Hulu on Sharp Smart TV | How to Get it |?

Hulu on Sharp Smart TV can be obtained by following the simple steps provided in this article.

Hulu on Sharp Smart TV. How to Get it

Hulu can get you a personalized TV streaming platform. This application can be used on many devices and stream your favorite content whenever you want. You can watch free live TV channels by only subscribing to a Hulu+Live TV subscription.

This article also provides information on Hulu subscription plans and Sharp Smart TV prices. So, read this article to the end.

About Hulu:

Hulu is a subscription-based streaming site with T.V. episodes and a selection of movies. You can watch Hulu on Android devices, iOS devices, Chromecast, Firestick, Roku, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 3&4, Xbox, etc.

Hulu is an on-demand streaming platform that has been operating for more than 10 years. It’s one of the most popular and biggest streaming services across the United States, with more than 40 million users.

For many cable users, Hulu also represents an excellent alternative to cutting cable. It not only has an immense library of approximately 2,500 films and more than 4000 episodes of hundreds of TV shows, but it also offers the option of streaming live TV using Hulu Plus Live TV. Hulu Plus Live TV program (more on this further down).

One of the controversial aspects that distinguish Hulu from its competitors is the inclusion of advertisements. The most affordable packages (and bundles) contain ads in the content, which are similar to the ads you can see on network television. The cost of service but still getting ads could be unpleasing for some but it helps to keep costs low.

People who do not prefer to be ad-free are required to pay double the price to get the privilege. Contrary to many different streaming providers, You are able to purchase premium add-ons on your own for features like unlimited streaming as well as TV channels and many more.

How to Get Hulu on Sharp Smart TV?

You can install and watch Hulu on Sharp Smart TV using any of the three methods given in this article. The three methods are,

  • Google Play Store.
  • VEWD App System.
  • AppsNOW App.
  • Roku Sharp Smart TV.

1). Hulu on Sharp TV Using | Google Play Store |:

Follow the steps to install Hulu on your Sharp TV using Google Play Store,

  • Turn on your Sharp TV.
  • Connect to an Internet Network.
  • Go to Sharp TV Home screen.
  • Select the Google Play Store app.
  • Type Hulu on the search tab.
  • Select the Hulu app from the result.
  • Click on Install.
  • Wait, to download the app.
  • Press “Open” to launch the app.

Sign In and start streaming your favorite movies or channels from Hulu on Sharp Smart TV. If you have a VEWD App System Sharp Smart TV, Check the next topic to know the procedure.

2). Hulu on Sharp TV Using | VEWD App System |:

You can use this cloud-based app store to download apps easily onto your Sharp TV except on TVs that run on Roku OS.

Follow the steps to install Hulu on your Sharp TV using VEWD App System,

  • Turn on your Sharp TV.
  • Press the Apps button on the Sharp TV remote.
  • Select VEWD App Store.
  • Press Ok on your remote.
  • Type “Hulu” on the start option located at the top of the screen.
  • Wait, to download the app.
  • Go to the Sharp TV home page.
  • Select the Hulu app and press Ok on the remote.
  • The app is now running on your Sharp TV.

With these steps, you can now download and install the Hulu app on your Sharp Smart TV using VEWD App System.

3). Hulu on Sharp TV Using | AppsNOW App |:

You can use the AppsNow app can be used to install the Hulu app on your Sharp TV; the step to do so are,

  • Press the Apps button on the Sharp TV remote.
  • Select the AppsNOW option and click Ok.
  • Use the filter option and select Movies and Television Shows.
  • Search for the Hulu app.
  • When found, click Ok to download.
  • After the download is complete, press Ok another time to install the app.
  • Wait for some time to get the App installed on your Sharp Smart TV.

You have now successfully installed the Hulu App onto your Sharp Smart TV using The AppsNOW app by following these steps.

4). Install Hulu using | Roku | on Sharp TV:

Roku is an External Streaming device. It is compatible with all Smart TVs. By using this device, you can download Hulu Plus Live TV directly on your Sharp Smart TV. Now;

Follow the Steps to Stream Hulu on Sharp Smart TV:

  • Insert the Roku device with your Sharp Smart TV HDMI port.
  • Then, click the Home Button on Roku remote.
  • Click the menu button or Visit the menu section.
  • Now, select the Streaming Channels from the menu.
  • Then, Click on the URL bar.
  • And find Hulu in the Roku Channel Store.
  • Dig out the Hulu Plus Live TV from the search result.
  • Highlight it and tap on the Add Channel button.
  • Once, Hulu gets downloaded, Launch it on your device.

Now, Login with your Hulu Plus Live TV credentials. And select the videos and play them on your device. That’s all. Like the Roku device, you can use the Firestick, Google Chromecast, or Apple TV on your Sharp Smart TV.

How to Activate Hulu on Sharp TV?

After you have installed the Hulu app on your Sharp TV, you can follow these steps to access the app,

  • Go to Sharp TV Home Screen.
  • Search for the Hulu app.
  • Please select it and press Ok on your remote.
  • The app gets launched.
  • Tap on login.
  • An activation code gets displayed.
  • Go to the Hulu official website and Log in or Sign up.Hulu-on-Sharp login
  • Enter the Hulu activation code and click “Activate.”
  • If you have not yet subscribed, subscribe to a seven or 30-day free trial.
  • Choose what you want to watch on your TV and stream.

You can now use the Hulu app to stream your favorite content from the app on your Sharp Smart TV.


1). How to watch Hulu for free?

For some subscription plans, Hulu gives you a free trial period; you can subscribe to such a plan, and before the trial period ends, cancel the subscription to save your money.


You can now enjoy your favorite show from Hulu on Sharp Smart TV with a 30-day free trial period by following this article. If you have any doubts regarding this article you can ask them in the comment section. Thank you for your precious time on this article.