How to Fix Philips Roku TV No Sound?Easy Fixes

Philips Smart TV is supported with the Roku TV streaming device. You can connect the device with your smart TV to watch all your favorite content. Roku TV offers you many applications and its shows, programs, and more entertainment sources. In case, your Roku TV content doesn’t produce sound for the content. It means, your device is affected due to some technical fault or any other errors. You have to find the error and solve it to access shows and programs. If you are looking for the article on How to Fix Philips Roku TV No Sound. Suppose, you can’t find the exact error then you can contact the Customer support center.

How to Fix Philips Roku TV No Sound

How to Fix Philips Roku TV No Sound?

Due to some technical error, the Philips Roku TV No Sound error appears. But you can solve this issue by using some tricks and methods. Once you find the exact error you can fix up with the right Solution. Suppose you can’t find the errors on your TV then you can try out with the simple methods. Here in this upcoming section, we will share all the basic methods to solve the problem. It is tough to clear the issue then you can contact the customer support center.

Check the HDMI and Network Connection

You can check the network connection to watch your favorite content on your Philips Roku TV. This error occurred due to the lag of the internet connection. Once you fixed your device with a stable internet connection you can get your favorite content with HD audio Quality on the Philips Roku TV.


  • Move to the Setting Option from the Home Page of Roku.

Network option on Roku

  • After that, press the Network option.
  • Following that Click the About option.
  • Now the page will find the signal strength as a Command such as “Poor, Good, or Excellent”.


Philips Roku TV No Sound

  • Press the Check Connection option.
  • Start checking your wireless and Wired connection and Internet connection.
  • If the checking process is completed then You will see the message “Connection check was successfully completed”.

Still, the Philips Roku TV No sound error is Continued after checking the HDMI and Internet Connection. Then there was another error that affected your Smart TV. So you have to clear that with the exact solution. Move to the upcoming tricks and methods.

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Power Cycle Your Smart TV

The power Cycle is just the process of restarting your TV. It is a simple process but it will be the best solution for this Problem. Once you try this power cycle, the Audio quality is much better than the previous one.

The Steps are:

Philips Roku TV No Sound

  • If your Smart TV is On, Just switch off your TV and then disconnect the wires from the electric Source.
  • Wait for at least 30 Seconds.
  • Again connect your TV Back to the power outlet and switch it ON.

Now you can play any channels or videos and check the Volumes are working properly and that the Philips Roku TV No Sound error is cleared. If not then you can try out the upcoming methods.

Factory reset your Philips Roku TV

Resetting is the process of Solving all the errors available on this Roku TV. While in this process, all the bugs, errors, and glitches will be removed. You can do this process using a Remote or using a controller. Look below for the Steps.

Factory Reset Roku

  • Press the Home button by using your Roku remote.
  • Swipe to choose the Settings option.
  • Click the option System—> Advanced System Settings–> Factory reset.
  • Now you have to enter the Code that will be shown on the screen and then press the OK Button.

You can also reset your Smart TV without using the controller. Use some physical reset button on your Smart TVs.

  • Click and Hold the reset button for at least 10-20 seconds till your device is Switch on.
  • Again press the button to restart your smart TV.

Once the process is completed you have to check that Philips Roku TV No Sound issues are cleared.

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Switch Audio Output Mode

Sometimes, this error will occur if your output audio signal is too Weak, Then you can switch your Audio output Mode to clear this error. Also, this process helps to increase the Quality of your Sound. Here we share the steps to switch the Audio output signal mode.

Philips Roku TV No Sound

  • Navigate to the setting option–> Audio–> S/PDIF and ARC.
  • Click the Auto Detect option and PCM-Stereo.

After that, Play any of the content from the Philips Roku TV and check whether the issue is cleared.

Clear Cache the Philips Roku TV

If there is no Space on your Philips Roku TV then you have to Clear all the unwanted data and Files on your device. Once you give some space to your device to store all the new updated content. Also, it will solve the error of Philips Roku TV with No Sound issues.

Clear cache Roku

  • First of all, Move to the Home page.
  • Click the Home button on your TV remote for five times.
  • Tap the Up arrow button for one time.
  • As well click the Rewind Button twice.
  • At least, Click the Fast Forward button two times.

I Hope this Philips Roku TV No Sound Error is cleared, If not then you can try out the upcoming Method.

Turn Off your TV Volume Mode

All Roku TV model has this option that you can control the TV Volume Mode options. If you can’t hear any sound from your video then you can turn off your Volume mode. For a few seconds and then again Turn On it and check that, your Philips Roku TV has No Sound issues.

The Steps are:

Philips Roku TV No Sound

  • Press the Star (*) button using your Roku remote.
  • Click the Sound setting option.
  • Move to Click the Volume Mode and turn it Off.

If it is turned off then the Audio Output is undefined and then check out that Philips Roku TV No Sound Error is solved.

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Update your Philips Roku TV

If you run your Philips Roku TV in an older version then you have to update your Software to the current OS version. This action solves our Philips Roku TV No Sound Error. While updating our Software many features and Advantage benefits will be added. So never forget to check the update availability at least once a month. If the Update is available then update your OS. Otherwise, Toggle ON the Automatic Update option.

Philips Roku TV No Sound

  • From the Home page of the Roku device.
  • Direct to the Settings option.
  • Again click the System—> System update.
  • Check if any update is available for your device.
  • If any update is available then you have to click the Update button.

It will start updating your Smart TV. Once the process is completed you have to open any application or channel and start playing the content. Still, the Philips Roku TV No Sound Problem is not returned so move to the further procedures.

Contact Support Center

If you try all the above methods to solve the Philips Roku TV No Sound error. But still, they show the same error on the screen. Then you can contact the Roku or Philips customer support center. They will be available 24/7 for you. You can contact them through email, or using their Toll-free numbers. Technicians share the exact solution in the screenshot format. Follow the instructions and be free from the error on your Roku TV.

The Final Words…

Hence from the above article, you guys know how to Fix Philips Roku TV No Sound. They will happen due to some bugs and errors appearing on your device. We have mentioned the solutions along with the steps. Lots of amazing shows, programs, and movies are available on this Roku device. You can access lots of applications and their content. But you can’t now listen to the sound from your favorite content. But don’t worry, just tried out all the methods.