How to Update Max on Roku? HBO Max to Max

As you know the worldwide wondering streaming service platform of HBO Max Changed its name to Max. This is an official announcement by their company. I know that you may have many questions about these updates. Also, want to know How to Update Max on Roku. This entire article will share information about updating the HBO Max streaming service to Max on the Roku device and its related information. Furthermore, you will never lose access to the streaming services you Pay for. Just swipe out this simple guide to know everything.

How to Update Max on Roku

Why is HBO Max called Max?

Whereas HBO Max is officially called and renamed itself as Max. At the same time, you can get to stream the same content as HBO Max. There is many amazing content available on this Streaming service. Moreover. Max is a subscription service. So you have to pay the subscription cost to access great content on your devices.

Max Subscription

There are two major monthly subscription packages are available for this service. According to your convenience, you can choose anything. But both plans totally provide different offers to the users.

  • First- The First service is available at the cost of $9.99 for one month, It is affordable for the Users. In addition,  two users can stream the content at the same time at 1080p HD and 5.1 Surround Sound. But you can’t download your favorite videos offline.
  • Second- You can get this package at the rate of $15.99 per month. Same as here there are two users who can access the content simultaneously at 1080p HD and 5.1 Surround Sound. Additionally, it gives access to nearly 30 videos that can download Offline and it is an add-free package.

However, the second package offers a yearly package at the rate of $149.99 per annual.

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How to Download Max on Roku?

If you are new to downloading HBO Max on the Roku device. Then you can use Max as a keyword and install it on the Roku device. Suppose you already have an HBO Max subscription then you can just update the service to the Current Version.

The Steps are:

Roku home page

  • From the Roku Home page.

streaming Channel option

  • Click the Streaming Channel option.

search Channel Option on Roku

  • And then press the Search channel option.

Download Max

  • Enter the keyword “Max”  and click the Find it.
  • From the result, Hit the application.

Max Add Channel option

  • And click the Add Channel option.
  • Once the application gets downloaded then click the Go to the Channels option.
  • If it’s done then click Go the Channel button.

HBO Max sign in

  • Sign in with your account and watch your favorite content.

How to Update HBO Max to Max on Roku?

This is a Simple process to access the same application with the existing HBO Max subscribers. There are two possible methods available so you can try out anything.

Method 1: 

Roku home page for Update max on Roku

  • Initally, on the Roku Home page.

roku Channel Store

  • Find for the Roku Channel Store.

Click remove Channel option for Update max on Roku

  • Choose it and click the Remove button from the list.
  • If the application is once removed.
  • Then add it again.

HBO Max sign in

  • Atlast, you can access the Max streaming service by using your HBO Max login credentials.
  • Now enjoy streaming your favorites.

Method 2 – Update the App on Roku 

roku Channel Store for Update max on Roku

  • Search for the Max on the Roku Channel Store.

click star button

  • Click the asterisk Button (*) by using your Roku remote.
  • Select the option which searches for the updates.
  • Once you click the Update option then it should Update the Application HBO Max to Max and allow you to access it.

If you are a New subscriber then you can purchase the app .but if you already have an HBO Max subscription, Dont worry you can install the Max application and log in with the HBO Max login information to access the Max streaming services.

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How to Change My HBO Max profile to Max?

If you Want to edit your HBO Max profile Id to Max. Then you can follow the Upcoming commands.

The Steps are:

setting option on roku for Update max on Roku

  • Enter the setting option on HBO Max.

max profile to Update max on Roku

  • Then click the profile, Watch History, and parental control will transfer to Max.
  • Once you change the profile id then you can download Movies and show them on the Max.
  • You can modify the Profile by clicking and adding manage Max profile Settings within the max application.

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What Can I Watch on Max?

If you ask this type of question. I think you are a New user of this Max Streaming service. Because, everyone should know that world-popular shows, Programs, and Movies are airing on this Max. You can get all the latest international movies on this Max service. There is uncountable content available. But here we will share some top shows and programs for the Users.

The Popular Shows on Max
Barry Avenue Five
Love and Death Stath Lets Flats
The Righteous Gemstones
The Last of Us
Unicorn: Warrios Eternal
White House Plumbers
Somebody Somewhere
A Black Lady Sketch Show Perry Manson
Rain Dogs South Side
Abbott Elementary
House of the Dragon
The White Lotus Selena + Chef
I May Destroy You Industry
The Rehearsal
Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin


Closing off

Hence, you should know that the solution is to Update the HBO Max to Max on the Roku device. We have mentioned the steps to update the Max on Roku. Also, we have included the steps to download Max and its popular shows and programs. Furthermore, you can stream the content with its subscription so you can refer to the above article and do this Simple process to update it. If you need some detailed information, Share your queries in the Comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to Update HBO Max on My TV?

If you are having an Android TV then you can follow these steps to update the HBO Max.

  • Hit the HBO max on the application list.
  • And click the select button.
  • After that, select the view Details-> Updates.
  • Check the updates now and see if it is available then you can click the update option.
  • Once it’s done then you can get the HBO Max in News version.

Why is the HBO Max Not Working?

If you have any struggle playing or downloading HBO Max on your device then you have to fix some technical things to watch its content. First of all, you have to fix a Stable and Strong internet connection. Then ensure that you have a compatible device for downloading the HBO Max application.

How to Clear Cache on HBO Max?

  • Navigate to the setting on your Android device.
  • Then tap and search for HBO Max.
  • Hit the application from the result and tap the Storage option.
  • And Click the Clear Cache option.
  • launch the HBO Max, sign in with your account, and then again try to stream the content.