How to Install Zoom App on Apple TV?

Zoom Application is very useful to employees and students to attend meetings and conferences from home Itself. If you need information on How to Install Zoom App on Apple TV. Then you have to refer to the below article and get the steps to install it and attend the meeting. In addition, we include additional information about this Zoom App on Apple TV.

How to Install Zoom App on Apple TV

What is Zoom App?

The Zoom application is one of the best video conferencing apps available in the market. It is a cloud-based video communication app that lets you connect with people from any part of the world. With the zoom app, you can attend online classes, business meetings, seminars, group discussions, and a lot more.

The app also supports instant messaging, sharing multimedia (photos, audio, videos, files, documents), and commenting via emoticons. You can invite as many as a hundred people as you want by sharing the meeting link with them. This app is compatible with multiple devices.

Features of the Zoom application

  • Firstly, it is very simple and easy to use
  • Unlimited Face-to-Face meetings
  • For the free version, up to 100 people can be added for a 40-minute meeting.
  • The user interface is easy to understand
  • The app supports live streaming the meeting on social media platforms
  • Supports high-quality audio and video for the meetings
  • Unlimited calling option within the US and Canada. Add-ons are available to widen the connection to 18 different countries
  • There is an interesting feature that lets you collaborate with other meetings. You can either share your screen at the other meetings or invite others to yours.
  • By having a zoom premium subscription, you can record your meetings, training, webinars, or conferences. Normal screen recording also is possible.

Zoom app subscription packages

Although the Zoom app is available for free to use, you can also subscribe to their premium plan to enjoy the benefits that are not offered for free.

  1. Pro- $300/year/user
  2. Business- $350/year/user
  3. Enterprise- $420/year/user

You have add-on plans for enjoying special benefits. To learn more about the plans, visit their official site to read about them.

How to install the Zoom app on Apple TV?

Since the Apple TV does not support an in-built microphone or camera, the zoom app cannot be accessed. But it is possible to get the app on your Apple TV with a couple of alternative methods. It will be discussed below.

1- By screen mirroring

  • Using iPhone or iPad.
  • By using Streamer For Chromecast.
  • Using Mac


  • Install and log in to the Zoom app on your iOS
  • Mac users can be logged in to Zoom online
  • Your Mac or iOS device and Apple TV must be connected to the same Wi-Fi

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Using iPhone or iPad for screen mirroring

  1. On your iOS device, bring up the control center by swiping it up from the bottom of the screen.
  2. Select the AirPlay icon and click the Zoom Room name
  3. From the list of devices, choose the Apple TV name
  4. Now open the Zoom app from the apps column on your iOS

Finally, you will be able to access the Zoom app on your Apple TV.

Steps to Use Streamer For Chromecast for Screen Mirror the content:

This is one of the best methods to get a Zoom meeting application on Apple TV to cast the meeting through Streamer For Chromecast to Screen mirror the Conference. Try out the Upcoming points.

  • First of all, you have to install the Streamer for Chromecast on the device and it is used to cast the content from the App store.
  • Then you have to launch the application.
  • From the home screen of this application. You must press the cast icon.
  • Further Page will ask you to connect the devices to connect with the same internet connection.
  • Following this, you have to choose your Apple TV device name from the list.
  • Hit the device and merge it with the streamer Chromecast.
  • Move to the next page and it shows the screencast option click it.
  • Once it gets a pair, then you can use a Zoom meeting on the Apple TV.

Using Mac for screen mirroring

  1. On your Mac, log in to your Zoom account with your registered details
  2. Click on the Apple menu from the top right corner and choose the AirPlay Display icon
  3. Choose the right Apple TV name and connect it to your Mac to start screen mirroring

Now you have successfully mirrored your Mac to the Apple TV. From your Mac, you can direct the zoom app to your liking.

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How to host or attend a Zoom meeting on Apple TV?

So far, the article explained about getting the Zoom app on Apple TV. Now let’s see how to host or attend a zoom meeting on Apple TV (If you are unaware of this).

Schedule your meeting

There is a feature to schedule your meetings to avoid confusion or last-minute preparation. If the meeting is already scheduled, then skip to the next topic.

  1. Sign in to your zoom account from the web portal.
  2. Select Meetings
  3. Choose Schedule a Meeting
  4. From the option, select the date and time for the meeting
  5. If you want to add more settings, you can choose them. It is optional.
  6. Lastly, Select Save

Start your meeting

  1. In the Zoom web portal, sign in with your account
  2. Select Meetings
  3. Below Upcoming, select Start that is shown next to the meeting  that you want to start
  4. The meeting will start automatically after the Zoom client is launched.

How to Fix Zoom App is Not Working on Apple TV?

Due to some technical issue, the Zoom application is not working on Apple TV. You can solve this problem by yourself. Check out here and try it with your device and get the Zoom meeting on Apple TV.

To Check out the Internet Connection:

For casting the meeting from the Zoom app to Apple TV, we need a Stable internet connection. Then only the application can work properly without any buffering. For this reason, we connect a strong and same internet connection for Both devices.

  • Navigate to the Setting option.
  • And click the Mobile Data tab. And tap off the Network.
  • Then you should wait for a few minutes and again connect the Mobile data to the device.
  • Now check if the Zoom Meeting is running without any buffering.

Check the Zoom Application:

If you facing a problem like the Zoom application only that can’t be able to mirror the content by using Airplay then you have to check out that the Zoom application is Outdated on your device. In this case, you have to Update your Zoom application once.

  • Go to the App store.
  • Search for the Zoom App.
  • Then Hit the application from the list.
  • Click the Update button.
  • Once the app gets updated then you have to check now that Airplay works with the Zoom application.

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Update Apple TV:  

Your Apple TV device gets outdated. Then it cannot be able to mirror the content through Airplay then you have to update the Apple TV by using these simple processes.

  • Move to the setting option.
  • Click the system button.
  • Following this, press the Software update tab.
  • Then your device software gets automatically updated.

If the process is completed then you have to open You apple TV and use the Airplay icon to mirror the meeting on Zoom App.

Restart The Apple TV:

This is one of the easiest methods to fix the problem to screen mirroring the Zoom Meeting to the Apple TV. You have to do to restart the Apple TV. Once the process gets completed then you should try to mirror the Zoom application to Apple TV.


Unfortunately, the Zoom app is not available in the app store for Apple TV. But that didn’t stop the alternative ways in which you can access it on the screen. With the AirPlay method, you can easily get the Zoom app on Apple TV for your meetings, classes, or anything that’s hosted.


Is there a zoom app on Apple TV?

Sadly, no. It is not possible to install the zoom app on Apple TV from the app store. You can try the alternative methods that are explained in the article to get it in an instant.

Is the zoom app free?

Yes, the app is free to use. But keep in mind that if you want to host a meeting, you get a time limit of 40 minutes for a free meeting. You need a subscribed premium plan to use for more time. If you are just a visitor for the meeting, you don’t need to have any plans. You can use it for free.

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