How to Watch YouTube on Smart TV

In this article, we are here to help you how to watch YouTube on Smart TV in a much more meaningful way.

How to watch YouTube on Smart TV

All you need is  mainly concentrate on the two topics given below:

  • How to watch YouTube on Smart TV
  • Casting YouTube on Smart TV

As we all know it is easy to watch online videos on youtube

is a free video-sharing website even if you can create your own videos and share them with your friends. In the YouTube mobile App find a video to watch and then by a single tap send it to your Smart Television. Even if you are using other apps simultaneously on your mobile device your Smart TV  will keep streaming

Bring Youtube to your Smart TV

Watch videos on a big screen>Do you know? there is always a big difference between watching any videos, movies or songs on a mobile device and on the big screen. Here Smart Television helps you get a good experience watching the latest popular music videos, sports, movies and so on YouTube on the big screen

Enjoy YouTube sitting back

By watching videos on the big TV screen get into the world of YouTube.After watching each video there is no need to search or click YouTube will automatically stream videos continuously once you hit play

How to watch YouTube on your Smart TV?

Kindly follow these steps to sign in to Youtube on your Smart TV


1. YouTube app on Smart TV> Now just open the YouTube app which was already there on your Smart TV

2. Search YouTube> Search on your Smart TV

3. Activate>Activate the code displayed on your Smart TV

4. Select account>Account which was associated with your YouTube Base plan please select it

5. Start Watching>By clicking allow option now you can start watching YouTube videos on your Smart TV

Search videos by voice

Using the voice command function you can find the Videos you’re looking for on the One Remote Control. All you need is just ask for the videos on YouTube that you want to stream on the Smart Television


Are you bored using the remote to operate?

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Browing anything on your PC or smart device obviously is very easy to handle but in the case of television it’s a pain to do it with a traditional remote control using a directional pad and OK button through the on-screen keyboard, so here I will guide you on how to be a king of the couch while browsing and watching YouTube on Smart TV

Can we watch YouTube on Smart TV by casting?

“Yes,” obviously you can able to do this!

The only thing to make sure of is to check whether your Smart TV is on then click the “cast” icon to display the mobile screen on the TV

Every app or Device offers a more unique and newer way to interact

Casting YouTube on Smart TV

What is the basic need

  • YouTube app installed on Smart TV
  • YouTube app installed on your Smartphone or tablet with iOS & Android supported
  • Finally an Internet connection

Make sure that the internet either via WiFi or Ethernet is connected to your TV before getting started. Check whether YouTube is capable of streaming videos on your TV

Option 1: Connect with WiFi

1. Same Network connection>Though it may be easier to set up and default way to connect to your smart TV I recommend this. Now same network connection to be connected to your smartphone which you did on TV

2. Launch>Now click on the “cast icon” after launching your YouTube app


3. Select target device>Available devices or TV will be listed by the app that you can cast to then proceed to the target device by selecting

4. Enjoy watching>Now you are ready to watch  videos on Smart TV by searching it on your phone

Option 2:connect with TV code

If you cant connect it to your TV only then use this second method that is when your phone is not connected to the WiFi or the router’s firewall

1. Go to settings> Go to settings located after launching YouTube on your TV

2. Select>select “Phone & Link TV”, now use your own TV code after clicking “Link with Code”

tv code

3. Watch on TV>Select “watch on TV” by clicking the menu button

4. Enter TV code>After selecting TV code enter the code displayed on your TV. From your Smartphone you should be cast content on TV

When your smartphone and TV are both connected to the same network you can go with option 1 as it works to it in a way extremely easy to use

YouTube not working on Smart TV?

One of the first things you need to try when the YouTube is not working on Smart TV is just “turn off” your TV and then ON it. Does it look very simple? Maybe look rather simplistic but I swear it does work, small issues can be resolved to better function by just turning off


In the above article, I have included how to watch YouTube on Smart Television and cast it on Television. Still, if you have a doubt about watching YouTube on Smart Television you can leave a comment and get a solution