Glory V IPTV: [Features|Subscription|Install]

IPTV services have been cutting cords all over the place. There are many IPTV services available and Glory V is one of the best IPTV services you can find for your device.  If you have Firestick, then you can get Glory V IPTV on it and watch TV shows, series, movies, live news, VOD, on-demand, sports, etc. Get to know more about this IPTV service and learn How to watch Glory V on its supported devices.

What is Glory V?

Glory V has more than 9,600 live channels, VOD, as well as one connection to this service; and starts from $14 every month. Therefore, it is an alternative option for cutting your cable. This service includes sports, movies, on-demand content, TV shows, as well as live TV shows. Also, it has a kid-friendly show to watch so the whole family can access it. IPTV expanded as Internet Protocol Television, and it is a live TV via internet service.

To watch this Glory V IPTV provider, you need any third-party IPTV video player apps. However, all the channels and videos will be streaming in 4K and UHD quality. It has an Antifreeze system to include the IPTV providers, and it makes sure there are any freezing problems on your device.

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Is Glory V IPTV legal?

This IPTV provider is a subscription-based service. You can get this app on any Android device, including Amazon Firestick, Nvidia Shield, Fire TV cube, Fire TV, and many more streaming devices. Glory V IPTV is not included in the play store or app store to get this app, so we should be more careful while gettings this app.

What are the features of Glory V IPTV?

  • You can watch more than 9,600 live TV channels.
  • This IPTV plan starts from $14 per month, and it is an affordable one.
  • They provide one connection to the stream.
  • It has a VOD option.
  • This service is VPN-friendly.
  • It doesn’t lock its IP location.
  • They air major sports channels and live sports highlights.
  • It has PPV.
  • It has some adult channels to stream.
  • They also offer many popular News channels to watch.
  • It has the feature of a favorite manager.
  • You can watch a few channels with 24×7 service.
  • It has External player support.
  • They also offer some international channels.
  • You can subscribe through Bitcoins, PayPal, as well as a Credit or Debit card.
  • You can connect to customer service with online contact through forms and mail.
  • It supports M3Y URL.
  • It has the feature of an Electronic Program Guide(EPG).
  • Supports Firestick or Fire TV and Android mobile devices.
  • This service is more compatible with many popular IPTV players.
  • You can contact customer care service 24×7.


Glory V IPTV has various subscriptions for its new users. This package may differ in its cost based on the duration of your subscription and the number of connections.

  • This plan starts from $42 every 3 months with 9,600 channels and VOD. You can connect up to only one connection.
  • The six-month plan starts from $59.99 every 6 months and connects it to only one connection.
  • The yearly plan starts from $79.99 per annum with a single connection.

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How to Install Glory V IPTV?

Glory V IPTV is compatible with many streaming devices such as Firestick, Fire TV, Android TV boxes, Google Chromecast, Nvidia Shield, Android devices and tablets, and any device that runs with Android OS.

This IPTV service includes M3U URL to use this service with any IPTV players like IPTV smarters, Tivimate, Perfect player, and many more. However, you can also install stand-alone apps to use an IPTV Player. You should need to install the Downloader app from your device.

How to Watch Glory IPTV on Firestick?

Getting the Glory app on your Firestick is pretty easy, and it is compatible with it. You can get the Glory V app on your FireStick by sideloading the APK file using the Downloader app. Here is the procedure to install the third-party app Glory V IPTV on your FireStick device.

  • Initially, it would help to tap on the Find menu to select the search bar from the Fire TV home.
  • Then enter the Downloader app from the search bar.
  • Choose the Downloader app from the list of menus.
  • Next, tap on the Downlaod or Get the app from the result.
  • Afterthat, navigate to the Firestick home screen and choose the settings option.
  • Furthermore, select the My Fire TV from the option.
  • Click on the Developer option under the My Fire TV section.
  • Then choose the Install unknown apps option from the developer option.

Firestick developer option

  • Next, please tap on the Downloader and then enable it to turn on.
  • Finally, open the downloader app and then tap on http://, and enter the download link you want.
  • For your Instance: Smart IPTV –
  • Further, tap on the Go key.
  • Now tap on the Install by following the Open key.
  • Then log in with your IPTV account and stream any video content from the IPTV player app.
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How to Install Glory V on Android and iOS devices?

You should use a VLC media player for streaming the IPTV channels on your Android and iOS smartphones. To watch on your device, follow our guidelines steps.

  • First, you need to run the VLC media player app on your smartphone.
  • Next, tap on the three verticle lines on your screen.
  • Now select the stream option from the list of menus.
  • Further, register the IPTV link which you have received from your mail-id.
  • Now VLC media player app may take a few minutes to load the video content.

Then you will get 60000 IPTV channels after it loads. You can choose other IPTV media players such as GSE smart IPTV and Smart IPTV.

How to watch Glory IPTV on Windows and Mac?

If you are watching on your desktop, use the VLC Media Player to watch IPTV content.

  • First, you need to unfold the VLC Media Player from your Windows or Mac devices.
  • Navigate to the media section and select Stream or hit the Ctrl + S key.
  • Next, the Open Media dialogue box may appear, and tap on the Network.
  • Now register the IPTV link and then tap on the Stream key.

The app will take 2-3 minutes to load the video content on your screen. Afterthat you will get all the IPTV content to your desktop.


Enjoy watching all yoru favorite TV shows and programs live with the Glory V IPTV services. The subscription plans are relatively better than other IPTV services. You can either get the Glory V IPTV APK on your device or use media players like VLC to access Glory V. A good internet speed can give you the best live TV experience.

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