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Peacock TV Premium Streaming Service is available and compatible with many streaming devices. Now, we have to whether the Peacock TV is available on the Vizio Smart TV. To know, How to Install and Watch Peacock TV on Vizio TVrefer to the topics mentioned in this article.

How to Get Peacock TV on Vizio TV?

Refer to the first topic to know Is Peacock TV available on the Vizio Smart TV or not. Following that, learn the installation method to get the Peacock TV on the Vizio TV. Let us dive right into the content now…

Is Peacock TV on Vizio TV?

Yes. Fortunately, the Peacock TV streaming service is available on the Vizio Smart TV. You can download it directly from the Vizio TV default app store. If you downloaded any apps on your Vizio Smart TV, then follow the same installation method to get the Peacock TV on Vizio TV. Or, if you need the guidelines, then check out the topic below;

How to Sign Up with Peacock TV?

If you are a Peacock TV existing user, please skip this topic and move to the next one. Or, if you are a Peacock TV new user, then follow the steps given in the following section;

To Sign Up with the Peacock TV, you can use any Smart devices you have. Such as Smartphones, Laptops, Desktop PC, and more.

  • First, Connect your Smart device with a high-speed internet connection.
  • Launch the Web browser app.
  • Navigate to the search section.
  • Browse for “Peacock TV” in the search panel.
  • Launch the Peacock TV Official Website.
  • Head to the Get Started tab in the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Now, it will redirect you to the Subscription section.
  • Select any one Subscription plan.
  • It has both Monthly and Annual Subscription packages.
  • Choose anyone.
  • And click the Get Premium/ Premium Plus button.
  • After that, Enter your valid Email Address in the required space.
  • Tap the Continue button.
  • Create a Strong Password and enter it in the required space.
  • Re-enter it.
  • Provide the First Name and Last Name for your Peacock TV user account.
  • Select your Gender next.
  • Enter the Date of Birth.
  • Also, enter the Zip Code here.
  • And, tap the Create Account button.
  • Select the Payment Method.
  • Provide your Credit/ Debit Card details.

Now, the payment is generated for the Peacock TV Subscription. Once, the payment gets completed, you will notify by mail. Use the created credentials to log in to the Peacock TV on Vizio TV. Now, move to the next topic to learn How to Install the app on your TV.

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How to Get Peacock TV on Vizio Smart TV?

As we have discussed in the above section, the Peacock TV streaming service is available on the Vizio Smart TV. So, we have a direct method to get the app. Before getting into the installation process, you have to check your Vizio Smart TV in the latest Software version. If an update requires, please download and install the latest Vizio TV OS. Then, follow the steps given in the following section;

  •  First, you have to Turn On the Vizio Smart TV.
  • Then, click the Home Button on the Vizio TV Remote.
  • Go to the TV Settings page.
  • Open the Network page.
  • Select your home Wi-Fi network from the list shown on the screen.
  • Enter the right Wi-Fi password using the on-screen keyboard.
  • Connect the Vizio TV with a stable and high-speed internet connection.
  • Again, press the Home Button on the remote.
  • Then, tap on Apps & Games on Vizio TV.
  • You can see this option under the Live TV tab.
  • There, you can see many streaming services on the list.
  • Scroll down on the page and discover the Peacock TV app.
  • Also, you can search the Peacock TV by using the search panel.
  • Navigate to the search panel.
  • Type “Peacock TV” in the required search space.
  • Select the app from the search result.
  • Finally, Click the Install button.
  • Wait for a minute until the Peacock TV app gets installed on the Vizio TV.
  • Once, the installation gets completed, launch the app.
  • And, Sign In with valid Peacock TV user credentials.
  • Go to the content library on Peacock TV.

Search for the WWE SummerSlam 2023 or any live or exclusive content on the Peacock TV platform. Start Streaming the Peacock TV on Vizio TV.

Peacock Premium Subscription

Peacock is an American Premium Streaming service. To watch Live Sports, Live TV Shows, Movies, and other exclusive content on the Peacock tv service, you have to purchase the Peacock Subscription plan. If you are a new user, then check the image given here.

Peacock TV Subscription Package Peacock Annual Subscription

Check the features in every subscription package and select one from it. Go to the Peacock Official site and go through the subscription plans. Then, click the Get Premium/ Get Premium Plus button. Complete the billing section and enjoy watching the live WWE Fights and other entertaining content on your Vizio TV.

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2023 WWE SummerSlam on Peacock TV

Peacock Streaming service is the official television partner to broadcast the SummerSlam WWE PPV Event Live. Don’t know when it starts? Check the table below;

WWE Summerslam 2023 Schedule
Date Time Fight With
5, August, 2023
7.30 PM
Cody Rhodes Vs Brock Lesnar
Seth Rollins Vs Finn Balor

If you missed watching the Live WWE SummerSlam Fight, do not worry about it. On Peacock and NBC network, you can watch the SummerSlam Live and On-Demand. 

The Conclusion

Hence this article shared detailed information about watching Peacock on Vizio Smart TV. We have mentioned the steps and method for you. Additionally, we have included an alternate way to watch this content. Meanwhile, you will never miss getting the content on Vizio Smart Tv. In addition, the Peacock presents some events from the 123rd US Open Golf. Waiting for this event the Golf Tournament will air soonly on Peacock Streaming service. Have any doubts Let me know in this comment section.

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