How to Fix Snapchat Camera not working problem?

Generation Z has been making Snapchat keep going on. There are newly released filters for Snapchat users, and when you try those filters on and find the Snapchat camera not working. Don’t through your phone and feel sorry later. There are methods that you can use on your SmartPhone to make the Snapchat Camera work again. In this article about How to Fix Snapchat Camera not working problem? You can find the solution you need.

Why is Snapchat Camera not working?


Having a long streak on Snapchat has become popular, and some do it to gain a Snapchat score for their Snapchat account. When you try to take pictures on your Snapchat camera to maintain your streak and find a pop-up saying, “Snapchat is unable to open the camera. You may need to restart the application on your device.” The things that cause Snapchat Camera not to work would be

  • Snapchat app technical problems.
  • Slow device performance.
  • Old Snapchat version.
  • Outdated Mobile OS.
  • No proper internet connection.
  • Device app settings.
  • Old device.

These will cause your Snapchat camera too,

  • Have Black Screen.
  • Unable to use Snap features.
  • No sound on Vidoe Snaps.
  • Unable to access new Snapchat features.
  • Impossible to use Long Snap features.
  • Snapchat camera Zoomed in.

Worried about your Snapchat streak

going down due to the Snapchat Camera not working? Continue to read this article and fix that problem on your Snapchat application.

How to Fix Snapchat Camera not working problem?

Follow the instructions step by step given here to make your Snapchat camera work again. These methods are for both iOS and Android device users. The fix is simple; all you have to do is follow up on the procedures given here,

Check Internet:

Your Snapchat camera cannot perform if there is instability on your network work. Check your WiFi frequency and the distance the router is placed. Try using Snapchat from the WiFi network to Mobile Data and see if Snapchat Camera is working.

Clear Snapchat Cache:

If your Snapchat Camera is still not working, then clear your Snapchat application cache memory to get rid of bugs on the app. The clear Snapchat Cache memory by following the simple steps provided here,

  • Go to your Snapchat account by pressing the Account Icon and selecting the Settings icon to enter the Snapchat settings menu.
  • Under the Account Activity section, select the Clear Cache option.

Clear cache on snapchat

  • Tap on Continue at the pop-up Clear Cache screen.

This will clear all the Snapchat application Cache memory on your Smartphone and make the Snapchat camera work well again.

Clear Snapchat Lens Data:

Whenever you try on a new lens at your Snapchat camera, it gets stored in your Snapchat cache memory. If this memory gets full, when you try new lenses, it will not work due to insufficient memory space. You need to clear your Lens data on Snapchat to use Snapchat Camera without any issues. The simple steps you need to go through would be,

  • Reach Snapchat Settings from your account page.
  • Under the Who Can… menu, select Lenses and then select Clear Local Lena Data.

clear lens data on snapchat

  • Close the app and open it again to find the Snapchat camera working just fine.

Check Snapchat App Permissions on your Smartphone:

If you have not provided the necessary permissions for Snapchat to work well with your Smartphone, then you can find the Snapchat Camera is not working. You need to check the Snapchat application permissions on your Smartphone with the simple steps provided here,


  • Go to your Android device Settings and choose the Apps and notifications option.
  • Find the Snapchat app here and select the Permissions option.

Snapchat Permissions

  • Now check Camera and Microphone permissions; if not granted, choose the options and select the “Allow only while using the app” option.

snapchat allow while usign app


  • Find the Snapchat app on your iPhone settings menu.
  • You can find all the permissions granted to the Snapchat app here.
  • If you find that the camera and microphone aren’t switched on, then tap to toggle it on.

Update Snapchat:

If you have not yet updated your Snapchat application to its latest version, then it is possible for the Snapchat camera to not work due to bugs. To get the latest Snapchat application on your Smartphone, go through these simple steps.


  • Go to the Google Play store and go to its menu and select My Apps & Games.
  • You can find all the apps available on your Android devices that have an update under the Update section on the app store.
  • Find the Snapchat app and select Update


  • Get to your iPhone App Store and select the Updates option at the bottom.
  • With all the apps that have updates that are available on your iOS device, find and select Update on the Snapchat app.
  • Once the Update is completed, you can use the newer version of Snapchat on your iOS device.

Reboot your Snapchat Device:

A Simple reset of the device you use Snapchat on can help you get rid of the Snapchat Cameras Not working issues. To restart your smartphones, follow the steps you have to go through.


  • Press and hold the Android phone power button until power options are displayed.
  • Swipe or Tap on the Restart option.
  • Once the reboot is finished, try using the Snapchat app on your device.


  • Press and hold both the volume and power button on your iPhone.
  • The slide to power off option appears, and you have to swipe to turn your device off.
  • Wait for some time and again press the Power button until the logo appears.

Reinstall Snapchat:

Is your Snapchat Camera not working problem still continuing? Then, for now, the best option would be to delete the Snapchat app and install it again on your device. To reinstall Snapchat on your mobile device, follow the simple instruction provided,


  • Find the Snapchat app and long press the icon to open the sub-menu.
  • Under this menu, choose Uninstall and confirm your selection.
  • On your devices, Google Play Store, reach the Snapchat app information page.
  • Here tap on install to get the Snapchat application reinstalled on your Android Smartphone.


  • Touch and hold the Snapchat app on your iOS device’s home screen.
  • From the pop-up menu, choose Remove App and then tap Delete the app.
  • Go back to your device’s App Store to find the Snapchat application on it.
  • Now tap on getting to reinstall the Snapchat app on your iOS device and log in to your Snapchat account.

The End

If you find the Snapchat Camera not working even after following all the methods provided in this article, then you have to call the Snapchat Help center and get the help you need. Providing app permissions for Snapchat to use Camer while opening it for the first time can save you from now its not working issues.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I Use Snapchat on my PC?

If you have a Chrome web browser on your PC with an internet connection, you can easily access your Snapchat account on it. Use URL

What is C14a Snapchat Error Code?

Error Code C14a on your Snapchat application asks you to contact Snapchat support due to an in-app glitch. This error code is spotted when you try to install a new update on the Snapchat app.

Which Smartphone is best for Snapchat?

The iPhone 13 Pro Max would be the best Smartphone on which you can use the Snapchat app currently.