What Channel is S4C on Sky? Welsh Match|S4C Schedule|

Are you wondering What channel is S4C on Sky? This is the best guide for getting more details about this S4C. The S4C channel mainly targets the Welsh language people. This channel has telecasts all over the world. And this provides many genres like, current affairs, religions, agriculture, Sports, drama, music, events, etc. If you people don’t know this language then, use the subtitles features. This feature helps you to get the dialogues in your language.

what channel is s4c on sky?Welsh Games

Moreover, this Sky provider is one of the best cable providers. It is one of the oldest providers. Also, they have a separate fan base. This Sky has many services like Broadcasting, Satellite, IPTV, Video-on-demand, and so on. So you can get this provider at a nearby store or buy this Sky online. To know more about this S4C on Sky, Just Scroll and read this article.

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Is S4c available on the Sky?

how to get english commentary on s4c on sky

The answer is Yes. You can get the S4c on your Sky. For the channel number, just read the next sections of this article. In addition, if you people are in the Wales country, you can get this channel easily. Also, this is one of the popular channels. This channel mainly targets adults. Moreover, this channel telecasts the shows and programs in the Welsh language.

What Channel is s4c on Sky?

This is the main soul of this article. This channel telecasts many shows and programs. This channel mainly targets the Welsh language people. If you don’t know the language just use the CC option to enjoy the shows. The channel number of this S4c on the sky is given below.

S4C channel in Sky
Channel name
Channel number
S4c 134
S4C 104

So this is the channel number of the S4c in the sky. So if you people are in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland. You can watch this channel by searching the channel number 134. But you people are located in Wales, just search the channel number as 104. It may differ from place to place. So if you don’t get this channel number in your location, just search your channel number on the Channel lineup or search the number using the Voice remote. For more details, just read the next section of the article.

Use the Voice Remote to search the S4C channel on the Sky 

s4c Schedule

  • Take the remote.
  • Press and hold the microphone/voice button.
  • And give command as S4C channel.
  • Then, release the button.

That’s it you are done, Now, you can enjoy this channel on your TV.

Search via channel lineup

This method makes it too easy to find the channel number. The steps for searching the channel on the channel lineup are given below,

  • Check the internet connections.
  • Go for the web browser.
  • Search for the Sky Channel lineup.
  • Tap on the official site.
  • Fill in the details and follow the on-screen prompts.

That’s it you are done. Now, you can enjoy this channel with your family.

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How Much is the S4C Channel on Sky Subscription?

We should subscribe to any plan to watch the channel. If you are an existing user, you can watch this S4C channel by searching the number on your TV. But if you people are new to this provider, you can get the full details of subscription plans. Moreover, There are three plans. You can choose any one and each plan consists of hundreds of channels. So for more reference, we will attach the subscription image below.

How much is S4C on Sky Subscription

Live Football on S4c – Wales / Welsh football 

Yes, you guys can watch the Wales Football on the S4c for free. If you subscribe to this channel on Sky provider. Then you can watch the Welsh football matches. This Welsh football team is called Cymru. In recent days, this Football team has had a separate fan base all over the world. Apart from this channel, you can watch live football on the app, on ESPN, BBC Iplayer, Official site, and so on. Also, you can watch sports content like Sgorio, Indigo Prem, S4C Chwaraeon, and so on on this S4C channel. Also, the UEFA Euro qualification round will come to an end. For the upcoming matches, we provide the schedule in this article.

The schedules are,

Date Day Time Matches
18-11-2023 Saturday 730 pm
America VS Wales
22-11-2023 Wednesday 1.15 am
Wales VS Turkey

Install the S4C app 

S4C on Sky - Wales Games Schedule

Already you guys know that the S4C clic app is the service provided by the S4C. Moreover, click is a free online video-on-demand service that provides many features, shows, programs, and so on. In addition, to get a better experience, just install the S4C clic. For  Installation, the steps are too easy

  • Check the internet connections
  • Go to the Google play store or apple app store
  • Search for the S4C clic app
  • Select the official app from the listed apps
  • Then tap on the app and select the install button.

So on this app, you guys can get many features and be compatible with many devices.

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How to get English commentary on s4c on Sky? 

You can get the English commentary on S4c by following these steps.

  • Press the Home button on your remote.
  • From the homepage, go to settings and select it
  • Navigate to set up and select it.
  • Search for preference and tap on Audio languages.
  • Change the preference from Welsh to English.  
  • And make sure, that your audio description is set to off.
  • That’s it, you are done. Now, you can watch all the channels on s4c through English commentary.

Note: This English commentary is available for a limited number of sports channels on s4c on Sky. 


This article provides many details about the S4C channel in the Sky. I hope you will get a clear idea of this topic. Moreover, if you are an existing user of this Sky provider, then search the channel number directly on our TV. Remember, the channel number is 134. In addition, if you have any doubts or ideas related to this article, just comment in the comment sections. To know more about the tech articles, just follow the techthanos article.

Frequently asked questions

On What TV this S4c is available?

You guys can watch this S4C on Many services. If you guys are watching this channel and are located in Wales, then watch Freeview, Virgin TV, Freesat, and Sky. But if you are watching this channel outside Wales, then you guys can View these services. Services like Virgin TV, Freesat, and Sky. Furthermore, You can watch this channel on some Sony devices. In addition, S4C Clic is available in all geographical locations. Also, it’s compatible with all devices.

How to get the Subtitles of S4C on Sky?

You guys can press the help option >> tap on the subtitles >> select the arrow button >>Turn on the subtitles. That’s it you are done. Or follow these steps to turn on the subtitles. Press the service button >> Select the arrow >> System set up >> Select the Language and subtitles >> Handset>> Select your preferred language >> Then tap on save settings >> Save the Button >> From the main menu >> Select the S4C channel >> That’s it. The subtitles will now appear automatically.