Why Does My TV Look Blue? Solution Guide

If you have a Doubt Why Does My TV Look Blue? It will occur due to some technical error or any picture setting issues. If you know the solution to this problem then you have to clear it yourself. Suppose you need guidance then you have to use this article, we are going to share the solution along with the steps in detail. Also, you can contact the customer support center to solve this problem.

Let’s Join us in this solution-finding to solve the problem that appears on the Smart TV screen. Only solve this error to stream your favorite shows, programs, and everything in HD Quality. There are some reasons available behind this error. Let’s See the reasons with Solutions.

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Why Does My TV Look Blue?

Due to some technical error, your  TV looks blue. If you are facing this type of error on your TV then you must note down the issues to solve them with it right solution. But if you aren’t able to find the problem then you have to try one-by-one solutions to solve the error by watching all your favorite content. Here in this upcoming section, we will share the reason for the issues with its solution of perfect steps.

How to Fix My TV Look Blue?

If you can’t stream your favorite shows and programs with high quality, because the screen is blue color. Then you have to use these methods to solve it and then watch all your favorite shows, and everything in better quality. There is a small trick available in the below section try out its steps.

Reset your TV

You have to try this method to solve your smart TV error. It has a Chance to clear your issue of MY TV looks blue. While resetting all the errors, bugs, and glitches are removed from your device. So that, your Blue Screen in Color problem is going to solve.

The Steps are:

Why Does My TV Look Blue

  • Turn on your Smart TV.
  • Disconnect all the Cables from the electric outlet.
  • Wait for at least 10 seconds.
  • Again Connect the plug back to the power socket.
  • Select the input mode and check that MY TV looks blue in Color Error is solved.

Still, the Error is not cleared so you have to move to the further section and try that method to retrieve your Smart TV in good Condition.

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Check Out the HDMI Cable

The error will come if you do not connect your HDMI cable properly. If your smart TV receives a Weak signal then your Smart TV screen will look like a blue In color. Must ensure that you have to connect your HDMI cable properly. Try these steps to solve the error.

The Steps are:

Why Does My TV Look Blue

  • Disconnect all the HDMI cables from the Smart TV.
  • Then you have to wait for 20 seconds.
  • Again connect your Cable to the port on your Smart TV.

Check the Picture Settings

If there is any problem affecting your screen then you have to solve it by changing the picture settings. While in this process it has a Chance to Picture Settings option to solve the image Mode, display mode, or picture mode. It may have the chance to solve My TV looks Blue error. Here we share the steps to Check the picture settings on your Smart TV.

The Steps are:

Why Does My TV Look Blue

  • Click the menu button on Using your Smart TV remote.
  • Tap the Picture mode option.
  • Search for “Tint” and set it as 0.
  • You can also increase the Tint Value and check that your Smart TV looks Blue in Color.
  • Also, you can Play with various pictures Settings option to remove the Blue tint.

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Remove the External devices

Roku connect to HDMI Port

Maybe this error will occur due to connecting an external device to your Smart TV. Suppose you don’t fix it properly or any technical error occurs on your device then you have to remove the external device and check that the issues are solved. Connect your external device with its compatible devices. Also, this problem will come if you connect smart TVs with your non-supportable device.

Update your TV Software

Suppose your Smart TV runs with an older version then you face this type of error, that will affect your Screen. You have to update your Smart TV to the latest version to solve all the errors. Also, it adds many additional features to your TV. Also, check that your TV Looks Blue Color Error is solved.

The Steps are:

Update option

  • Click the Menu Button on your remote.
  • Navigate to Admin and Privacy–> Check for Updates.
  • Press the yes option that will appear on the pop-up Box.
  • If is there any update available then you have to click the Update option.

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Customer Support Center

If you are trying all the above methods, but still can’t retrieve the error My TV Looks Blue in Color. You must clear it to stream all your favorite shows, Programs, Movies, and more additional Content in high quality. Then you can get help from the Customer support center. They will be available for 24/7 hours. They will share the solution with you. Follow the instructions to solve the error. You can contact them through email, and also use the Toll-free number.

Closing Off

Hence in the above article, you guys know that Why Does My TV Look Blue in color, we have mentioned the reason along with the steps of solution. There are some technical faults occurring in your smart TV screen that’s why the screen becomes blue in color. But, you can’t solve the error because you don’t know the exact solution for this problem. Then you have to contact the Customer support center they will help to solve the error.