What Channel is FYI on Optimum?[FYI TV|Optimum TV]

The FYI channel stylized as “fyi,” is one of the best lifestyle programming cable channels in the US. Here you can watch reality shows, culinary programs, Home renovation, and makeover series. With an Optimum TV subscription can you watch all the programs of FYI Network? If you have doubts about FYI on Optimum TV, then this article can help you with it. Here you can find the channel number for FYI on your cable service and other live streaming options.

Is FYI on Optimum?


Yes, You can watch the FYI Channel on any of Optimum TV Services, by subscribing to its TV Plans. The FYI channel is available only for Select TV and Premier TV subscribers.

What Channel is FYI on Optimum?


You can watch the FYI Channel on your Optimum TV by subscribing to the Select TV on the Premier TV Subscription Plans. If you have not subscribed to the mentioned plans it is not possible to bet on the FYI channel on your Optimum TV cable service. With the help of the Optimum TV Bluetooth-enabled voice remote, you can just speak by pressing the Mic button to reach the FYI channel. Or, you can press channel number 160 on your Optimum TV remote to reach the FYI Channel on Optimum.

Optimum FYI 160

Islanders Game on Optimum

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How to Watch FYI Channel on the Go Using Optimum?

You can carry the FYI channel shows along with you on your Smartphones and Tablets with the help of apps like FYI TV and Optimum TV. Both apps are available for both iOS and Android devices. You can also go to its official sites to access live TV and programs offered by the FYI channel.


fyi tv app

With the new FYI TV app, you can watch full episodes, clips, new and classic shows, full seasons, and more exclusive clips and deleted scenes. All you have to do is to create a profile on FYI TV and start watching its content. Eventhough it is a free app, with your Optimum TV subscription credentials, you can access more FYI content on the go. You can also get the FYI TV app on devices like Apple TV and Roku from its default app stores.

Optimum TV:

Optimum TV app

You can install the Optimum TV app on supported devices and access Live TV and Cloud DVR recordings from anywhere and anytime you want. You can watch all the channels available on the subscription channel lineup, you have subscribed to, which includes the FYI channel. With the Optimum TV app, you can control your Optimum TV box using voice control or its virtual keypad.

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Using WebSite:

play. FYI. tv/live :

FYI Live TV on Site

You can go to FYI official site and tap on the Live TV option. Then select Sign In and enter your Optimum TV or other TV provider credentials. After signing up you can access the FYI channel live on our PC, Smartphone, or Tablet. You can also check on the schedule for upcoming shows on this site.

www.optimum.net/tv/to-go :


Go to Optimum TV’s official site and tap on the TV option and select the TV to Go option. Here you can find the available network channels you can access with your Optimum ID. Go to the entertainment section and tap on the FYI channel. You will be directed to FYI official site, where you need to Sign In with Optimum ID to watch live TV.

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Best Shows to Watch with FYI Channel on Optimum TV:

HOME.MADE: If you are into DIY, Home improvement, decor, and food, you can get tips and projects from experts. Change the way your home looks from the shows like,

  • Rachael Ray’s Italian Dream Home
  • Sell This House
  • Tiny House Nation
  • Zombie House Flipping
  • Vacation Rental Potential
  • Working the Room
  • Million Dollar House Hunters

DRIVE: Everything you can drive from cars to boats and bikes to trucks, all your passion for engines is here. From your home experience the immersive love for vehicles from your home through shows like,

  • Barrett-Jackson LIVE
  • The Ride That Got Away
  • Barrett-Jackson REVVED UP
  • Car Issues
  • United We Drive

OUTDOORS: Get all the experience you can get outdoors at your home. Get inspired by the shows to make your way to the outdoor world with shows like,

  • Hard Truths of Conservation
  • From Scratch
  • Mountain Men

Some of the other FYI network programs you can watch right now on the FYI TV app are,

  • Storage Wars
  • The Liquidator
  • Rise of the Superbombs
  • Hitler’s Secret Tunnels
  • Vietnam in HD


You can now enjoy watching all the programs of the FYI channel now on your Optimum TV cable. With the FYI TV app and Optimum TV app, you can catch up with all the programs on the go. Check out the most watched programs you can stream now on the FYI channel from this article.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Channel is FYI on DIRECTV?

The FYI channel is on channel number 266 on your DIRECTV Satellite connection. You can also use your DIRECTV Satellite or Stream credentials to live stream at the FYI TV app and the DIRECTV App.

How to watch FYI for free?

By subscribing to streaming services with a trial period you can watch the FYI channel for free. The services include Philo, Hulu+Live TV, and Sling TV.