the settings section and clear cache files. Or, uninstall the unused apps and restart your device. Then, Install the March Madness Live on Apple TV again. When you see the app on your device, start the procedure given below;

  • Click the Home Button on the Apple TV remote.
  • Launch the Apps page.
  • Select the installed March Madness Live app.
  • Launch the app on your device.
  • Then, click the Sign In option on the app.
  • Next, select the TV Provider you have.

Select TV Provider on March Madness Live

  • Enter the TV Provider User Credentials in the given space.
  • Now, you have received the Activation Code on the screen.

Connecting to TV Provider

  • Grab the Smart Device.
  • And launch the web browser app.
  • Search for march madness/ in the browser app.
  • Launch the site and there you have to Enter the Activation Code.
  • Click the Continue/ Submit/ Activate button.
  • Move back to the Apple TV.
  • Relaunch the NCAA March Madness Live TV app.

And, click the Live Streaming and watch March Madness on Apple TV. So, continuing this topic, grab the 2024 NCAA March Madness Live Schedule and the Alternative way to watch the live matches on Apple TV.

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How to Watch March Madness on Apple TV?

First, you have to Install the app on an Apple TV device. Then, Activate the app. If you need the guidelines, please check the topics above. After activating it, Search for the CBS Channel or (NCAA March Madness) live streaming. And play it on your device. So, here is the schedule for March Madness.

Full Schedule for March Madness 2024
Round Date
First Four 19 – 20 March
Round 1 21 – 22 March
Round 2 23 – 24 March
Sweet 16 28 – 29 March
Elite Eight 30 – 31 March
Final Four April 6
National Championship April 8

If you are installing the March Madness Live app, just note down the dates and watch the live Basketball match on TV.

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Alternative Way to Watch March Madness Live:

Already we discussed that some live sports streaming services are all broadcasting March Madness Live on their platforms. We have both free and paid streaming services. Check the table below to know more.

Streaming Service Subscription Cost Validity
Paramount Plus
$5.99 Monthly
$59.99 Yearly
$12 Monthly
$120 Yearly
DirecTV Stream $74.99/ $99.99/ $109.99, $154.99 Monthly
Hulu Plus Live TV $77 with ads, $90 without ads Monthly
truTV Cable Subscription
TNT Cable Subscription
YouTube TV
$73.00 Monthly
$875.88 Yearly
Sling TV $40/ $55 Monthly
Peacock TV
$5.99 Monthly
$59.99 Yearly
CBS Free
Fubo TV
$32.99 Monthly
$99.99 Monthly

So, here are the apps and their subscription packages. All these apps are officially available in the Apple App Store. Search and Install it. But do not forget to Subscribe to the plans offered by these streaming services.

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How to Watch March Madness Live on Apple TV? Install the NCAA March Madness Live app on Apple TV directly. And then activate the app using your cable TV provider user credentials. Go to the live section and stream the Live March Madness 2024 Live Basketball match on your device. If you need the installation method or activation process for any other streaming services to watch the 2024 Live March Madness match, enter the app name in the comment section.