How to Connect Zoom Meeting on Smart TV

Zoom Meeting is a video conferencing app, and this App plays a significant role. Zoom helps to organize conferences, meetings, and webinars. The Zoom cloud meeting is the best communication outlet that helps to make audio and video calls. You can access this App on Android, PCs, iOS, and TVs at zero cost. 

How to Zoom Meeting on Smart Tv

To be a part of a video conference meeting, you should have a webcam or an Android phone. Since Zoom cannot function on the TV, you have to mirror a Zoom meeting on TV. So make use of Smart TV to experience anything on the larger screens.

How does the Zoom meeting works? Lets me Clear in Short, It is a Completely Online Video conferencing App that allows users to meet and discuss online with audio and video. You can pause videos depending on our needs. Available for desktop, Mobiles apps platforms with users friendly interface to access or share another screen, collaborate and discuss projects, even you can record entire sessions as required.

You may have a question. Is Zoom meeting free? Yes, it’s free offers only for basic plans with unlimited meetings with no limited trial period, but the basic free plan has time limitations. You can conduct meeting only for 40 mins and limited participants.

Is Zoom similar to Skype? They vary slightly in detail. Skype focuses higher on versatile communication on creating collaboration software, but Zoom Focuses on video conferences and discussing projects with more professionals on solutions to users’ requirements. In the end, both Zoom and Skype offer the same quite basic features for communications. Also Know about Kumospace, a virtual office with millions of users around the world.

Features of Zoom Meeting

zoom cloud App

  • Zoom meeting app is used for many platforms like online learning, University lectures, and meetings.
  • It is available at a reasonable price.
  • Zoom meeting has impressive video quality, and it is an entirely user-friendly device.
  • Using the accessible version of the Zoom Meeting app, you can arrange a meeting for 40 minutes with 100 participants.
  • Here, you can record all the Zoom meetings by clicking the record option.
  • Since it has an updated version of the privacy strategy, it secures all the encryption properly.
  • Another essential feature is Share Screen, where you can share the entire desktop screen on a particular open application.

Fee Plan of Zoom Meeting

  • It provides a free version fee in the preliminary plan option, where it permits 100 participants in a Zoom group meeting for 40 minutes.
  • The next version is the Pro plan for $15, making 100 participants participate in a meeting for 24 hours.
  • A Business plan permits 300 participants in a meeting without any time limitations, and it costs $20.
  • An enterprise plan can accommodate 1000 participants for the cost of $20.

Steps to Host and Join in the Zoom Meeting:

The following steps will help you to host a Room meeting through Smartphones.

  • First of all, open the application.
  • Log in to the App.
  • Click New meeting.
  • Choose if you want your video to be switched on or off.
  • Click Meeting ID, which appears below the screen and makes other participants join the Zoom meeting.
  • Once the process is over, click on Start a meeting.

To join the Zoom meeting, the participants should ask for the Meeting ID from the person who hosts. One can join the meeting only with the help of the Meeting ID. Follow the below-given steps to join the meeting.

  • Open the application.
  • Click Join by typing the Meeting ID on the next screen.

How to Mirror/Connect Zoom Meeting on Smart TV?

To mirror Zoom on any Smart TV, use ApowerMirror, the best tool to mirror any device. ApowerMirror permits you to cast the screen from one device to another device. It is accessible on many devices like TVs, Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. The following steps help you cast Zoom on your Smart TV from your Android device. The following steps help you to mirror the Zoom Meeting on Smart TV.

  • First, you should Download ApowerMirror on Android TV and Phone. Fix the devices with the same Wi-Fi network connection.
  • Open the App on your Android phone and click on the Blue mirror button recognizing your TV.
  • Click the name of your TV and scan the QR code on the TV. 
  • Now, your phone mirrors your Smart TV.
  • Open the Zoom app on an Android device and click join to get into the Zoom meeting.
  • Now you can cast Zoom Meeting on your Smart TV.


Zoom Meeting is one of the best applications for online conferences. Here you can also share and cast the Zoom meeting on Your TV. We hope this article will help you surely.

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