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The Jackbox is an American Video Game Developer. It is famous for playing Quiz quiz-based games, You Don’t Know Jack Series, Party Video Games, The Jackbox Party Pack, and more interesting games like this. Now, you can play all Jackbox games on your TV’s big screen. Today we are going to discuss How do I Get Jackbox on my TV How do I Get Jackbox on my TV?

Yes, playing our favorite video game on a big screen gives an amazing experience. Today we are going to experience that adventure. If you too searching for it, then refer to all the topics and methods mentioned in the following…

Can I Play Jackbox on my TV?

Yes,  You can play the Jackbox video games on your Smart TV. Before you get to Install the Games, You will have to remember that the Jackbox on a Smart TV is Only Compatible with Smart TVs, Such as the following;

  • Android TV. 
  • Apple TV. 
  • Amazon Fire TV. 

In Addition, You can also access it on Smart TVs by Connecting to a Gaming console device such as; a Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 3,4, or 5, Xbox One, or Xbox Series S/X. So, If you have any of these devices, Then You can surely Scroll forward to get the Help Guide.

How do I Get Jackbox on my TV?

Just so you know Yes, You can play it on your Big Screens. There are a few Easy Methods that you can use to get and play the Jackbox Games on the Smart TV. They are;

  1. Gaming Consoles.
  2. Chromecast.
  3. HDMI Cables.
  4. Streaming Devices.
  5. iPad.

You can choose any of the above-listed Method to get to Play the Jackbox Games on your Smart TV. Below, We will be Mentioning a Quick Guide under each Method, So that you can start Playing Right now. Do Read: Jackbox Games on Firestick.

1). Using Gaming Consoles

Do you have Any Gaming Consoles? A Compatible – One like PlayStation 2, 4, or 5, Xbox Series, Xbox Series, Xbox Series S/X, Nintendo Switch. Since These are Supported, You can use any of these (If any) and Get the Jackbox Games on your TV. Follow the Instructions as given.

  • Firstly, Connect the Gaming Console to your TV using an HDMI Cable, and Connect to a Stable WIFI Network.
  • Now, Go to the Store on your Gaming Console.
  • Search for Jackbox Games and Download the Game.
  • Turn ON your TV and Choose the HDMI Channel as Output using the TV Remote.

What is talking Points on Jackbox Games

  • Launch the Game and Start Playing once you get connected.

Jackbox Games on PlayStation

Is the Jackbox on Game Pass? 

Yes, The Jackbox is on Game Pass and Currently, the Party Pack 3 is available on the GamePass. You can download and Discover New Games with your Game Pass. But it is also sourced that the Party Pack 4 is now unavailable for the  Xbox Game Pass and You can No Longer access it. 
In case, You do not have any Gaming Consoles, Then Move Forward with the Next Method. Cause Screen Mirroring is quite Possible. Learn How.

2). How to Cast Jackbox to TV? Using Chromecast

Learn How to Cast the Jackbox Games on your Smart TV. 
Can I play the Jackbox on streaming devices? Yes, you can play the Jackbox on your streaming devices using the casting methods. Also, You can cast this Jackbox on many streaming devices like Roku, Amazon, Google TV, etc. All you need is a Chromecast device. Moreover, the given procedure will be the same as connecting the device through the Chromecast. 

  • First, Connect the HDMI Port on SmartTV with Google Chromecast. And Obviously to an Internet Source.

Home Button on Chromecast

  • Press the Home Button on Chromecast Remote and Launch the Chrome Browser.
  • Search for the Jackbox Games and Choose a Game to Play.

Cast Option on Chrome Browser

  • On the Browser, In the Right Corner, Click on the Three Vertical Dots and Then Tap on the  CAST  option.
  • Choose your Smart TV from the List and This way, You can watch and Play the Casting Via Google Chromecast on TV.

Jackbox Games

  • Click Allow and Then OK to Give Permission to Start Casting and Start Playing.

Read, If you want to Play Games on a Samsung Smart TV.

3). Get the Jackbox on the TV using HDMI Cables 

Another Clean way to play the Jacbox on TV is using the HDMI Cables. To do this Method, You have to make sure that You have an HDMI Cable – that is Long, Not Damaged, and Proper to use.

In Order to Try this Method b- You can Either use A Plain HDMI or a Lightning or HDMI to USB-C. If you have this in Handy, Pick up and Follow to Know How You Can Get and Play Jackbox Games on TV.

  • You can use a Supporting Device – A PC \Mac or Even Smartphone and install the App.

Jackbox App

  • Once it is downloaded, Take the HDMI Cable – Connect One End to your PC / Phone and the Other End to your Smart TV.

hdmi cable for tv

  • Turn ON the TV and Choose the HDMI Output Channel.
  • Now, You can Launch the Games app, Choose a Game, and Start to Play as you like on the Big Screens.

NOTE: You can also get the Jackbox Games on TV Via your PC by trying Out the AirPlay on Mac, Cast Via Chromecast on PC, or Mac. The Jackbox is available and accessible on the Humble, Steam, and Fanatical Platforms to Play on Mac, PC, and Linux.

4). Using iPad 

Do you have an iPad with you? Then You can Conveniently AirPlay / mirror any Content that you want from your iPad to your TV Screens.  So, If you want to Mirror the Jackbox Games and You have an iPad, Then Check Out these Steps to Proceed with the Procedure.

  • You can start by Installing the AirPlay 2  App or Any Apple Mirroring Supported Apps on your Smart TV. Make sure that the app is compatible with your TV.

Airplay App on Apple App Store

  • Access the Control Center on your iPad.
  • Choose your Smart TV as the Playback device.
  • You will get a Code on your TV Screens.
  • And, Note Down the Code that appears on the Screen.
  • Enter the Code on your iPhone.
  • Once done, Launch the Jackbox and Start Playing on the Big Screens.

Have a Look at the Best Smart TV Apps

How to Play Jackbox Games on TV? 

Finally, you have Installed the Games on your TV, It is so evident that you cannot wait to play them on your Screens. And Trust me, You should not wait anyway. So, Here is the Stepwise Guide on How to play the games, So do follow and Get Ready to get the best of your Enjoyment.

  • 8 or More People can play. One Person in the Group must have access to and Own a Jackbox Product to Host the Game.

How to Play Jackbox on Smart TV

  • First of all, To Play, You need to have a Phone or Tablet to use as a Controller.
  • Launch and Choose a Game that you want to Play.

How to Play Jackbox Games

  • You will get a Four four-word room Code in the Lobby to Enter.

How to Play Jackbox Games

  • Now, To Enter, Ask Each Player to Go to the Website on the browser using their Phone/tablet.

How to Play Jackbox Games

  • There, You will be required to Insert the Room Code you Received in the Given Space along with your Name.

How to Play Jackbox Games

  • Finally, Tap on the PLAY Button. Note that If you are the First One to Connect – Then You are called the VIP.

How to Play Jackbox on Smart TV

  • Make sure that Once all your Players have connected, You can (Who is Whoever is a VIP ) can Start the Game. Click on the Everybody IN Option and Then Good to go.

How many Jackbox Games are there ?

  • By doing this, You can finally start playing your Favourite Jackbox Games at your Home on your TV.

How much does Jackbox Cost? 

After the completion of the installation and sign-up process, you should purchase the game. Jackbox Apps are of course Free to download, But You will have to Note that you need to Pay to Keep Playing. The Games of this Jackbox are one-time purchases and its not come under the subscription service. We have attached here the Picture of the Packs that it offers you. Hence, You can choose One of your Choices. How much is Jackbox Games on TV How much is Jackbox Games on TV

  • Also, You can buy the JACKBOX PARTY PACK 9 which will cost you $17.99 in sales and $29.99 in Non-Sale.

How much is Jackbox Games on TV Party Packs 2023 How to get the Jackbox party Pack for free?

There is also an option to let you Subscribe to Amazon Luna’s Jackbox Games Channel which is available for Only $4.99 Per Month. This will give you access to the Majority of the Jackbox Party Pack Games. Once you pay for your purchase, You will not be charged anything else to Play. Also, It has partnered with Epic Games which thus offers the Jackbox Party Pack for FREE. You can get it in the Epic Games Store on your PC. Log in > Download and Start Playing.


Playing a Game would not be so worth it. By the time, You Complete reading the Guide, Am sure you will also have the Games of your choice on your TV Screens. Make sure that you do not follow all the Methods – But One that is Best available for you. Also, Make sure that you have the Internet Connected – Otherwise the Jack box may become a Bufferbox.

Connect the Devices > Install the app > Get the Game and Start Playing at your Home with such Great Visuals on your TV.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are the Talking Points on Jackbox?

Talking Points in the Game refer to the Fourth Game of the Party Pack 7. Wherein, The Players are made to give Speeches on the Slides they have never Experienced. It is Completely on the Spot and subtly guides the Players to Success.

What is a Jackbox gift card and get it for free? 

This Jackbox gift card is a digital card that you can use Online, you can buy the cards as per your wish and as per your budget. Also, you can gift this card to your friends through the Jacbox app. This gift card is valid in the US, Canada, UK, and EU. Also, you have a chance to get the gift cards the last Friday are every month. Moreover, this card is a one-time purchase, you can’t return the card. 

How to Play Jackbox on Steam? 

To play this Jackbox on Steam, you should install Steam on your PC or your laptop. This Steam is a hub where you can play, discuss, and create games. So, after installing Steam, you can search for the Jackbox from the games tab on Steam. Then, click on the Activate a product on Steam option >> enter the product code >> download the Jackbox game >> That’s all. Now you can enjoy the Jackbox on Steam Library.