What Channel is TCM on Fios?TCM TV Schedule

Are you wondering What Channel is TCM on Fios? You are in the right place. To know the channel number and related contents of the TCM will given in this article. So read the article fully. 

What Channel is TCM on Fios?

TCM stands for Turner Classic Movies. The main target of this channel is young adults and global clicks. They have a movie-oriented TV strategy. In this, you can access lots of movies in one single library and it contains old and new movies. To know the channel number of TCM read the below sections of this article. 

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Is the TCM channel available on Fios?

What Channel is TCM on Fios

Yes, the TCM channel is available on the Fios. You guys can enjoy all the movies by subscribing to the Fios streaming service. Already you guys know that this is one of the popular channels in the US. It is also available in Ireland, Malta, Canada, Asia, France, and so on. But the only disadvantage of this TCM is, that this channel doesn’t have HD quality in many locations.

What Channel is TCM on Fios? 

The channel number of TCM on Fios will be different according to their locations. You can also check the channel number on the official website of the Fios by searching the Channel lineup. But the channel number will be the same as the given channel number.

TCM Channel Number on Fios
Channel Name
Channel Number
TCM SD 230
TCM HD 385

By searching this channel number, you can enjoy all the movies provided by the Fios provider. Or else you guys can search the channel number, on the basis of locations on their official website. The steps are going to the official website and searching Channel lineup >> enter your location Zipcode >> Click on OK >> Now you guys get the channel number displayed on your TV.

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Using Voice remote 

FiOS Voice Control Remote

Fios offers a great feature to their users, that is you guys can use this Fios voice remote for tuning the channel by your voice. To use this remote just follow the given guidelines.

  • Turn on your TV and take your remote.
  • Click and hold the Microphone/Voice button on the Fios remote
  • After this step, say the command loudly as TCM channel and release your hand.
  • Now, you are Done! the TCM channel displayed on your TV and you guys can enjoy the channel with a bowl of popcorn

How much is TCM on FiOS Subscription?

FiOS offers four types of subscriptions and in each package, they have lots of channels. And each package has different types of costs and the cost is available in affordable cost. This channel is available in The Most Fios TV package. And you guys can also add on the channel to enjoy the shows. So don’t worry about the TCM channel. You just compare the plans according to your package. For more details, just check the picture attached below for more reference.

How much is TCM Channel on verizon Fios Subscription

How to Watch TCM Channel Without Cable?

There are several ways to enjoy the content of the TCM channel. if you guys are not using this Fios provider, It’s not a problem. You guys can watch this channel on other cable provider devices and streaming devices. If you are using the device, which I have listed below, can enjoy the TCM channel on that device. The devices are

  • DirecTV
  • Sling TV
  • fuboTV
  • Youtube tv
  • FireTV
  • AmazonTC
  • Android & iOS TV
  • Chromecast

TCM app in google store

If you guys are interested in watching this TCM channel on your mobile. You just download the Watch TCM app from the Google Play Store and enjoy the movies freely. The movies will be uncut and commercial-free. you can download the movies in the app and can watch the movies without ads. If you want to enjoy recent movies just get a premium account on the TCM app which is available at an affordable cost. 

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What to Watch on the TCM Channel?

If you guys are a movie lover, just try this app at least once in a lifetime. The movies will be uncut and commercial-free. you can download the movies in the app and can watch the movies without ads. The popular movies are

  • They Drive by Night
  • Chain Lightning
  • Honeymoon for three
  • The Unfaithful
  • City of conquest
  • One More Tomorrow
  • In a Lonely Place


By watching movies you guys can enjoy your free time. And remember that the channel number of TCM is 230. Also, if you are using the Fios provider, you can enjoy all the movies on the TCM channel. I hope from this article, we saw What Channel is TCM on Fios? and related contents of this channel. If you guys have any doubts related to the content comment in the comment box. Thanks for reading the whole article.