How to Fix App Store Missing on Apple TV? | Easy Guide |

All Streaming devices come with the default app store. If the App Store does not appear on the device, there might be any small reasons behind it. By finding it and fixing the issue properly, you can access the App Store on your device. Today, we are going to Fix, the App Store Missing on Apple TV

How to Fix App Store Missing on Apple TV?

Yes, Most Apple TV users are searching for the best guide to find out why the App Store is not appearing. And is it possible to get it or not? Also, How to fix this issue as well. To reveal the answer to this question, scroll down and read all the topics given in the following section…

Can I Get the App Store on Apple TV?

Yes, Obviously. If it is a Streaming device, definitely it has a default App Store. Apple TV has an Apple App Store. The Apple App Store is an in-built option on Apple TV. If it has not appeared on your device, do not worry about it. You can get it back by following a few methods given in the following section. And, by getting the Apple App Store on your Apple TV, you can download any apps directly on your device.

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How to Fix the App Store Missing on Apple TV?

So, as we discussed, the Apple App Store is built on the Apple TV. If the App Store Missing on Apple TV, there might be minor technical issues. I have listed the troubleshooting methods in the following section. Most Apple TV device users can get the App Store back on their device by following these steps. Here they are;

Update Apple TV Firmware

Using the older device version is also a major reason for the App Store Missing on Apple TV. So, first, check the system update and install the new version. Follow the steps here;

      • Turn On the Apple TV.
      • Connect the Apple TV with a stable Internet connection.
      • Click the Home Button.

Home Button on Apple TV remote

      • Go to the Main Menu section.
      • Click the Settings option.

 App Store Missing on Apple TV

      • Tap the System button.

System on Apple TV

      • Now, select the Software Update tab.

Software Updates on Apple TV

      • Select the Update Software option.

Update Software on Apple TV

      • The screen will be loading to check the updates.
      • If the update is required,
      • Click, the Download and Install option.

Do not Power Off your Apple TV. Or, do not click any buttons on your Apple TV remote while it is downloading. Wait until the updated version has been installed. Once the process is done, your Apple TV will restart automatically. If not, restart the device manually.

Once, the Apple TV restarted, go to the Apps section. And check, that the app store is visible.

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Factory Reset Apple TV

If the App Store Missing on Apple TV after updating the Firmware, Factory reset the device once. It means, all the stored data and the installed apps will be deleted. After the Factory Reset process, you did even Sign In and Install the apps that you need. It is like using a new Apple TV device. Here are the steps to Factory Reset Apple TV.

Note: Take a USB Flash Drive and Copy the data that is important on your Apple TV.

      • Turn On the Apple TV.
      • Click the Home Button on your Apple TV remote.
      • Visit the Main menu section.
      • Click on the Settings option.

Settings on Apple TV

      • Head toward the System settings.

 App Store Missing on Apple TV

      • Tap on the Reset button.

 App Store Missing on Apple TV

      • Now, your Apple TV will show two options on the screen.
      • Select the First option.

After that, the Apple TV will restart, and all the data that is stored will be erased. Tune your Apple TV from scratch. Log in with the Apple ID. Pair your Apple TV remote. Go to the Apps section, there you can see the Apple App Store.

Where is the App Store on Apple TV?

The App Store is built and available by Default on the home screen itself. Just simply click the home button. There you can see the Apple App Store. There is no such procedure for finding the Apple App Store on your Apple TV. If the App Store Missing on your Apple TV, scroll up and follow the methods to solve the technical problem on your Apple TV.

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There is no need for a heavy act to fix the App Store Missing on Apple TV. Just check out the device version. And update it. Get the Software update process in the topic given in the above section. Next, Factory Reset the device. Not only getting the App Store, this second method will clear all issues which is detected. You can use your Apple TV from scratch.

Also, check your Apple TV model once. The older Apple TV models do not have the in-built App Store. If the above-given method is not helpful to you get the App Store on Apple TV, you will have the older Apple TV device. There is no solution for it. Get a Fourth Generation Apple TV with updated versions and advanced features.