How to Change Time on Casio Watch? Casio G Shock

The Casio is so popular for many reasons. A few scoopable reasons are their extensive span of products, as well as calculators, Watches, and also the electronic musical instruments. Casio offers good quality watches, a great brand name, and a Sport that you can trust. And if you too have this stylish watch and looking for the best guide for How to Change Time on Casio Watch?

How to Change Time on Casio Watch?

Keep yourself calm. Here I am to guide you to Change the Time on your Casio Watch. All you need is to check the topics given in this article. Choose the watch type you have and do follow the instructions given in the topic…

How to Change Time on Casio Watch?

So, the Casio Brand watches have many models. It has 3/ 4/ 5 Buttons. So, I know it is a little confusing, to know, How to Change Time on Casio Watch. But you do not wonder about it, Grab the step-by-step instructions to change and set the time for all types of Casio Watches in the upcoming sections. Here they are;

1). Change the Time on Casio Watch with 3 Buttons

If you have Casio Watch with three Buttons, the first guide is for you. Grab your watch and read the steps one by one mentioned below. And do the same procedure as I have given in the steps. Let us start;

  1. LIGHT >> Top Left ( Switch between Minutes and Seconds )
  2. MODE >> Bottom Left ( Timekeeping, Stopwatch Mode, and Alarm )
  3. START/ STOP >> Bottom Right ( Value to be adjusted)

So, these three are the functioning buttons and the work of it. using this, we are going to Change the Time on your Casio Watch.

  • First, Click the MODE button 3 Times. 

Mode Key on Casio Watch

  • You have to pass over the Stopwatch and Alarm Mode.
  • Then, at the third click, you will reach the Timekeeping mode and the Seconds are blinking.
  • Then, Press the MODE Button to scope the hours.
  • Now, Click the START Button to change the hour count.

Adjust Key on Casio Watch

  • This value can only let you increase it.
  • Next, Push the MODE Button to scope the minutes.
  • Again, Click the START Button to adjust the minute’s value.
  • Now, Push the MODE Button to move to the next screen.
  • It will carry you to the set the month and date.
  • Adjust the Month and Date using the START Button.

That’s all. Now, check, the time and date were changed on your Casio Watch. If you have Four Button Watches, check the next topic. Also, check this article, if you have an Apple Watch. Just tap and listen to Amazon Music on your Apple Watch.

2). Change the Time on Casio Watch with 4 Buttons

The Casio Watches like the AE-1200 have four functioning buttons. It varies based on the watch.

  1. MODE >> Bottom Left
  2. ADJUST >> Top Left
  3. LIGHT >> Top Right
  4. SEARCH/ START/ STOP >> Bottom Right ( You can set the 23/ 24 Hours time format )

So, here the Adjust button is additionally added to the Casio Watch. Now, look at the steps to Change the time on this Casio Watch.

  • Firstly, Long Press the ADJUST Button.

Long Press Adjust Button on Casio Watch

  • Stop pressing the Adjust button, when you have seen the Seconds will start blinking.
  • Now, Click the 12/ 24 Hours button to Reset the Seconds.

Time Format Button on Casio Watch

  • Tap the MODE Button to scope to the hours.

Mode Button on Casio Watches

  • Continue clicking the Mode button to shift to the Minutes, Month, year, and Date.
  • Click the 12/ 24 Hour button to adjust and set the Month, Date, and time.
  • After that, Click the ADJUST Button to Stop Adjusting.

Press Adjust Button on Casio Watch

  • Set your Casio Watch to the Timekeeping mode.
  • And click on the 12/24 Hours button to set the Time format.

Again, to stop setting, click on the Adjust button. Here your Stylish Casio Watch is ready. Follow the same procedure to set the Date, Month, Time, and Time format ever on your watch.

3). Change the Time on Casio Watch with 5 Buttons

The Casio Watch with 4 or Five buttons is a G-Shock model. In this topic, we are going to change the time on Casio G-Shock Watch. Before that check the Layout of this watch.

  1. MODE >> Bottom Left
  2. ADJUST >> Top Left
  3. START/ STOP >> Bottom Right
  4. START/ Reset >> Top Right
  5. LIGHT >> Bottom Front Part ( Commonly, it was labeled as )

Here, is the Key layout of the Casio G-Shock Watch. Now, move to the steps to Set the Time and Date of the Casio Watch.

  • Initially, Long Press the ADJUST Button.

Adjust Button on G-Shock Watch

  • You will take through the Seconds in Timekeeping Mode.
  • Now, click on the START/ STOP button to Reset the Second.

Start or Stop Button on Casio Watch

  • Then, press the MODE Button to scope to the Hour, and Minutes.

Mode Key on Casio

  • Also, it will highlight the Month, Date, and Year.
  • Push the START/ STOP Button to set the Month, Date, Year, and time.
  • Click the ADJUST Button once you have set the time and date.

Adjust Key on Casio

  • Now, head to the LIGHT Button and click it.

G Button on Casio Watch

  • It displays the 24 / 12 Hour Time Format. 

Push the START/ STOP Button to set the time format. At last, press the ADJUST button to exit from adjusting. Now, check the date and time you have fixed correctly. If not, do the process mentioned above. And set the right time and date. Do you know, you can access the Google Calendar on Apple WatchYes, proceed to this linked article and grab the methods.

4). Change the Time on Analog Casio Watch

The Analog Casio Watch looks so classy and stylish. It gives us a rich look. In this topic, we are going to set the time and date for Blue Casio Duro MDV106B Watch. It has only one functioning button. It is easier than other models. Here are the steps;

  • Pull the Crown Buton 2 Times. 

Pull Crown key on Casio Watch

  • Then, Rotate the Cown Button Clockwise.

Adjust Time on Analogue Casio Watch

  • Set the Time now.
  • If you want to change and set the Date and month on your watch,
  • Pull the Crown Button 1 Time.

Crown button on casio watch

  • And then Rotate the Crown Button Counter Clockwise.
  • Now, Push the Crown Button once you have set the Time and Date.

That’s all. The Analog Casio Watch is easier than other models to set and Change Time on Casio Watch.

5). Change the Time on Solar Casio Watch

So, the example model for the Solar Casio Watch is Solar 5208. These types of Casio Watches have Two Displays. The First half is Analog display and the second half is Digital display. So, let us see How to Change Time on Casio Watch. 

  1. MODE >> At 8 o’clock Position
  2. ADJUST >> At 10 o’clock Position
  3. FORWARD >> At 4 o’clock Position
  4. REVERSE >> At 2 o’clock Position

There we have Two Methods to Change the Time in Solar Casio Watch. They are, Automatically and Manually. 

Automatic Method:

  • First, Long Press the MODE Button until the Timekeeping mode has reached.
  • Now, Long Press the ADJUST Button until the ADJ Appears. 
  • It will show you the Cities on the display.
  • Press the FORWARD and REVERSE Button to Search for the City.
  • Push the MODE Button for setting the Daylight Savings Time Mode.
  • Head to the FORWARD Button to ON/ OFF.
  • Now, click the MODE Button to display the 12/ 24 Hours time format.
  • Use the FORWARD Button to set the Time format.
  • Now, Push the ADJUST Button to go back to the Timekeeping mode.

Your Casio Watch will successfully be set to the Automatic match of the time zone that you have selected.

Manual Method:

  • As usual Push the MODE Button to locate the Timekeeping Mode.
  • Now, Long Press the ADJUST Button to set the Time Format.
  • Press the FORWARD Button to Set the 12/ 24 Hour Time Format.
  • Click the MODE Button.
  • It will take you to the new screen.
  • There, you can set the time.
  • After pressing the Mode Button, The Seconds will be highlighted.
  • Use the FORWARD Button to Reset it.
  • Now, Push the MODE Button to shift to the Hours.
  • Again, use the FORWARD and REVERSE buttons to increase and decrease the hours.
  • Use the MODE Button to go through the Minutes, Month, Year, and Day. 
  • To set all these, just use the FORWARD and REVERSE buttons to reset these options.
  • Now, click the MODE Button to check the Duration of Light.
  • Just push the FORWARD and REVERSE buttons to set LT1 and LT3 lights.
  • The LT1 means, it last for 1.5 seconds of light illuminating.
  • And, the LT3 means, the light illuminating lasts for 3 Seconds. 
  • At Last, push the MODE Button to Change the Language.
  • The day and the week are displayed in words on display.
  • To reset it, click the FORWARD and REVERSE Button.
  • Finally, click the ADJUST Button to Exit the adjusting process.

Just the Mode, Forward, and Reverse keys help us Display and reset the date, month, time, year, and day on your Casio Watch. If you have the PS4 Gaming Console, then check, How to Jailbreak PS4  By jailbreaking the PS4 Console, you can access any games on the device.


I hope the above topics will help you with How to Change Time on Casio Watch. You can check the procedures for five different Casio Watch models to change the time and date. Also, you can set the Light Illumination and Daylight Savings on your Watch. Reset the settings and wear your stylish Casio Watch.

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