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On May 2023, the Pac-12 Championships, NCAA Regional Championships, NCAA Championships, NCAA West Preliminary Rounds, Pac-12 Baseball Tournament, and more championship games are scheduled in the USC Games. If you are looking forward to watching live USC Games on your Cable TV Provider. Get the channel number first. If you are a DirecTV user, check this article to grab What Channel is the USC Game on DirecTV. 

What Channel is the USC Game on DirecTV?

Along with the Channel number, you can check the USC Game Schedule for this year 2023 in the following topics. So, drive right into the article and grab the Channel Number and another easy way to watch the USC Game live on your TV…

About USC Game

The USC is a Trojans Football Program. That Represents the University of Southern California in the American Football Sport. In the Pac-12 and NCAA ( National Collegiate Athletic Association ), the Trojan Football team has Competed in the Football Bowl Subdivision ( FBS ). 

From the Major Wire Service, the USC Trojan Football team has got 11 National Championships. And they have a total of 39 Conference Titles. And 3 Division Titles. The 2023 USC Spring Game started on April 15th ( 2023 ) and still, the game is going on.

You can watch the live USC Games on your TV. If you have a web browser, then you can access the USC Game Official site and watch Live online. Or, if you have the TV Provider, then grab the channel number and watch the live USC Game. So, now, we are going to learn What Channel is USC Game on DirecTV. Check the next topic to learn more. If you are an Auto racer or love to watch live races, check, out What Channel is INDY 500 on DirecTV and watch the 2023 live auto race on your Smart TV.

Recent Update on USC Game

Now, the Pac-12 Championship game is broadcasting live on some Live Sports TV Channels. Following that the NCAA Championship and more games of USC are scheduled. The clear 2023 USC Game Live Schedule has been mentioned as an image in the following topics. Now, check out the Channel number of the USC Game on DirecTV in the next section.

What Channel is the USC Game on DirecTV?

There is no unique channel in the name of USC. But some popular Live Sports Streaming channels are all broadcasting the USC Live Game on their channel. The Channel name and the Channel code are all mentioned in the table here;

TV Provider Channel Name Chanel Number
Big Ten Network 610
ESPN 206
NBC 392
Fox Sports 1 219


Grab the DirecTV Remote and switch the channel number given in the table. If suppose, you can not see the USC Game on these channel numbers, try another simple way. To know what it is, refer to the topic below. Also, the Ice Hockey matches are also streaming live on DirecTV. If you are interested, take a look at What Channel is NHL Network on DirecTV.

Using DirecTV Voice Remote

This is a very simple and easy way to Watch the channels for which you do not know the channel number. Just take a glance at the Steps given below;

  • First, turn on your Smart TV and DirecTV Provider.
  • Then, grab the DirecTV remote.
  • And Press the Mic Button on the remote.

DirecTV Voice Remote

  • Now, you can see the green light on the DirecTV Remote.
  • Just, get the remote closer to your mouth.
  • And say the “Channel Name” which you want to watch now.

Within a while, your required channel will appear on the screen. This is easier because, for some channels, the channel number will differ based on the city and area codes. Instead of searching for the channel for hundreds of channels. Just click and Speak the channel name.

USC Game on DirecTV Subscription Plan

Only, DirecTV Subscription users can only access the live tv channels, exclusive content, and on-demand videos on their Smart TV. First, take a look at the image below to know the DirecTV Subscription cost.

DIRECTV Satellite Packages

If you are a new user of the DirecTV Provider, then this image is useful to you. Go through the features and number of channels available in the DirecTV Satellite TV package. Then choose the best one. Or, if you are an existing user, then check, whether the subscription cost has changed or not.

2023 USC Game on DirecTV Schedule

So, here, you can get the 2023 USC Live Games Schedule as an image mentioned below. Here it is;

Pac-12 Championship Game of USC Pac-12 Championships Game of USC NCAA Regional Championship of USC NCAA Regional Championships of USC NCAA Regional Championship Game of USC NCAA USC Championship

So, here is the USC Game 2023 Live Schedule mentioned in the image up to May 19th. If you want to check more schedules for USC Games this year, please visit the USC Official website. There you can check all upcoming USC Championship games schedules. Not all games are live broadcast on the same television network. So, check the preferred television partner and switch to that channel. If you searching for What Channel is the USC Game on DirecTV, scroll up and grab the channel codes. Also, watch live UFC 288 and UFC 289 Live PPV Events on your Smart TV. To that, check, What Channel is UFC 264 on DirecTV.


Check What Channel is the USC Game on DirecTV in this article. Also, try the easiest straight way to access the USC Game on DirecTV. But, if you are an existing DirecTV User, go visit your DirecTV Account section. And check your DirecTV Subscription status under the Subscription Management tab. If the Subscription validity is going to expire, renew it at the right date for the uninterrupted streaming service.

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