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On the truTV tv channel, you can watch live sports and on-demand videos on your TV. If you have the Verizon FiOS Cable TV Provider, then here you can check What Channel is truTV on Verizon FiOS. On the truTV channel, you can watch the 2023 NCAA March Madness Live Basketball game on your Smart TV.

What Channel is truTV on Verizon FiOS?

Yes. truTV had been streaming March Madness Live on its channel. Then, check out the topics given in this article to grab the channel number as well as the Subscription cost of the Verizon FiOS television provider. Along with that, you can learn more about March Madness and its schedule for this year 2023 in the upcoming sections…

About truTV:

truTV is one of the Basic American Cable Channels. It is owned and operated by Warner Bros Discovery. And the truTV mainly focused on broadcasting Reality Shows, Comedy, and Docusoaps. Initially, the truTV channel is launched as Court TV and established in 1991.


If you have the Cable TV Provider at your home, then you can access the truTV channel in the subscription. You can get the truTV channel on the most popular tv providers such as DirecTV, Xfinity, Spectrum, Cox, Optimum, Verizon FiOS, and more like this. Today we are going to learn What Channel is truTV on FiOS. Grab the channel number in the next topic. Not only the television provider but also you can install the truTV on Firestick and other devices like this.

What Channel is truTV on Verizon FiOS?

So, here is the answer What Channel is truTV on Verizon FiOS? Just grab the Verizon FiOS TV provider remote and switch the channel number given in the table below.

TV Provider Channel Name Channel Number
Verizon FiOS truTV 183/ 683 (HD)


All got. But you can not see anything on the TV screen after entering the channel number of truTV. Then, you do not have an active subscription to the Verizon FiOS cable television provider. So, first, you have to focus there. Move to the next topic to know more about the Verizon FiOS Subscription plans.

truTV on Verizon FiOS Subscription:

Have you checked if there are any changes in the Verizon FiOS Subscription cost? If not, here is the image I have given in the following space.

Verizon FiOS Subcription

Here is the image. Open the Interner Browser on your Smart Device and search for the Verizon FiOS official site. Launch the site and go to the Verizon TV option. There you can see these four subscription packages. Click on the Check Availability tab on the plan you have choosed. After that, follow the on-screen instructions to purchase. Mediacom is also a popular television provider, if you are interested in knowing What Channel is truTV on Mediacomclick this link.

How to Reactivate My Verizon FiOS Account?

If your Verizon FiOS user account is deactivated, you can Reactivate it easily within a while. For this process, you just need a stable internet connection and one Smart device with a web browser app. Then follow the steps given here;

  • Launch the Web Browser App on your device.
  • Click the search panel and browse for “Verizon FiOS” in the given space.
  • Then, select the official Verizon FiOS website from the search result.
  • Sign In with your FiOS User ID and Password in the required space.
  • Then, tap on the Remember Me and click the Sign In button.

Sign In Verizon FiOS

  • Now, visit the Account option and hit it.
  • Following that, select the My Devices option.
  • Then, click the Select Device button.
  • Choose the DEVICE showing on the screen.
  • Select it When the Black Dot has shown on the screen. 
  • Now, tap on Reconnect Now option.
  • When you see the Ready to Connect option,
  • Select the Continue button.

Within a few seconds, Your Verizon FiOS User Account is Reactivated Successfully. You just, have to follow the on-screen instructions. carefully. Fill up the right details and enjoy watching your favorite channels on your TV. Also, check, What channel is truTV on Spectrum if you have the Spectrum provider. And watch the live March Madness Basketball game on your TV.

2023 NCAA March Madness on truTV on Verizon FiOS:

As I have told in the initial section, the 2023 NCAA March Madness Live Basketball game is broadcast on the truTV channel. Not all matches, you can only watch the selective live matches on your TV. Now, check out the March madness complete schedule here;

  1. First Round >> March 17 – 18 >> (Friday – Saturday)
  2. Second Round >> March 19 – 20 >> (Sunday – Monday)
  3. Sweet 16 >> March 24 – 25 >> (Friday – Saturday)
  4. Elite 8 >> March 26 – 27 >> (Sunday – Monday)
  5. Final Four >>March 31 >> (Friday)
  6. National Championship Game >> April 2 >> (Sunday)

If you want to watch the previous matches and all upcoming matches live on your TV, then you can go with the alternative methods to stream this entire championship game. The next topic will let you know more about it.

An alternative way to watch 2023 March Madness Live:

So, the selected rounds are only broadcast on the truTV channel. But you have some Paid Streaming Services to watch the Previous Matches entirely on the On-Demand videos section. Also, you can watch upcoming live matches too. Here the table shows you the apps and their subscription cost.

Streaming Service Subscription Cost Validity
Paramount Plus
$4.99 Monthly
$49.99 Yearly
$9.99 Monthly
$99.99 Yearly
DirecTV Stream $74.99/ $99.99/ $109.99, $154.99 Monthly
Hulu Plus Live TV $7.99/ $14.99/ $69.99 Monthly
truTV Free
TNT Free
YouTube TV
$25.00 Monthly
$72.99 Yearly
Sling TV $40/ $55 Monthly
Peacock TV
$4.99 Monthly
$49.99 Yearly
CBS Free
Fubo TV
$74.99 Monthly
$84.99 Monthly


Totally, we have ten streaming services to watch live Sports and on-demand videos on your Smart TV. Also, you can watch the live and previous match videos for Free in truTV App, TNT App, and CBS app. Install the app and enjoy watching the 2023 NCAA March Madness Live Basketball matches on your TV. Do you have a Roku device? If yes, click this link truTV on Roku to Install the truTV app and Activate it on the device.


What Channel is truTV on Verizon FiOS? – 183/ 163. Switch this Channel Number and watch truTV on Verizon FiOS. For additional information, I  have given the Verizon FiOS Subscription package details in the above section. Following that grab the procedure to Reactivate your Verizon FiOS user account. For more details, mention your queries in the comment section.

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