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When there is Some Popcorn left in your Kitchen, and a sudden urge to Watch Something Good- Pops up in your Mind But Unfortunately – The Channel Number doesn’t pops up! What to do? Just Keep Reading and Find Out What Channel is Pop TV on Spectrum and Also Everything Related.

What Channel is Pop TV on Spectrum?

Is Pop TV available on Spectrum? 

Yes, The Pop TV Channel is available on the Spectrum. You can easily access the Channel on your Cable TV Provider with Just the Perfect Channel Number on your TV.

Thus, To get Pop TV Which is a lot More than Just Pop – Known as the Prevue Guide, Prevue Channel, and TV Guide Network. With this Network, Which is available on the majority of cable and Satellite TV Providers, You will be able to get Entertainment and programs that demonstrate some of the Popular Cultures.

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What Channel is Pop TV on Spectrum? 

What Channel is Pop TV on Spectrum

The fact that the Pop TV Channel is available on the Spectrum Cable TV Provider, You can Simply tune into the Number and Start Watching your TV.

However, The Channel Numbers and availability may tend to Differ Depending on the Geographical location of the Viewer.

Here we have mentioned the Channel Number for the Network, Do Check Out the Table to Start Watching.

SD 100
803 HD

How to Find Pop TV Channels? 

There are two ways you can Search and Find the Pop TV Channel. Either Choose to use the Channel Finder on the Official Pop Website or Use the Spectrum.

  1. On your Browser, Go to the Official poptv.com Website and Navigate to Search on the Local Listings, Channels, and available Programs.
  2. This Way you can Click on FIND US to Know if the Pop TV is available on your TV Provider or Not.
Find Channels on Spectrum 
  • Firstly, Start by Visiting the Official Spectrum Website.

pop tv channel on spectrum

  • Sign in to your Spectrum Account and Then Choose the Services tab to Select the TV Tab.
  • Now, Click on the View Channel Lineup Menu on the Right.
  • Use the Search Bar and Then Type the Name of the Pop TV or Any Particular Channel that you want to Find.
  • Also, You can choose to Filter by Category or Search by the Network Name.
  • In Addition, You can also choose to Search for Any Channel on Spectrum using your  Zip Code. Use your Zip Code and You will get the available TV Channel Networks in your Area.

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What to Watch on Pop TV on Spectrum? 

With the Pop TV Channel, You can watch a number of Amazing Content such as the ;

  1. Programs that are Original Scripted.
  2. Reality Series.
  3. Older Series, International Content.
  4. Professional Wrestling.

Also, At the same time, There are Some of the Popular TV Shows available on the Network that you sure can’t miss.

  • Schitt’s Creek.
  • Hot Date.
  • Hollywood Darlings.
  • Big Brother.
  • Beverly Hills 90210.
  • Charmed.
  • ER, and the List may just go on.

How much is the Pop TV Channel on Spectrum? 

Spectrum is a Subscription TV Provider at the same time and also offers its Users On Demand and Online Streaming Services. This signifies that you will need to have an Active Subscription that includes that Pop Channel on your Spectrum.

If you have not already subscribed to Spectrum TV, then Move on and Choose from the available Packages to Get the Pop on Spectrum.

Currently, There are Only Two Plans Offered by Spectrum, and Wherein – The One Majors in Networks in Latin / Spanish. You can choose the Basic TV Select Plan or the Spectrum TV Essentials and Verify if your Preferred Channel is included.

Take a Look at the Pictured Subscription Plan :

How much is Spectrum Subscription


Watch Pop TV on Spectrum On Demand

In Addition to the Cable TV Services, You can also get your Favourite Pop TV Shows and Content on the Spectrum on Demand. All you need is to Shop and Subscribe to One of its Plans.

Note that the On-Demand Services are available only to the Residential Customers Subscribing to Spectrum TV in Digital / TV Select or above. The Pland and What if offers are Subject to Change.

Other Ways to Get Pop TV on Spectrum 

If by Any Chance, You are not able to Find the Channel on the Mentioned Number or You are a Cord Cutter – You will definitely Want an Alternative Way to get the Channel. In that case, We have it already written for you.

Apart from the Cable / Satellite TV availability, The Channel is also available on Other Platforms to Stream Online and On Demand Content on TV.

  • Accessible through the Application – POPNOW APP.
  • Via Streaming Service Apps.
  • Through FreeView Play / YouView.

Via the PopNow app 

What Channel is Pop TV on Spectrum

There is More on the App with Classic Shows, TV Series, Specials, and a lot more to Watch.

To use the App, You will need to have a TV Provider Subscription and Credentials, You can use the Streaming Services too.

Android and iOS Devices | Apple TV | Roku | Amazon Fire TV | Chromecast | Android TV | 

How to Activate Pop TV

  1. Install the Pop Now App on the Compatible Device. However, The Installation is the same for all the Devices.
  2. Once Installed, Launch the app and You will get an Activation Code,
  3. Visit the POP TV Activation Website, Enter the Code and You will be asked for the TV Provider to Link and the TV Credentials.
  4. Enter your TV Provider’s Username and Password > Sign in to the Website and Refresh to Finally be able to access the Video Content on the App.

Stream Pop TV Live Without Cable 

There are a variety of Streaming Service apps that include Carry the Pop TV Channe on its lineup.

Subscribe and Install the Streaming App on your Devices to get the Channel on your TV.


Costs $69.99 Per Month with a Free Trial, Cloud DVR Storage, Simultaneous 2 Screens, and an Entire Hulu Library to Stream.


Best for Sports and does offer Pop in its PRO PLAN of $74.99 Per Month with 3 Screens, Cloud DVR Storage along with 7 Days Free Trial.


Included on YouTube TV Lineup, at a Subscription Price of $72.99 Per Month. Also, YouTube TV Provides Unlimited DVR Storage, 70+ TV Channels, and Free Trial and Demand Services.


The Channel is included in the CHOICE PACKAGE that costs $69.99 Per Month on DirecTV Stream. Simultaneous Streaming, Cloud DVR,

All these Streaming Service Apps are available on Popular Streaming Devices such as the Following ;

Roku | Amazon Fire TV |Android TV |Apple TV | Chromecast|Android and iOS |

You can Install Any One of the Apps> Subscribe to its Plan> Sign in and Start Streaming.

Final Take 

With the help of the Guide, You can now tune in to Watch a lot of your Favourite Shows, Series, and So on. Not Only Know What Channel is Pop TV on the Spectrum But also get ways to Access without Cable. Therefore, You will be able to Enjoy all the Popular Shows Once you Switch ON your TV Boxes.