How to Watch Roku on LG Smart TV? |Updated|

Normally the LG Smart TV has many popular built applications. Additionally, if you need any other application from a streaming device, Then it is possible to connect it. Here in this article, we will share the information on How to Watch Roku on LG Smart TV. Whereas Roku is compatible with Smart TVs. So you can easily connect and watch its content. Let’s look at methods in the upcoming sections.

How to Add Roku on LG Smart TV

How to Get Roku on LG Smart TV?

Unfortunately, The Roku Channel App is not available on LG Smart TV. So you can’t directly install the application. But you can easily connect the Roku Stick to the LG Smart TV HDMI port. In this case, you can easily access the Roku OS on your Smart TV. Then you can download applications from the Roku Channel Store.

Suppose, you want to stream content on your device, Just remove the Roku Stick and usually access the LG channel content. This is an amazing two-in-one device to access Live TV shows, programs, and many Movies.

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To connect your Roku streaming Stick to your LG Smart TV

You have to connect your Roku streaming stick to the LG Smart TV by using some tricks such as Using a USB Cable, and Power Adapter.

Set up the Roku on LG Smart TV:

Roku on LG Smart TV

  • Switch on Your Roku streaming stick to the HDMI port on your device
  • Then you have to fix the USB Cable into the Roku streaming stick.
  • After that, you have to Plug the Power adapter into your wall outlets or power outlets.
  • Switch on your TV click the HDMI inputs, and connect your streaming device.
  • Further, you have to pair your Roku TV with your remote.
  • Then you have to choose your recommended language setting.
  • You have to select the Display Type and read the instructions, and then you can activate your roku account by entering your email address.
  • Click the Add channel to your Roku home display.
  • Then you have to update your home screen with the channels, and then you have to select it.

Alternate Ways

There is an alternative way available to Stream Roku Channel content on your device. You can download the Roku Channel app on your smartphone from Google Play Store or App Store. The upcoming section will share the steps.

Steps to Airplay Roku on LG smart TV

If you are using an iPhone then you can use this method to use an Airplay method to watch content.

STEP 1 >>

First of all, download the Roku channel from your iOS device.

STEP 2 >>

Then confirm that your smart TV and iOS device are linked with a standard internet source.

STEP 3 >>

Now play any of this channel content on your iOS device.

Cast Icon

STEP 4 >>

Further, choose the Airplay to cast the content.


Then select your LG TV from the available list, and then it will cast on your LG TV instantly.

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How to Stream Roku Channel on LG Smart TV Using Screen Mirroring?

If you are using an Android Device then you have to use this Casting method to access the Roku Channel Application. Before casting must connect both devices with the same Wi-Fi connection.

The Steps are:

Roku on LG Smart TV

  • Once download the application.
  • Navigate to the Notification panel.

cast icon

  • Click the Cast Icon—> Choose the Device name.
  • Pair up the device.

Once its’ done then you can watch Roku Channel app shows, programs, and Movies.

How to Sign In with Roku?

Follow the steps that mentioned the keys and primary points below:

Step 1: ( Open )

We have already installed the Roku mobile app on our device. If you do not get it on your device, then install it immediately on your streaming device.

Step 2: ( Settings )

Roku on LG Smart TV

Go to the settings section in the installed Roku mobile app.

Step 3: ( Profile )

Instead of going to the Settings section, you can search for the profile icon on the four sides of the Roku mobile app screen.

Step 4: ( Email Address )

We have seen the two boxes on the given page, and you have to fill both boxes. First, fill in the mail address box. You have to type your registered email ID.

Step 5: ( Password )

Then, enter your created password in the second box when creating the Roku service account.

lg tv with roku

Step 6: ( Submit )

After entering all details in the given boxes, click on the Submit button to get into the Roku streaming page.

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Our Final Words

From the article, you guys know How to Watch Roku on LG Smart TV. You can’t directly download the Roku Channel applications. So we have mentioned the method to connect the Roku Stick to the LG Smart TV. As well as use an alternative way as screen mirroring and the Airplay method. If you have any doubts related to this article, Let me know in this comment section.