How to Install and Watch Britbox on Smart TV?

We have a comprehensive collection of streaming services in the Digital market. Finding the best one is a challenge for everyone. I am saying this because today, I got you the topic about How to Install and Watch Britbox on Smart TV?

How to Install and Watch Britbox on Smart TV

  • What is Britbox on Smart TV?
  • How to Install and Watch Britbox on Smart TV?

These two topics will explain to you the primary details of the content. Read the entire article to get the critical points of your questions about Britbox and Smart TV compatibility and installation.

What is Britbox on Smart TV?

Britbox was a paid television content streaming service. And it was streamed over nine countries, and it was created by the most famous BBC and ITV communities.


And the good thing is Britbox is available on a Smart TV streaming device. You can get this service on your all model Smart TV brand. The installation instructions for a few Smart TV is given in the next topic. You can follow the same on your home Smart TV device.

How to Install and Stream Britbox on Smart TV?

So, we learned that the Britbox service was available on the Smart TV device. You can get this mobile app on your device’s in-built App Store. Follow the given instructions below and start watching your favourites on the Britbox.

👉Step 1: ( Wi-Fi connection )

Set your Smart TV with the Standard home Wi-Fi network source. The speed network connection will help you to the speed access.

👉Step 2: ( Home Screen )

Go to the Home Screen of your streaming device using your remote device controller.

👉Step 3: ( Apps )

Now, you have to move forward to the Apps section on your Smart TV menu toolbar.

👉Step 4: ( Search )

Tap the search icon given in the respective App Store of your Smart TV device. Then, browse for the Britbox in the given browse field.

👉Step 5: ( Download )

Find the required app from the search result and tap the Download or Get button to launch the Britbox app on your Smart TV device.

👉Step 6: ( Open )

After installing the Britbox streaming service, you can open it on your device’s Apps and Channels section.

We have successfully installed the Britbox on Smart TV. Most Smart TV device has this same format to install the Britbox streaming service. Also, we have attached a few more topics to help you install it on other model TV.

Install Britbox on Samsung Smart TV:

We will assist you in getting the Britbox streaming service on your Samsung Smart TV device. And you can check the installation procedure in the below-mentioned steps. They are:

👉Step 1: ( Internet Source )

First, turn on your Samsung Smart TV and connect it with the home Wi-Fi connection.

👉Step 2: ( Home Screen )

Take off your Samsung TV controller and tap the Smart Hub option on the remote.

👉Step 3: ( Apps ) or ( Store )

You can see the Apps option in the menu bar on the home screen. Some Samsung Smart TV models had a Store option. Click what is required on your TV model.

👉Step 4: ( Search )

Click on the find symbol at the top of the appeared screen on your Samsung TV.

👉Step 5: ( Add to Home )

Pick up the essential Britbox streaming service from the search suggestion. And tap on the Add to Home key to install it on your Samsung Smart TV.

👉Step 6: ( Open ) 

Check on your device’s Apps and Games section to unwrap the installed Britbox on Smart TV.

👉Step 7: ( Login )

You have to go with the Login option to get into the Britbox streaming page.

After logging into the app, you can watch anything you love to stream on your Samsung Smart TV device.

How to Install Britbox on LG Smart TV?

In the above topic, we have seen the installation procedure for the Samsung Smart TV. But now, we will refer to the process for the LG Smart TV. Get the point in the lineup steps given below.

👉Step 1: ( Network Source )

Switch on your LG Smart TV and merge it with your home Wi-Fi router. And check for the network range because the high-speed network connection helped us with the speed access.

👉Step 2: ( Dashboard )

Move towards the Dashboard of your LG TV by using your controller.

👉Step 3: ( LG Content Store )

If the search option is available at the menu bar, you can choose. Otherwise, click on the Apps section and select the search symbol.

👉Step 4: ( Search )

At the search bar, find the Britbox in the given space. Then tap the search symbol to find it.

👉Step 5: ( Download )

Please select the required Britbox app from the search drop-down list and head towards the Download key to get it on your device’s internal storage.

👉Step 6: ( Open and Login )

Open the app from your device’s home screen and get into the streaming page using your Login credentials.

We have completed the installation and login process of the Britbox streaming service on yoru LG Smart TV. I think you people got clear about this content and did it on your home Smart TV.

What are the Features of Britbox?

Britbox was a streaming service, and we can watch the entertainment shows and movies on this platform. Take a look at the benefits and features of the Britbox in the dropped list.

  • Histories > The Britbox service allows us to stream the mysteries and historical movies and shows on its site.
  • Comedy > On the other hand, you can also watch the comedy content to relax your stress.
  • Streaming > You can watch thousands of content with movies, series, and shows on this site.
  • Devices > As discussed, you can get this service on your available streaming devices.
  • Free Trial > This service offers you a free trial to experience the content.

We have provided the features and highlights of the Britbox on this topic. You can install it on your streaming device and experience many benefits included in the Britbox streaming service.

How much does Britbox cost?

In the first topic of this article, we have mentioned the subscription. Yes! This service contains a subscription package to stream the content included on this site. The cost of the subscription package is given below.

🔶 $8.99 >> Per Month

🔸 $89.99 >> Per Year

🔶 7 Days Free Trial

So, these are the subscription package of the Britbox service. Sign Up with the Britbox service and avail the package to get this service.

Create Account on Britbox

If you have already signed up with the Britbox service, log in with your account credential.

Our Final Notes:

Britbox on Smart TV is possible, and I was given the installation steps for common and particular Smart TV Brand. Read this entire article and learn more facts about the Britbox service. If you are still looking for a better installation method for your Smart TV Brand, text me in the comment section. I will send you the procedure as soon as possible.

We have given the instructions for the Samsung Smart TV, LG Smart TV, and standard Smart TV models. And you can use the on-screen typing keyboard to search the content on your Smart TV screen. Also, the voice search option is available on your device controller. Use the methods and enjoy streaming your favourites on Britbox.

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