How to Fix Amazon Prime Subtitles Not Working Issue?

Watching other language movies and series without subtitles would be like watching a moving picture without understanding anything. Having subtitles out of sync with the video is even worse. Amazon Prime is one of the most used Streaming service platforms worldwide and offers subtitles to all of its contents. But sometimes, you can find that the Amazon Prime Subtitles need to be Working for the content you are playing. Many things cause this problem, and you can quickly solve it by reading this article on How to Fix Amazon Prime Subtitles Not Working Issues?

Why is Amazon Prime Subtitles Not Working?

In some instances, you might find your Amazon Prime Subtitles or Closed Captions not working correctly. The common problems with regard to Subtitles you can find on Amazon Prime are,

  • Your Amazon Prime contents Audio and Subtitles are Out of Sync.
  • Subtitles are not available or vanish after some time.

Are these the things that infuriate you while using Amazon Prime Video? I Can make you cool down with some simple fixes for this Amazon Prime Subtitles Not Working problem. Continue on with this article and know the fixes.

How to Fix Amazon Prime Subtitles Not Working Problem?

As you now know, the reasons for Amazon Prime Subtitle Not working problem; it is time to make them work. The simple fixes you can do on your Prime Video to get your Subtitles or Closed Captions are as follows,

Check Amazon Prime Media Player:

The first thing you need to check is whether you have your Subtitle option on or off. To check it, follow the steps given here,

  • Get into your Amazon Prime Video Setting, and if the CC option is turned off.
  • If it is not turned on, you can just toggle it to turn it on.

You can also try to forward the content you are watching for up to 20 seconds and see if the Subtitles are occurring and are in sync with the Audio.

Check Subtitles:

You need to confirm if the subtitles are not working only on particular content or on all the videos available on Amazon Prime Video. To check this, play another video and turn on the Subtitle to see if the subtitles are working on it or not. If you see that Amazon Prime Subtitles are not working, then carry on with the methods given in this article.

Restart the Amazon Prime app:

On whatever device you may be using, the Amazon Prime app, just close it down and remove it from running in the background. Now again, open the app and try to watch the content you want with Subtitles. If you find that the Subtitle is working, then leave it as it is. If not, you have to try using all the other methods provided here.

Clear Amazon Prime Application Cache memory:

Overloading your Amazon Prime application Cache memory can sometimes be the reason for Subtitle not working. You have to clear the unwanted cache memory to make Closed Captions work on your Prime video player. The steps to clear Cache Data of Amazon Prime are as follows,


Settings > Apps and Notifications > Prime Video > Storage > Clear Data.

  • Go to your Android device Apps and Notifications section on its Settings.
  • Find the Prime Vidoe app here and select Storage.
  • Choose the Clear Data option and confirm it by pressing OK.


Settings > Prime Vidoe > Turn on Reset cached content

  • Get into iPhone settings and find the Prime Video app here.
  • Find Reset Cached content and turn it on to clear Prime Vidoe cache memory.

Change Subtitle Settings:

Having subtitles blend with the video playing on your Prime Video can make it look like it is vanishing. Dont worry. You can personalize what your Subtitle or Closed Captions look like. Follow the steps for the different devices you use Prime Vidoe on.

  • Open the Prime Video app and select your Profile to select Account & Settings option.
  • Choose the Subtitles option and select from the presets.
  • You can select Edit to personalize the subtitles the way to want them to look and save the changes.

preset subtitle

  • Go to the video you were playing and go to subtitle settings.

subtitle settings

  • Now under Presets, select the saved preset and close it.

When you play the video on your Amazon Prime video, you can now see your customized subtitles. You can use these steps for your Smart TV, iPhone, and Andorid phones.

Additional Things to Try:

Other things you can try to make subtitles work again on your Amazon Prime Video Platform would be,

  • Check for updates on the Amazon Prime video app and if there are any, then update it to its latest version from your device’s app store.
  • Reset your device and try accessing Prime Video subtitles.
  • Try using the Amazon Prime Video application on different devices and check for subtitles and closed captions.
  • If you are using streaming devices to access Prime Video, then do a power cycle on that device.

The End

If you are still facing Amazon Prime Subtitles not working problem, you need to contact the Amazon Prime Vidoe help center to see what they can do about it. You can always opt for other streaming service apps that have the same content as Amazon Prime Vidoe and watch the content you like on it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is CC?

CC – Closed Captioning. These are subtitles with all the information from the Audio. The Closed Captions are used for easy understanding of the dialogues and other audio information available on a video.

Can I Change the color of the Subtitles on Amazon Prime?

Yes, You have to go to the Prime Vidoe subtitle settings and personalize the subtitles the way to want and can save them and use them on the Prime Vidoe content.

How to Change Language on Prime Video?

On your Amazon Prime Video media player, select the subtitles option, and under Audio, you can choose the language you want.