How to Install Sky Go on Firestick?

All Sky Sports Live Games are Streaming on the Sky Go app. So, this year 2023 Live Football on the Sky Go app. If you have a Firestick device, then know about Sky Go on Firestick. Definitely, I’ll guide you to stream the Sky Go streaming service on your Firestick device.

Install Sky Go on Firestick

Feel free and join me to install the Sky and stream it on your Amazon Firestick device. Go through the topics I have given below and get all the required information for you.

What is SKY GO?

SKY GO is an online television app company. Which is owned by the European Union’s biggest telecommunication network company, SKY limited. The SKY Limited company is found in the United Kingdom’s capital London. SKY GO is used to watch live online programs, sports, news, movies, etc. We can watch TV channels from every place in the world. 

It is given the Video On Demand technology. We can watch the Tele programs using this technology without any other device’s bits of help.  It gives non-stop broadcasting to SKY TV subscribers. Sky subscribers are automatically granted free access to its streaming service and its App, Sky Go.

Sky Go is a fantastic option to add to your subscription that allows you to watch Sky on any device, regardless of where you are. Here’s how to get the most value from Sky. Suppose you’re a Sky subscriber and have access to the company’s streaming platform, Sky Go. Through Sky Go, you can stream various on-demand and live content. Let’s briefly explain alternative working methods to get sky go firesticks.

Also, Know how to fix How to Watch Sky Sports on Firestick.

Can you Get Sky Go on Firestick?

No, it is not available on Firestick. Sky Go is free for Sky TV subscribers, so you’ll be able to access it when you sign up for Sky.

Sky Go can be watched Sky Go on up to two compatible devices, including tablets, mobiles, and computers. All you have to do is register them with Sky, and you’re good to go.

If you have to switch devices, for instance, if you buy an additional tablet and prefer to use it instead of your phone, you can also take your old Device off and add the new one to the website. Sky Go lets you change devices at least once per calendar month.

How to Get Sky Go on Firestick?

In the above section, I have mentioned that we cannot access the Sky Go app directly on Firestick. So, Here we have another method to access this site Sky Go on Firestick. 

  1. Sideload Sky Go on Firestick.
  2. Using Aptoide.
  3. Using Apps2Fire.
  4. Using ES File Explorer.
  5. Screencast Sky Go on Firestick.

1). Enable Apps from Unknown Sources on Firestick:

#1. You cannot download the SKY GO app directly using Amazon stores. So, we can use the Firestick device for Installation.

#2. After Installing the firestick device, go to the Device’s main settings. Click the MY FIRE TV option. Now you click the developer option.

my fire tv

#3. Now click the ADB Debugging option to work on it.

adb debugging, Apps unknown source

#4. The secondary option on the page is Apps from unknown sources

apps unknown source

#5. If you select ON the opportunity, you can add other devices to the television.  

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How to watch Sky Go on Firestick with Downloader: 

#1. You type in the search bar as a downloader on the home screen. And touch the search icon to search. Now you get the list of apps on the net.

#2. Now you click on the App to download the downloader app for Firestick.

downloader app

#3. After downloading, the App is automatically installed in the system.

#4. Now give the ok symbol to allow it.

downloader firestick
downloader firestick

#5. is entering the address bar to install the SKY GO Firestick app. Then click the ‘go‘ confirmation to install the application.

downloader url

#6. Now click on ‘Install‘ and then ‘Done‘ for Installation.

2). Sky Go Firestick via | the Aptoide app |:

Aptiode app is used to sideload apps on Firestick, just like Downloader. You can use any side loader to download the third-party apps on your Firestick as long as they are legal. Then it clarifies how to watch the Sky Go on Firestick.

1) Firstly, install the Aptoide app and launch it on your Firestick to get Sky Go on Firestick UK.

2) As soon as you launch the Aptiode App, look for the search tab and search for the Sky Go app.

kodi search

3) Launch the Sky Go installation page and install the Sky Go on Firestick UK.

4) Once downloading and installing the Sky Go app, it will automatically launch the Sky Go app and its dashboard.

sky go

3). Using | Apps2Fire |:

Apps2Fire is a unique method to install an application on Firestick with an IP address wirelessly. Therefore, you must have the correct IP Address of Firestick to run the application. Find out the process of finding the IP address of Firestick.

First Step: Get the Apps2fire on your Android.

Step 2: Download the SKY Go application onto Your Android device.

Step 3: Open Apps2Fire. Now open the Apps2Fire application.

4: Select the Setup button.

Step 5: Input the IP address of your Firestick IP Address.

Step 6: Click “Save.”

7: Click on Local Applications.

Step 8: You can download the Now TV application. Just click the Download button.

Step 9: It will start with the installation of an app on the Firestick wirelessly.

Step 10: After the installation is complete, it will open the Sky Go app for your Firestick.

4). Install Sky Go FireStick through | ES File Explorer |:

The Firestick device should be running the Es File Explorer app installed to use this method. If it isn’t, then follow the steps.

  • Visit your FireStick Home screen.

Home page fire stick

  • Click on the search option, search for ES File Explorer, and click OK. 

kodi search type

  • The App’s information will be displayed on your TV screen.

ES File Explorer 

  • Then click the “Get” button.
  • Es file will begin to install by itself when it is downloaded. APK download is completed.
  • After the es file has been installed and downloaded and installed, you can then transfer the application onto your desktop by accessing the apps and channels section.

Install sky go amazon fire stick using ES File Explorer.

  • The first step is to open the File Explorer app on your Firestick. File Explorer app on Firestick.

es file explorer

  • Then, you’ll be presented with a range of options on the main screen. You have to click the “Downloader” icon.

ES File Explorer

  • The following screen will appear on the next screen; you must select the “Add” or “+’ option located at the end of the display.
  • A download box will appear in which you have to input your Path along with the Name of the application you would like to download.
  • Now in the place of Path, enter this URL, and in the area of Name, enter the Name of the App (in this case, Sky Go).
  • Once all information is entered, click the button to download. Button.
  • ES File Explorer will now begin to download the APK from Sky Go.
  • Once the APK has been downloaded, click the Open Folder button.
  • Then click the Install button.
  • It will take users to an installation page.
  • Click on the Install button.
  • Then click on Done.

To delete the APK, click the “Local” or “Local” option located on the left-hand sidebar of the ES File Explorer app, and you’ll then find the home button, click on it, and click on it to scroll until you are in the download folder. Please find it and click on the APK of Sky, then delete it.

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5). How to cast Sky GO Firestick?

Recently, all the devices supported the Chromecast option. That’s where the AllCast app is available to download and cast the content on Firestick. But what if some devices don’t function appropriately with this Chromecast support, you have to look for other options.

1) The first option is to search for the AllCast TV on your Firestick and install it on the Firestick to cast Sky Go.

2) After you have downloaded the AllCast App on your Firestick, you can find it under the “Apps&Games” section.

3) Like Always, download the Sky Go app from the official play store and log in with valid Sky Go credentials.

4) The next step is to launch the AllCast TV app and ensure the devices are connected with the same WiFi connection.

5) Meanwhile, choose the content you want to stream in Sky Go and give cast via the AllCast TV option.

How do I screen Mirror Sky Go on Firestick?

If you’re not able to install Sky Go on your computer, the Sky Go app uses third-party installers. If the Solution did not work, You could utilize the Mirroring the Screen feature of Firestick to mirror Android or iOS smartphone content.

(1) Go to Settings and select the Display & Sound option.

(2) Go to the Enable Mirroring of Display option and tap it.

(3) Choose the Mirroring option.

sky go firestick

(4) You’ll see an interface similar to the one below. Connect your phone with the WiFi networks that you use for your Firestick.

sky go firestick

(5) On your phone, tap on the “Cast” icon. The icon will appear in the Control Centre.

sky go firestick

(6) Your Firestick device will be shown. Click on it. You will now see your phone’s screen mirror to your Firestick.

(7) Now, start the Sky Go application on your phone and stream any video content. It will show up on your Firestick.

What shows can you stream on Sky Go?

With Sky Go, you can view the live Sky TV channels, a vast selection of programming from the library on-demand with over 800 movies for those who subscribe to Sky Cinema, and sports coverage when you have a subscription that includes Sky Sports — and children’s content.

Sky Go vs Sky Go Extra:

The Sky also offers Sky Go Extra, an updated version. Sky Go is named Sky Go Extra.

With Sky Go Extra, you can download programs to stream offline across up to four different devices, including game consoles. This gives you multiroom capability without buying a Sky Q Mini box.

Sky Go Extra is an extra cost, but If you’re an existing Sky Multiscreen client, Sky Go Extra is free.

Are you interested in changing to Sky? Check out all of our current Sky TV deals.

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Sky Go Features:

  • We can watch the programs through the SKY GO TV with the help of a Mac, Windows PC, Xbox 360, play station 3 or 4 operating systems, and mobile phones, or using a WiFi connection on the computer.
  • The digital rights management program protects it. This Sky Goes TV is covered by Microsoft and NDS programmers. 
  • Sky Go provides more than 70 live TV channels such as Sky Atlantic, Sky News, Sky Arts1, Sky1, and much more on FireStick.
  • By connecting the Sky Q box, you can see the recordings.
  • Through the Sky Go Extra subscription, you can connect four devices and download your favorite content.
  • Sky Go is a user-friendly app that includes several categories like Movies, sports, news, documentaries, music, entertainment, etc.
  • It contains famous sports channels like Sky Sports F1, Sky Sports 5, Eurosport, etc.
  • This fantastic service provides a great collection of entertainment channels such as Comedy Central, Fox, ITV, TLC, 5USA, etc.
  • Sky Go also offers a Kid’s channel, including Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, Cartoonito, Cartoon Network, and much more.

Sky Go Channels:

  • Just like Firestick devices are used for watching SKY GO TV apps.
  • If you subscribe to the SKY TV network, it is stream from more than seventy channels for its subscribers.

About Firestick (Sky Go):

Install Sky Go on Firestick

The Firestick is work done with the TV to stream content. The device is just like a drive. It is connected to TeleVision’s HDMI(High Definition Multimedia Interface).

The remote and voice control assistant (Alexa) connect with the Firestick.

These two systems are used to control the whole firestick system.

This Device is changing the standard TV into Smart TV by connecting with the HDMI of the TV. 

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2023 Live Football on Sky Go on Firestick:

Now, a Football match is trending on the Sky Go app. You can watch the Live Premier League, and more Kick-Off matches live on Firestick. Here, check the Schedule;

2023 Live Football on Sky Sports Schedule
Month and Date Day Time Team Game
April ( 5 ) Wednesday 8 (PM) West Ham vs Newcastle Premier League
April ( 7 )
12.30 (PM) Millwall vs Luton Championship, Kick-off
3 (PM) QPR vs Preston Championship, kick-off
3 (PM) Sheffield United vs Wigan Championship, kick-off
3 (PM) Swansea vs Coventry Championship, kick-off
3 (PM) Watford vs Huddersfield Championship, kick-off
3 (PM) Oxford Utd vs Sheffield Wednesday League One, kick-off
5.30 (PM) Sunderland vs Hul Championship, kick-off
8 (PM) Middlesbrough vs Burnley Championship
April ( 8 )
12.30 (PM) Celtic vs Rangers Scottish Premiership, kick-off
5.30 (PM) Southampton vs Manchester City Premier League, kick-off
5.30 (PM) Hertha Berlin vs RB Leipzig Bundesliga, kick-off
April ( 9 )
12 (PM) Dundee United vs Hibernian Scottish Premiership, kick-off
2 (PM) Leeds vs Crystal Palace Premier League, kick-off
2.30 (PM) Borussia Monchengladbach vs Wolfsburg Bundesliga, kick-off
4.30 (PM) Liverpool vs Arsenal Premier League, kick-off
4.30 (PM) Bochum vs Stuttgart Bundesliga, kick-off
6.30 (PM) Hoffenheim vs Schalke Bundesliga, kick-off
April ( 10 )
12.30 (PM) Huddersfield vs Blackburn Championship, kick-off
3 (PM) Coventry vs Watford Championship, kick-off
3 (PM) Birmingham vs Stoke City Championship, kick-off
3 (PM) Cardiff vs Sunderland Championship, kick-off
3 (PM) Preston vs Reading Championship, kick-off
3 (PM) Wigan vs Swansea Championship, kick-off
5.30 (PM) Bristol City vs Middlesbrough Championship, kick-off
8 (PM) Burnley vs Sheffield United Championship, kick-off


In short, These given steps are used to install the Sky Go on Firestick. Now you get a clear idea of how to get the Sky Go on your Firestick devices. When you face any compatibility issues with this application, then the above article helps you. We also discuss how to solve the Sky Go Not working issue. Then you easily sort these issues in easier ways. 

In other words, if you do not have the jailbreak Fire TV stick, then you are not able to install any third-party app with your device. Do not make any confustions; follow the entire article till the end. If you have some doubts about Installation or downloading in our given hints, you can contact our website or comment on it. We can help you. 


1. Free Sky Go for Sky customers?

Sky Go is free for Sky TV subscribers, so you will have access to it every time you sign up to Sky. You can watch Sky Go on up to two compatible devices, mobile phones, tablets, and computers. All you have to do is register them in Sky, and voila.

2. How to watch Skygo on a laptop?

Yes, you can watch it. View programs on-demand live TV from many Sky channels on your Device. If you upgrade to Sky Go Extra, you can download programs on demand for later viewing on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device.

3. Can I view Sky go amazon fire stick?

The short answer is You can instantly download the Sky Go app to your Firestick 4Kor FireTV Cube.

4. Why doesn’t Sky work with my Firestick?

Uninstall the Sky Go app. Download the latest APK and then install it again. If that doesn’t solve the problem, go to the settings on your Firestick. Click “Application” and then locate the Sky Go app. Make sure the Sky Go app has permission to store data.

5. What devices can you use to watch Sky Go?

Loads. It can download on computers, Macs, laptops, tablets, Android devices (4.0+), gaming consoles (with Sky Go Extra), Smart TVs, and streaming sticks. Which devices are compatible with Sky Go?

6. Is it legal for Sky Sports to be viewed on FireStick? 

Sky TV subscribers who have a Sky Sports subscription will be able to access the live feeds of Sky Sports channels via the Sky Go app on their Android and iOS devices.  the Sky Go mobile app supports Chromecast on iOS and Android. You can technically cast Sky Sports streams to Firestick with the AllCast app.

7). Do you have the ability to stream Sky Go on Amazon Fire?

Sky Go has arrived on Amazon Fire tablets just in time for Christmas. The streaming service lets Sky customers stream TV on up to 70 entertainment channels live and on-demand.

Why isn’t Sky working with my Firestick?

8. Sky Go App Doesn’t Work on Firestick.

Remove your Sky Go app, download the most recent APK, and then install the app once more. If this does not resolve your issue, switch to the settings for your Firestick and go to “Application”, then look for your Sky Go app and open it.

10. Is Sky Go free?

Sky Go is free for Sky TV subscribers. As long as you have a subscription to Sky, you will access Sky Go. You can stream Sky Go on up to two compatible devices like tablets, mobiles, and laptops. All you have to do is register them with Sky, and you’re ready to go.

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