How to Watch TBS on LG TV? Installation Guide

Are you a baseball and Football lover? Then the TBS Channel is one of the best channels to telecast these types of sports tournaments and their related events on the Network. Furthermore, You can watch this year’s famous baseball match as MLB regular season will be going to start and the Concacaf Final tournament will be conducted. All these events will be telecast on this TBS Channel. Don’t forget to install the TBS on LG smart TV. Are you looking for an Article on How to Watch TBS on LG TV

Then you have to refer to this article we are going to share the information to get the TBS Content on the LG smart TV screen. Much more exciting information is waiting in this article. Let’s get started reading this content.

How to Watch TBS on LG TV Installation Guide

How to Watch TBS on LG TV?

TBS is one of the popular TV Channels and it telecast various movies, shows, and TV original content on the LG Smart TV. But the TBS Application is not available on LG smart Tv. You can use an alternate way to stream the content. We preferred the Casting method to watch its content on the LG smart Tv. Here we are going to share the steps to cast the TBS Content from Smartphone and PC to the LG smart TV.

Steps to Cast TBS on LG smart TV by using a SmartPhone

Whereas the TBS application has a Cast feature by default. You should connect with the same internet connection to your device then you have to proceed with the upcoming steps.

TBS on Google Play store

  • First of all, you have to install the TBS application from the Google Play store.

TBS sign in

  • Once the application is installed then you have to log in by using your TV provider subscription account.

cast icon

  • Click the Cast icon from the notification center. Inside the icon, you have to select your Device name “LG Smart Tv” and pair the devices.
  • If the device gets paired then you have to play the content from the smartphone.
  • Then it will be cast to the LG smart TV screen.

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How to Get TBS on LG TV through PC?

You can also cast the TBS content from the PC to the LG smart TV. Now, we will share the steps to get the TBS. In the beginning, you have to fix a stable internet connection to both devices. After that, you have to follow the upcoming steps.

TBS official site

  • Choose Google Chrome and visit the official website for TBS.

TBS sign in

  • Select it and Sign in with your subscription account.
  • Tap the Customized and Control Google Chrome in the browser.

Select the LG TV device name

  • After that, you have to choose the cast icon from the menu and you should select your device name.
  • Click to pair the devices.
  • If the device gets paired then you have to watch the TBS content on the LG smart TV screen.

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Alternate Way to Watch TBS on LG TV.[Streaming Services]

Already you know that the TBS application is currently unavailable on the LG app store. So you can stream the TBS content by using a streaming service. You can install streaming services such as Sling TV, DirecTV Stream, YouTube TV, and Hulu Tv on the LG smart TV from the app store and watch the TBS on LG TV.

But each streaming services have a separate Subscription package to watch its content. Here we are going to demonstrate the steps to install Sling TV on Lg smart TV. You can follow the steps to download the other streaming services on LG smart TV. Check out the information below.

Sling TV:

Sling TV

TBS Channel is the part of sling TV subscription package at $40 for one month and it gives more than 30 Channels and also provides 50 hours of cloud DVR storage space. Suppose you need much more hours to store your content then you have to upgrade the hours up to 200. But you have to pay extra at the price of $5 per month. Whereas you can install the Sling TV streaming service on the LG smart TV. Check this link to get Sling TV on LG smart TV

DirecTV Stream

DirecTV Stream

To be sure, you can watch TBS Channel on the DirecTV stream. So, you can Install the DirecTV stream on LG TV and watch the TBS content. Moreover, The DirecTV stream is a subscription service you have to pay for the subscription. However, the TBS Channel comes under the package of Entertainment at the cost of $74.99 for one month. Also, it provides five days of free trial days.

You can install the DirecTV stream by using a web browser and entering the URL for the DirecTV stream. Then you have to sign in with your account and move to see the TBS channel on the channels lineup and watch the TBS Channel content. You can refer to this link to install DirecTV stream on LG Smart TV



Of course, you can get a TBS Channel on this Hulu Streaming service, and its rate at $69.99 for one month. Along with the package you can get 70 top Channels. Unless it gives unlimited DVR storage space and two Users can stream the content at the same time. If you need to access Hulu content on an unlimited device then you have to upgrade your device paid extra at the cost of $9.99 for a month. Moreover, you can install the Hulu streaming service on the LG smart TV to watch TBS Channel content.

  • From the Home page of the LG smart TV.
  • Move to the LG Content store option.
  • By using the search bar type “Hulu” and click to find it.
  • From the result hit the application and click the install button.
  • Once the application is installed then you have to activate the application.
  • For this process, you have to note the activation code that will appear on the LG smart TV screen.
  • Move to the official site for activating Hulu.
  • After that, you have to enter the activation code in the required field.
  • If the process is done then you have to get permission to access TBS content on LG smart TV.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV

This service is available at the cost of $72.99 for one month. With the package, you can get TBS Channel. Furthermore, the YouTube TV service has more than 60 Channels. Also, you can obtain unlimited DVR storage cloud and three users can stream the content simultaneously. Apart from that, the YouTube TV service is compatible with many streaming devices such as Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, roku, Android, iPhone/iPad, Google Chromecast, Xbox, LG smart TV, Sony Smart TV, Samsung Smart TV, and VIZIO Smart TV. Other than that, Youtube TV is not available on Nintendo. Please visit this link to get YouTube TV on LG Smart TV

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The Ending Words

In short, This article contains the required information to watch TBS on LG TV. We included the details that TBS is directly available on the LG content store. For this reason, you cannot get this application from the content store. We mentioned the ways to watch the content by using a screen casting method, and also using a streaming service downloaded on the LG smart TV to tune the TBS Channel to watch your favorite movies, shows, and programs. Don’t miss the events watch on TBS Channel. We hope this article will help you to watch TBS on LG Smart TV. If you need additional information related to this article, let me know in this comment section.