How to Turn ON Fitbit Sleep Mode? Fitbit Sense|Fitbit Versa 3

If you want to know your sleep time activity and your heart rate while on your sleep then you have to enable the sleep mode on your Fitbit. There are different models and more options are available on the Fitbit Device. It will monitor you during the Day and night time it will save on your Smartphone then you can see all the information from it. If you are looking for the article on How to Turn ON Fitbit Sleep Mode. Also, you can set the start and end times on the schedule option mode. Let’s Join us on this Fitbit Journey to learn the enable the Sleep mode on your device and live your life happy and healthy.

How to Turn ON Fitbit Sleep Mode

How to Turn ON Fitbit Sleep Mode?

If you want to access the Sleep mode on your Fitbit then you have to Enable it to notify you in your Sleep time. It will calculate your activity in the Sleeping time and also share the information related to your health benefits. There are different types of Fitbit available in the market. All the models of Fitbit have this option to enable the Sleep mode on Fitbit.

The Steps are:

  • First of all, visit the Fitbit Screen.

How to Turn ON Fitbit Sleep Mode

  • Scroll left to Search for the Setting and then Press it.

 Fitbit Sleep Mode

  • Following this, Swipe down and choose the Sleep mode option from it.
  • Turn on or Off the Switch after that Sleep mode option.

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Turn on the Sleep mode on Fitbit Sense and Fitbit Versa 3

There are different types of Fitbit devices available. Most of the Fitbit device contains the Sleep mode option. Just enable it to know your activity of you at night time. It will check your heart rate and everything and it will be stored on your Smartphone.

The Steps are:

  • From the Fitbit Screen, you have to move to the settings.

How to Turn ON Fitbit Sleep Mode

  • Click the Quiet Mode option.
  • After that, you have to Press the Sleep mode option.
  • Switch on it to enable the Sleep mode.

If you want to disconnect the Sleep mode then Turn off the Toggle.

Fitbit Versa 2

  • Click the left button on your Fitbit device to open the notification panel.

 Fitbit Sleep Mode

  • Scroll down and choose the Quick Settings option.
  • Press the Sleep mode option.
  • Switch it to On or Off.

Fitbit Versa Lite 

  • On the home page of Fitbit Versa Lite.
  • Scroll down to get the Status panel.
  • Tap the Sleep mode icon.

How to enable Fitbit Sleep Mode

  • After that, Click the Schedule mode option.
  • Turn it on or off.

Fitbit Luxe

  • Launch the Settings option on Fitbit Luxe.
  • Choose the Quiet Mode.
  • Scroll down and press the Sleep mode.

How to enable Fitbit Sleep Mode

  • Tap the Schedule button.
  • Turn on or Off the Sleep mode.

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How to Activate Fitbit Sleep Mode?

Here we share the steps to Activate your Fitbit Sleep mode. Not only the Sleep mode, you can enable many options. Also, you can adjust the process of scheduling sleep mode, Set Alarm, and more settings. Only then you can activate the Fitbit.

The Steps are:

Setting Option on FitBit

  • Move to the “settings option”.
  • Press the “Sleep mode option”.

How to enable Fitbit Sleep Mode

  • Select it and set the schedule of your Sleep mode. At this stage, You can set the “Start and End times” of you.
  • Your device automatically moves to the Sleep mode and you have to Enable it to the “Auto Sleep” mode option.
  • Also, fix the “Silent Alarm option”.
  • Set the Sleep Goal, as you wish. Daily Goal for Your Sleep.
  • After completing all these processes Click the Activated option. Now it starts to notify you.

How to Schedule the Sleep Mode on Fitbit?

Also, You can schedule Sleep mode based on your convenience. It means you can fix the Start and End time of the Sleep mode to activate on your Fitbit Device. Here we share the steps to set up the schedule for the Sleep mode.

The Steps are:

Setting Option on FitBit

  • In your Fitbit Watch, Move to the Settings.
  • Swipe down and choose the Quiet Mode.

Schedule Mode

  • Again Swipe to the Bottom of the screen and click the Schedule mode button.
  • In the Mode of schedule, you have to switch next to the off-hour option.

Start and end time

  • At this stage, you have to set the Start time and End Time.

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How Does My Fitbit Find the Stages of My Sleep?

According to your Heart rate and movement of the pattern, your Fitbit calculates your Sleep Stage. It will calculate the HRV which stands for Heart rate variability also called Beat-to-beat variation based on your Heart rate. It will calculate and identify your Sleeping mode pattern from the night and before using the process with heart rate pattern and you can check your activity on your Smartphone.

How to Track Sleep on Fitbit?

Here you can get the steps to track Sleep on Fitbit, You have to enable the track mode and it will start tracking you at night time, You can set up the time and more options based on your Comfort. Also, you can get the History option.

The Steps are:

  • Move to the Dashboard of your Fitbit device.
  • Click the Sleep option.
  • Now you will see the details about the latest need and it includes the duration and Sleep Cycle.
  • Suppose you need to know the entire history then press the Sleep History option.
  • You can use a History option to see the details of Duration, Time in Bed, Sleep Cycle, and More.
  • In addition, it offers information about the Quality of your requirements.

Highlight to Turn on Fitbit Sleep Mode

If you are an existing user or a new user of this Fitbit device then you must know all these amazing features available on this Fitbit.

  • You can adjust and access the Noise Sensitivity.
  • Fix the Alarm to Wake up you.
  • Also, you can Track the Sleep Stages.
  • It will give and show you your Sleep Goals.
  • You can reduce the Screen brightness.
  • Mute the Notification – avoid or stop the notification while getting a notification.

Closing Off

Hence the above article, You guys get the information on How to Enable Fitbit Sleep Mode. There are many Fitbit devices available on the market, you can get it to monitor you daily. Even at night time. It helps you to calculate heart rate, Sleep tracking, and More activity. You can enable the sleep mode, and also fix the Schedule of Sleep mode. Different types of modes are available to track your activity. We have mentioned the detailed information in the above article.